SAAB 9-5: Leather door handles for the Saab 9-5

Is it really 6 years ago? With the last major facelift, the Saab 9-5 has again received an update, which still makes it look current today. For the most part, what we have to admit is also due to the exotic status that the “chrome glasses” have. In this case, it's nice to be an individualist. Competitors look old and tired after four years. Not the Saab.

Plastic, poorly deburred: original door handles Saab 9-5 I
Plastic, poorly deburred: original door handles Saab 9-5 I

But the facelift not only brought more reliability for the tried-and-tested technology, and BioPower technology was introduced. The accountants in Detroit celebrated their last big Saab happening in red pencil. Although the basic values ​​were not touched, the 9-5 is still a safe, long-distance Swede. But in some particularly nasty places you could save a few cents ...

While the door panels with wood or aluminum imitation inserts look better from 2006, created with the door handles an impossibility. Made of cheap plastic, badly deburred and permanently creaking, they are a daily nuisance. Although each Saab workshop has its own recipe to master the acoustic cacophony, it is not really satisfying.

Saab 9-5 leather door handles
Saab 9-5 leather door handles

The first contact with a car goes through the door handles. If they feel good in the hand, the haptic event is successful, then the car has the first pluses. Poor Saab 9-5. Don't give up - Sweden comes to the rescue in the form of leather-covered door handles!

The original upper shell is covered with leather, the operation is carried out at Eissman Individual in Germany. The new door handles are available in beige, gray and black. The assembly is very easy. Unclip old door handles, new upper shells on it. Finished.

The result is impressive! Although only the upper shells have been replaced, everything looks better and feels like - how the door handle of a € 40 or € 50.000 car should feel. Nothing creaks, nothing wobbles! Bad deburring is a thing of the past. Everything in butter. The pictures only tell part of the truth.

Why not immediately. What would have cost better door handles in the series? A handful of € per vehicle, if that. If you want to retrofit now, you have to pay more.

The set of door handles with black leather currently costs to the 200,00 €, we had paid less. The other colors cost around the 160,00 €. If you are a member of the Swedish Saab Club, you will receive a discount of 10%. The bad news at the end:

The door handles are only available at speed Parts, The provider does not ship to Germany. You do not react to written orders, orders in the shop or emails. So our friend Lars, who lives near Stockholm, organized the thing.

There are only two options. Ask Swedish friends or visit Uddevalla on vacation in Sweden. The place with the Volvo assembly plant is only a few kilometers away from Trollhättan. The door handles, as great as they are, are just a test installation and will leave the 9-5 in the next few days. Because we have decided on another operation 🙂 and the Saab is getting another upgrade.

More from the life of the Saab 9-5 Anniversary comes after a successful upgrade.


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  • I'm right, I have not seen!

  • Hallo,

    Door handle edging (including handbrake lever) in leather is also available at Hirsch Performance. They look very precious and the price is still. I have implemented this on my 9-3X and am very satisfied.

    Greetings from Switzerland

    • Unfortunately only for the SAAB 9-3. Hirsch has nothing to offer for the old 9-5.

  • Could also be that one has a lot to do with ANA at the moment with the Teilberg. 4 days have responded to a request for freight rates for 2 rims. The costs have kept me but initially ordered.
    Greetings Kay

  • blank

    I ordered from K + K ...

  • This with the customer service in Sweden is such a thing

    I tried to order rims from ANA a week ago,

    after 2 days it was said that we send an invoice via mail and

    which is then pay in advance,

    since then radio silence, nothing more, if I order something in D, F or I and per

    I will pay for the credit card at this time,

    the penny just up there, only customers you once verpennt

    has not come back, from the dream with the cheap rims.

    • The thing with ANA worked well for some, unfortunately not for others. But there are also dealers in Germany who have bought the rims in Sweden and you will definitely be happy to help. If interested, please mail.

    • We had done that several times. Because either you can order at Speedparts and delivery is via the regional dealer, or you can directly inquire at KK Autotechnik. We tried both. Regrettably, KK did not receive either an email or a callback.

  • We have a similar problem with our 3 years old Saabrio. The handles peel. Looks like a sunburn. Does anyone know about this?
    At the moment I'm thinking about removing the skin, or just putting the deer leather handles on it. But a cheap solution will probably not exist.
    lg now from Tyrol

    • blank

      So I would recommend the deer handles, are absolutely great. Lying great in the hand, and above all the best the creaking is gone. That's why I would choose Hirsch.

  • Moin Tom.

    Wow ... very chic (even if the pictures had the “safari bug” again and I had to switch to FF for a short time) !!!! 😉
    That really enhances the interior - the normal door handles are somehow a bit “inappropriate” in the overall picture. 🙁

    I did not know that I could even get them here in the area.
    Incidentally, I asked exactly “there” for a replacement for my somewhat scratched handle. But unfortunately they didn't even offer me this variant. So I still have an old, somewhat scratched handle. 🙁

    Now I also think about ordering the leather version.

  • blank

    Schick, look very good from the parts and enhance the interior noticeably. I like it.

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