SAAB News: IF Metall appeals to Barack Obama

Union IF Metal appeals to US President Barack Obama and asks him to use his influence in General Motors. IF Metall wants to do everything possible to enable Saab and the new owners to start production in Trollhättan.

Saab convertible in production
Saab convertible in production

The previous owner GM is blocking any issue of licenses for the 9-5 and 9-4x series. IF Metall sees the initiative as an opportunity to change American attitudes. "Saab has been producing cars for a niche since 1949 and Saab will never be a threat to General Motors," said an excerpt from the letter to the president.

4500 car dealers in Sweden deserve a chance, says IF Metall. That's right, but it's just a wish and the chances of fulfilling it are bad. For days, GM and Opel have been haunting the press, and Americans want to rebuild their German daughter in the most brutal way possible.

What is left of Opel then is questionable. Probably only the main plant in Rüsselsheim and the favorable foreign works. The new Opel Zafira and the new Opel Combo are to be developed and built by the PSA Group, for which the Opel headquarters is to manufacture the successor to the Citroen C5.

A development that is also bad for the legendary brand with the double angle. Big Citroen no longer from France but from Germany. What an idea.

The mere write-down of 600 million € on goodwill shows that Detroit has lost all confidence in the future of Hessen. That the Americans will not wait much longer today shows a report of the Mirrors, Opel is thus once again in the downward spiral. The sales figures are lousy and Detroit's permanent blaze will further reinforce this trend.

The brand and the workers did not deserve this. But who asks.

Back to IF Metal. The initiative is honorable but with no hope of success. Why should GM or Barack Obama soften for 4.500 workers and employees in Sweden if they want to destroy some 1000 jobs in the rest of Europe at the same time?

Sweden Radio PV4 Väst has getwitter to the US President and wants to know if he will respond to the letter. He will? We will see.


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    Does Obama even know where Sweden is? That he knows the Saab brand is even less likely! But why not give it a try - one more straw. The thing with Opel is sad and typical at the same time. It is hard to understand that the French are getting involved with GM and inevitably facing the same fate. How can the Europeans be so stupid and suppress all the incidents !? You should finally realize that no partnerships can be entered into with these GM (gangster or government motors!), Because everything goes downhill as soon as they have what they want ...

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      Barack Obama is a relatively young president - I assume that he saw SAAB automobiles at friends' homes when he was a student.

      Nevertheless, I refer to my comment from the 14.05.12

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    Hi Tom,

    All those who have dealt a little more intensively with the topic and have followed the blog news of the last few weeks, look forward to tomorrow with great expectations and ask themselves whether the new owner has finally been determined and also named - this should also be done without a call for help to higher authorities (for example Barack Obama) can be accomplished!

    How are your current insider information about the 15.05.2012?

    Many greetings from Schleswig-Holstein - combined with great expectations for tomorrow

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      I've already asked myself that.
      Hopefully that's just the calm before the (information) storm!

      Happy SAAB!


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      Yes exactly - the current “insider information” on 15,02?

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    Whether Chinese or Indian - a few weeks ago it sounded as if the start of production could be achieved without GM help.

    This letter from IF-Metall seems to me to be superfluous and also unrealistic - especially since I do not trust Barack Obama very much when it comes to support for SAAB automobiles. Rather, one will try to keep the position of the American auto industry by all means - even if things have long been going in the other direction (namely downwards)!

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    A union from Sweden, I think, will not particularly interest Mr Obama. But for Opel at least a good start and the right signal to America when the 4 Prime Ministers in their countries Opelwerke are protesting by a shoulder and on the Federal Government pressure is made on Mr. Obama. Let's hope for Opel that our German politicians do better than the Swedish. Not because I want to drive Opel or because I care about those cars somehow, but somehow somebody has to stop Gangster Motors and it can not be that they can get away with their scams everywhere.

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    OPEL is the same game as SAAB. Only the effects are bigger but the script is still the same. That there will be no happy ending is already certain.

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      Right Frank, that's how I see it too. Opel will presumably be "wound up" just like Saab.
      What was that again? Opel was apparently "saved" and Saab was dropped like the famous hot potato. No German politician (especially Herr Brüderle) wanted to "squander" public money on GM at the time. Then as now, was it a wrong decision? If you now see that at Opel, you could be of two different opinions. But if you look to Saab in Sweden, the decision at the time against state aid for Opel should have been correct. I think Opel, like Saab, will be liquidated by GM very slowly. Saab has shown exactly how this works ... Saab (except for the thing with the licenses) has thus come on a path that may include a good new beginning, provided the new owner can handle the traditional brand and that's where I see the Indians . :)

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