SAAB News: Pressure for decision is growing

There was still the matter with the real estate. Svenska Dagbladet yesterday reported increasing pressure on administrators. On 12 X months after the sale, the rental of the factory premises expires and the Hemfosa consortium wants to see rent payments. Saab administrators and real estate investors have been arguing for a long time, which will now come to a head.

Saab factory in the evening sun
Saab factory in the evening sun

Because Hemfosa has received his 51% share for a ridiculous price. The insolvency administrators, depending on the source, would like to reverse the transaction or receive an additional payment. A third source speaks of further freedom of tenancy. The fronts are hardened and what's going on behind the scenes is unclear.

The Svenska Dagbladet names Mahindra & Mahindra and Lotus Youngman as the last bidders in the race - no surprise. All facts indicate that the sale will be completed in May. According to newspaper it is no longer about the purchase price but also about the bidder concepts. Which concept will make Saab profitable in the future gets the nod.

No real surprises for the weekend. We know that many contracts that were closed for a limited time in December and January will expire in addition to the freedom of rental. There is pressure to act, the Svenska Dagbladet and Jonas Fröberg are among the trusted sources.

The remaining days of May will be exciting. We stay tuned.