Rearview mirror: Saab and the current price trend

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

Last Thursday, a longtime friend picked me up for his evening beer with his Saab 9-3. The weather meant it well with us, and in the beer garden then talked again and again about our cult brand from Trollhättan. He drives his fourth or fifth Saab meanwhile, and his eyes are always a newer Saab 9-3 with few kilometers.

"3000 - 4000 € more than in January”So he means“currently costs a good Saab 9-3 II". Used Saab, which was still around € 11.000 in December or January, is now available from dealers for € 13.000 to € 15.000. Can this be?

Six months after bankruptcy, are the prices starting to pick up again? Looked up at and confirms the statement. Saab 9-3 leasing returns have risen sharply. A short low in January, then prices went up for weeks. For Saab 9-5 the same picture. 5 year old station wagons, with a checkbook, reasonable equipment and acceptable mileage are absolutely stable.

Our Saab 9-5 BioPower, 2008 as a demo car bought favorably from a dealer bankruptcy, is likely to become the most value-added car in the family history. The former purchase price corresponds to what he would bring today as used. But why is it like that ?

An explanation attempt that is admittedly not easy and that can only be imperfect. Because there are many soft factors that are difficult to put into words. Away from the mainstream, people are looking for alternatives. Not everyone agrees with any tin box, and the Germans' traditional sympathy towards Sweden also plays a role in deciding on a Saab.

Saab is not Rover. Saab is Saab.

After the Roverpleite prices went down in the basement and felt 100 years to find out there. Rover, however, was mousetot before the BMW takeover. Saab is Saab. The Swedes have a stable, long-standing fan base that depends on the cult brand. For many of us it is inconceivable to have no more Saab in the garage. Now that there are no new cars, many realize what is lost. An understated brand that has built fast, safe and innovative cars could disappear forever.

In the crisis, solidarity is growing. The fans and sympathizers of the brand move together, Saab is becoming more cult than ever. For the first time many young Saab fans have a Swede in the garage or in front of the house. In parts of Berlin and Hamburg, the Swedish brand is more in demand than ever.

The niche in the niche.

Co-responsible for the stable prices is the Saab BioPower concept. A multi-fuel engine that swallows almost everything on the market. This fits better than ever in our time. No matter if E85, E10, Super or Super Plus. Resourceful Saab partners have recognized this and offer a gas conversion, which should work without any problems. We stick to this topic and write more about it. Every BioPower Saab is converted into a fast-moving car on the second-hand car park.

Saab 9-5 chrome frame
Saab 9-5 chrome frame

The range of new cars is close to zero.

There are dealers and there are dealers. Some are on hold, the others are tearing each day for the brand. The farms with new cars are now almost empty, and who has any left, has time and can wait. New Saab can be distributed at the price expectations of the provider, it is only a matter of patience. Customers who are looking for a new car are then thankful to receive one, do not play poker for the price. It is the Porsche symptom of bygone years. Main thing a new Saab, discounts are not so important anymore.

As a dealer said to me, who certainly does not want to see his name on the blog in this context. "We dealers should have been bolder at the BCA auctions and should have bought more cars."

No matter how it continues in Sweden.

I hear this statement more and more. Waiting for a new start, selling, a future perspective takes too long. Many have long since decoupled from the events in Trollhättan. Then mails like this come. "I drive my Saab then just 10 years”Or“He is now getting a Mike Sander treatment". Or "… We bought a new 9-3”Then Saab number 5 in the family. Reality has caught up with the community. The spare parts supply is in place, and no matter what the Saab decision will look like, it will be a hard and rocky road until new cars roll to us.

That's why you take care of it. Depending on the financial clout one has set oneself again with a nearly new or a used troll.

Saab drivers are, it seems, pretty cool nonconfirmists. No matter what advertising wants us to believe and apart from the fast-moving trends. There are more of us than we suspect, and it's not just Mark and I who have Saab glasses on. The timeless Saab design proves to be helpful again.

As noted a few days ago, a visitor who really can't do anything with Saab. Looking at our chrome glasses, he asked “ this the new Saab 9-5 ..?”There is no better compliment for a design that is already six years old.







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  • Yesterday my beautiful 4 months old 9-5II Linear Turbo4 Autom. Was sold or picked up in Jetblack to the South of France. In a very, very nice SAAB family, well he will have it there!

    Tomorrow I get my new 9-5II Aero Turbo Autom. With top equipment in silver metallic initial registration today. Great !!!

    He will then be exchanged again, if there is a worthy successor, that's for sure.


  • Hi.
    When I bought my dream car (9-3 SC), I didn't get confused by the debate about SAAB ...
    We got offspring in December and with a three-door gulf it was too narrow / complicated! In addition, our own home project started in October.
    So we needed a combination: affordable, not too old and chic! So have a look at Saab, VW, Skoda and also Volvo ...

    The search took more than half a year! An almost certainly believed SAAB from Dresden was then bought out in the nose. Skoda and VW were in October at the same power a third more expensive.

    Then finally in southern Germany, at the other end of the republic, we found our dream car:
    Saab 9-3 150PS TiD Vector Year 2007 and 82.000km!

    Today the car costs a little min. 4000, - € more!

    But it does not sell!

    VG André

    • One thing has to be said about the topic. Our SAABs were always easy to sell. So far, every 5 years, a new came into the family, the old man was then sold very quickly. In contrast to domestic brands where it was always an act to find a buyer. Especially the highly praised VW Golf was a problem case.
      Our ex-golfing daughter now also drives SAAB and misses the golf too at no time.

  • Last October I bought a young Saab 9-3 with very few kilometers,
    Full equipment, automatic transmission, diamond silver and deer performance can be refined.

    I could sell it straight away for € 6000 more ... but I won't give it away !!

    Since I still own my old car, the Saab drives almost only in good weather and I enjoy that.
    The car is in an absolute new condition, has not yet seen a car wash and would be completely creamed with hard wax :-))

    Many look after the car when I drive and especially at the tank I always get praise for such a nice vehicle.

    Saab is just Saab :-))

  • I can confirm that with the prices. Our 9-3 Combi TDI with 38TKM cost the same as a comparable vehicle at the same car outlet in the north. The only difference is that these vehicles have run over 100TKM ...

  • Yes I know that. Expressions of sympathy at the gas station, reminder “I had one like that and wanted to buy one again” that is common.
    Supply and demand regulate the market. No production = high price

    • I know ... in November we bought our SAAB:

      Much head shaking from acquaintances with the comment that they are broke ...

      Below is more about the purchase of our Saab named'Lasse`

      Greeting André

  • …….Yes that's true. You always see them when they look after you with this “I actually always wanted to, but now they are bankrupt look”.
    Own fault !!
    Greetings from Koblenz.

  • I can absolutely agree with you about the prices. I could sell my 9-3 for the same money as I bought it, albeit with 20.000km more on the clock - but I would never do that :-p

    The prices for the 9-5 II have been on the same level for months now, not even a single-digit € change ...

    When I react to the SAAB design, I always get the following statements: "What is it for a year of construction?" “2005” “What !? No way!"

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