SAAB Talk: A Saab dealer says goodbye to his customers

Today is a holiday and finally it's time to finish our Saab travel guide for Trollhättan. The action was more extensive than planned, but we will go online next week at the latest. Blogger and dog sit in the open, finally out of the office. Still time to write two or three lines about Saab. How does a Saab dealer say goodbye? In the US, Charles River Saab closes its doors after 55 years.

Behind the scenes: Bloggers Privacy
Behind the scenes: Bloggers Privacy

Normally every other car dealer would hang a sign on the door and turn over the key in the lock forever. Not so with Saab where everything is different. On Saturday, the doors for goodbye and thanks are once again kept open for former employees and customers. Saab is also something like a family. One of Saab's oldest dealers remains loyal to the brand in the long term and relocates its Saab service to the Volvo office. For the brand from Trollhättan wants to offer service as long as Saabs are on the road. That can be very long, because a Saab is very robust.

The subject of Saab has not yet been filed in Boston. But when Saab comes back, one expects three to four years for new products to hit the streets. The Saab story continues, no question.

Opel, on the other hand, will be heading south for the next few years. As of 2015, the Astra will no longer be built in Germany; the plant in Bochum with 3.200 jobs will probably disappear. In England, employees were forced to give up wages to save Ellesmere Port. Rüsselsheim is to be kept running with Insignia, Zafria - developed by PSA, and a large Citroen.

After the GM group wants to say goodbye to Facebook as an advertising medium, they spend there 30 million dollars a year for content and advertising, Opel comes in Germany for free, daily negative advertising in the Press, Opel gets to feel what Saab 10 got from Detroit for years. Unfortunately it gets harder because the dimensions are different.

Anyway. I wish you all a nice celebration or father's day!


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