SAAB Day: The Saab Effect in Rüsselsheim

The day was full of work from “real life”, because bloggers also have jobs and families. But there still have to be a few lines ... Lars has brought door handles for the Saab 9-5 I from Sweden. As is known, the series are made of inexpensive plastic and do not do justice to the Saab.

Saab door handles from Speedparts
Saab door handles from Speedparts

The alternative is leather, and whether it's a real way to improve the interior, we clarify in the next few days. Door handles, however, are only trifles, the austerity of GM owed.

However, the Americans could not touch the basic values ​​of Saab. A Saab is a safe car and the best way to get your loved ones safely from A to B. The wife of friend and co-blogger Mark has seen today with her new Saab 9-3 how well a Saab does in everyday life and how it asserts itself against a tractor-trailer. Fortunately, everything went well, the Saab has fulfilled its mission! As macabre as it sounds, we have our first real-life safety test on the blog.

The Saab goes to Dresden for mobile forum and will be repaired there. This allows us to assess the delivery capability of body panels in the involuntary self-test.

The Saab gets repaired and comes back on the road. But with Opel it seems to go south. In Detroit 600 has been written off millions of euros on the goodwill of Rüsselsheimer. Apparently you do not want to give Opel a chance anymore, that reminds of Saab.

We are not the only ones to compare the situation with the events in Trollhättan. The Weltexpress sees the situation quite soberly and analyzes the future of Opel - also in retrospect on Saab - as raven-black. A read after work.



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  • GM has a lot of self-confidence. To appear like this at PSA with just 7% participation ...

  • I do not want to spoil your mood, but there are a few other very good ones. However, Saab and Volvo are really great.

    Here is the last publication of Folksam:!/HurSakerArBilen.pdf

    The development does not stand still, so 2005 was also the SAAB 9000 with the 9-5 as 30% safer than the average listed.

  • I recently read that GM has launched a new brand called Alpheon in Korea 2010. The vehicle is a car of the upper middle class and based as the Opel Insignia, Buick LaCrosse and Saab 9-5 II on the Epsilon platform. This car is manufactured by GM-Daewoo. It is advertised, since Opel was also allowed to co-develop something (or had to pay to Opel so again development costs can) so that a lot of German technology and German design in the car infected. How ill you have to be because if you are his old Traditional brands are forbidden to open up new markets and hostage austerity programs, thus systematically pushing them against the wall, but on the other hand installing new brands and promoting them with the brand that is being put into ashes for the development of the Cars is responsible.
    The brains of GM executives should be released for research.

  • In German: The Saab 9-5 is the first car that has achieved the phrase “at least 40 percent safer than the average car” and is therefore safer than the other cars on the list.
    Thanks Gallix, you make my day.

  • Correct. But that's not what a decision maker thinks when his accounts are full ...

  • In Sweden there are also Ford, Opel, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, etc. - these vehicles were of course included.

    In addition, especially in Sweden there are frequent accidents involving trucks or moose - a good “testing ground” for the safety of the individual makes.

  • The logical consequence of the survey of Swedish motor vehicle insurers would then be that their results relate exclusively to Sweden ...

  • Dear Dieter, you hit the nail right on the head ......

  • Interesting contribution in the world express. Clearly shows how GM wants to sell cars: Not Vorsprung durch Technik, but: Be satisfied with what you get.
    Unfortunately, what you get, you see more and more often on our streets: Ugly Allerweltautos. Every Opel, on the other hand, is a real treat.
    But unfortunately this is just one part of globalization: Everything can be produced somewhere cheaper than in Europe. Only if we consumers in Europe constantly buy this scrap, we dig ourselves the water.

  • The Association of Swedish Motor Insurers has carried out a survey that has considered not only accidents but also the resulting injuries and consequential damages.
    SAAB certainly has a special selling proposition in these considerations.
    The overall consequences are nowhere near as low as with SAAB.
    Thus, SAAB automobiles can be considered the safest in the world.

  • I would put it that way. A SAAB is the most stylish way to get safely from A to B.

  • Tom writes "A Saab is a safe car and the best option if you want to get your loved ones safely from A to B." In principle, SAAB is one of the safest vehicles, but SAAB does not have a unique selling point insofar as it represents the “best option”. SAAB enthusiasm in honor, but the SAAB glasses should also be removed once.

  • I've waited almost exactly 4 weeks for sheet metal spare parts for my Saab 9-3 (BJ 2009) - toi toi toi that it is only sheet metal damage here.

  • Tom,
    I've exchanged my door handle shells with those from Hirsch, and I'm glad of it. The door handles are almost the first inner surfaces that you touch when you get into the car, and thus they are a kind of harbinger of the quality of the interior.

    I think you have invested your money well 🙂

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