SAAB News: Saab 2.0 and Dealing with the Past in Sweden

Take a look at politics and then take a turn to a new car brand that looks so attractive that it attracts many Saab employees. But first the politics. The topic Saab employs parliamentary committees and the press in the home country. The processing of the past continues. Today the head of the national debt administration Bo Lundgren was heard to the case Antonov before the commission of inquiry of the Reichstag.

Qoros as Saab 2.0?
Qoros as Saab 2.0?

Although in Sweden the Säpo determined on behalf of the government was nothing that had spoken against Antonov's entrance. Then Lundgren talks about the FBI investigation, about GM, and so on. Antonov is past and never returns to Saab. So we save the details.

On the sidelines of the hearing, Lundgren gave interviews to the Swedish press. The interesting question was whether he expects to get the 2.2 billion crowns back. The state had paid these to redeem the EIB loan; Saab Parts AB and rights to tools were heard as security. "It looks good that we can get the money back," he said today. Parts AB and Tools AB should be included in the Saab sales package.

More exciting things than political discussions in the Stockholm Reichstag are going on elsewhere in the world. Several ex-Saab management employees have come to terms with the past in a different way and are looking for exciting new tasks. Ex-press chief Erich Geers has an interesting job. He is now working for the new Qoros brand and he will help shape the structure of the new company in Europe. Geers isn't the only Saab man in the Chinese-Israeli joint venture. Per Lenhoff, responsible for vehicle safety at Saab, and Roger Malkusson are not only former BMW and Mini managers, but also in Shanghai. Even more Saab names appear at Qoros and, according to Eric Geers, part of the Saab engineering culture should be found at Qoros.

2013 will begin Qoros, originally launched as the Chery Quantum Auto 2007, with the distribution of a mid-size sedan in Europe. 150.000 cars are to be built in China every year.

Will the ambitious joint venture be a kind of Saab 2.0 and should we start a Qoros blog as a precaution? Many joint ventures in the auto industry have started in the past with much effort and have been shipwrecked. It is easier to wake up an existing traditional brand from sleep than to establish a new one. If Saab gets an attractive investor then the brand will be interesting for returnees. Whether they come from Shanghai now or if they are going back from Gothenburg to Trollhättan.

So we wait with a Qoros blog and keep the brand under surveillance.

Qoros seems enticing for former Saab employees. The exodus to Volvo was interestingly limited. Many had seen a fluctuation to Gothenburg, but that did not happen. Why ? Is Volvo not attractive or does not Saab man or woman just feel good about the big Swedish brand?

Some have moved towards the coast. Mats Fägerhag, former head of technical development at Saab, has now arrived at Volvo. There he becomes head of “alliance projects” in product development. A department that did not exist until now and which should coordinate the cooperation with other manufacturers.

Maybe there is a detour at Qoros the interesting way. Let's see what's going on in Shanghai. Of course only until Trollhättan finally gets the green light.




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  • BAIC will be the registration of a new Chinese name 绅宝 (Shen Bao) to be used for the upcoming Saab-based C70 series of cars. Actually, Saab and GM once tried to register in China to the Chinese Saab his name in the year 2003, but was rejected because the name belonged to a motorcycle manufacturer at that time. BAIC bought the name brand from the motorcycle producer and is likely to replace the originally-planned Beijing brand for its Saab-based cars.

    BAIC is registering a new Chinese name Shen (Shen Bao) to be used for its upcoming saab-based C70 series of cars. Actually Saab and GM once tried to register 绅宝 in China to be the Chinese saab name in 2003, but what rejected because the name was owned by a motorcycle producer at that time. Beijing bought its name from the motorcycle producer and originally planned to replace it. Beijing Brand for its saab-based cars.

  • Written cleanly - who knows Qoros?

    SAAB is known all over the world and after a few years they no longer talk about the current "dry spell" anyway. Whether BMW, Porsche or Audi - they were all in a similar situation to our favorite brand at the moment.

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