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Our Saab 9000 Anniversary has had problems with the turn signals in the past few days. Sometimes he went, sometimes not. Then there was shift in the shaft. It's a good thing that we have a common “battle battle” through Achim's Saab 9000 project. The “flasher” sits relatively easily accessible behind the fuses in the passenger footwell and was quickly replaced. The disposable clips on the 98 Saab 9000 were also exchanged for good old reusable clips from the year 92.

Saab 9000 does not flash: The culprit
Saab 9000 does not flash: The culprit

Because the disposable parts, at the dealer 2.60 € per piece expensive, at least me in the expansion always broken. Is it up to me or the parts? Now the Saab is flashing as it should and the operation is successful even if friend Emma is on ours Saab Blog Facebook Group seems to doubt my abilities.

At Saab, or rather Saab Parts AB, the business is getting better and more stable. The Saab community does, mostly unintentionally, real-life tests. After all the lights are green for Marks Saab, exotic parts are now being bought in Nyköping. My friend Silvio drives a Saab 9-5 3.0t with the rare V6 and asymmetric boot. Although the machine in the fundamentals of GM, but of Saab so refined that some parts are not on the Opel shelf. Now Saab-Service-Frankfurt announces the wanted exhaust manifold, not available for a long time, for the 3 liter v6 as deliverable. Good news from this direction.

In Sweden itself, it was still quiet today. No news about the Saab future. Only the shadows of the past draw their circles in the press. Guy Lofalk is again one of those topics. His remuneration as a reconstructor, after all, 10 million crowns heavy, is reviewed by the district court in Vänersborg. However, the millions were the compensation for the entire firm and not the one for one person. Anyway. The case of Saab and the file Lofalk will keep the courts busy for a long time.

Even if Saab, hopefully very soon, will be sold to a new owner - the refurbishment will continue. For the main actors, the Saab story will have an aftermath.

The last for England completed by hand Saab arrived on the island. That reports the motor Presse of the king pond. The branch of Saab Parts AB will probably have no trouble selling the cabriolets. For the veteran Saab employees there a completely new feeling. Distributing is announced and not everyone who wants one of the very last Saab of this era also gets one.

The past is not really an issue for us, because we prefer to write for the future. But if, like in England, the past is topless, for sale and “Made in Trollhättan”, then the past can be very tempting.




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  • “Problems with the blinker. Sometimes he went, sometimes he didn't. "

    No wonder, it's a blinker! - sometimes it goes, sometimes not ...

    ha-ha-ha ...

  • blank

    Good that the situation at SAAB has improved further. That gives hope for a good outcome.
    Greetings from Munich

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