SAAB Talk: Website Update and Saab location in Sweden

We are moving forward and step by step we are heading towards the future. First the dealer search was updated. Now has received another update. Under the motto "We take care of your Saab", the website is now adapted to the current situation. The Saab dealer network is active and motivated, the spare parts supply works. Saab lives.

More than 100 service bases are the cult brand from Trollhättan and the brand loyalty of many companies is very high. Nice way. In the next weeks we will see and hear more of Saab in Germany. Interesting activities are in the pipeline.

In Sweden, the press revolves around the subject of Saab. The tension is palpable and everyone is waiting for the decision of the administrators. But this will take some time to come and the Saab administrators will not come to the public until the ink has dried on the contracts. The most important task is to dismiss Saab into a stable and secure future. For that we like to bring a little patience.

Since the firewalls hold and nothing comes out, we rely on circumstantial evidence. Since important contracts of Saab Parts AB with the administrators expire by the end of June, this date is the only resilient one. An earlier solution is possible. Because around 100 former Saab employees keep the plant in Trollhättan in stand-by mode. That consumes large sums for electricity, heating, personnel costs. A cost factor that should change as soon as possible into other hands.

What is the press doing in the meantime. There would be - yes, exactly - our friends from GM. TTELA probably picked up the phone out of boredom and called press officer James R. Cain in Detroit. GM is currently very busy tying the rope for Opel and accordingly the mood will be in the headquarters. “We still say no…” the announcement from Detroit.

Honestly. The phone costs could have been saved that GM no longer distributed technology licenses was clear. Although there was contact with the interested parties, the attitude had not changed. I'll say it frankly. The “new” Saab 9-5 platform is no longer new. The development continues, the competitors will soon put the next generation on the road. Why do you sit on such a high horse on the Potomac River?

Anything else from Sweden? Not really. The newspapers notice that in China new vehicles built on Saab 9-5 I Bsis and of course bring the pictures of the 9-5 II to it. Otherwise silence around Saab. The insolvency administrators are busy “lighting smoke candles…” as a good friend said yesterday who is very close.

Smoke candles are fine. As long as the final result is correct we wait in peace. And, as suggested by Joachim, send a thank-you letter and a box of his favorite cigars to Hans Berqvist when selecting our favorite.




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    Hi Tom,
    There is an ERROR in the dealer list.
    "Frankfurt" stands for "Saab Service Erfurt"
    the address is correct.
    Greetings from Mainhatten

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      Hello Wolfgang. I saw that. In Sweden, the improvements are running. The Saab partners were able to correct the entries and pass on change requests. If the Frankfurt have done this then it will be changed.

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    On the Saab side, I can say that the dealer network search function stops working as soon as I click on it. I can't enter anything, neither zip code nor anything ... I have unlocked all of the web browser's lock functions. Still it doesn't work with my Firefox.

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      It works for me, Mac & Firefox. Nice that something is visible for everyone at SAAB. I can only say: thumbs up. 🙂

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        ahh now it works, Linux and Firefox ... But what do I see: Just 2 service dealers for the Palatinate and 2 for the Saarland. The dealer network has become quite thin and one of them in the Palatinate has always been an Opel dealer. Unfortunately, the dealer from whom I bought a Saab 1988 in 900 and did customer service for years is no longer there. Too bad ... So I have to look around for a dealer later if I should get another 900 from the first series that can still properly repair this model and I don't have to spend a fortune. Or will it be a 93?

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    Hello Tom!

    Ink doesn't take that long to dry - of course we know what is meant, but we are a bit annoyed here (in Hanburg) because the big “liberation” is now taking longer than expected.

    If Mahindra is chosen, we will of course contribute to the cost of the cigars - if Hans is a non-smoker, there will be delicious German wine.

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    I have a quick question about the current “dealer list”.

    Is it really up-to-date and also “reliable”?
    Are these all really tested and current (and reliable) dealers / workshops?

    With me in the area, namely, the same are displayed as beautiful earlier or forever and always.
    And for some of those listed there, I haven't been so sure for the last few years whether they are still “Saab workshops” !?

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      Good Morning. That's the way it is. This is the current list, I asked again yesterday and got the confirmation.

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        here in Baden-Wuerttemberg the list can not be correct. There is for example the car dealership Weller in Bietigheim-Bissingen. There one would like to have nothing more to do with Saab, and is referenced for example to the dealership Roth. (Bad luck for those, good for the Roth family). On the other hand I miss the company Heim in Tübingen, where Saab drivers are still welcome and well served. Maybe someone has twisted something there.

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          On the list are the partners who have signed the new contracts with Saab Parts AB. And not everyone with whom Saab drivers are welcome has a contract. For whatever reason. That's the current situation.

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    It's great that the website is filled with life and the latest news.

    To the last part of the text ... and the favorite:
    Yesterday I parked next to a current Ssangyong Rexton and thought: thunder! A successful car, here and there a slightly different design and a worthy 9-4X would have been born ...

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    The official Saab Cars account btw yesterday for months of silence (in my opinion since filing for bankruptcy, previously several posts per week were the rule!) Again posted an amount ... The IAA video from 2009. One might not think that it would be spectacular not the title of the video = theme song ...


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      Thanks for the post, thank you!
      Nice setting, nice music, nice cars. The world was still okay ...
      Very emotional with the knowledge almost 3 years later, it moves me deeply ...
      I went to the IAA 2011 to see and buy the 9-5 SC, looked for the SAAB booth and did not find it, did I?
      Frustrated, I ordered a 9-5 SC Aero XWD in Gießen the same day, the rest we know.
      I'll get my 4 next Monday. 9-5II Aero Turbo off, without first registration and I will keep that until a worthy successor is there.


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