SAAB News: No decision - still not

The inhabitants of Västragötland are worried about Saab. The local newspaper Trollhättans, the TTELA, took up the subject again today. The negotiations are, it is said, in a critical phase. Even administrator Hans Bergqvist was against the newspaper for any statement.

Allegedly Mahindra & Mahindra and Lotus Youngman are said to be the favorites. Depending on the sources, the Japanese-Chinese consortium either dropped out or joined forces with Mahindra. Which makes little sense in my eyes. More credible is information that Mahindra will form a strategic partnership with a third party on Saab matters.

The sale should be completed by the summer. Stay well and happily 5 weeks. Any further delay would be too fatal. Because the opportunity to re-connect to existing product line wanes from week to week. At some point the new owners would only have the opportunity to make a comeback with a completely new product range in 3 or 4 years.

Five weeks to Midsommar Fest is not a long time anymore. Like always, we keep our fingers crossed for a good exit!


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  • Stay cool people !!! That can even drag on for months .... The car spring is over anyway ....

    • Hi,

      I keep telling myself -> “Good things take time”. So wait and see, drink tea and stay relaxed.

      Have a nice weekend!



      • Just stupid, if there are no spare parts and the car just 6 weeks not ready to drive and still causes fixed costs and loss of value. I only wonder if that happens on a trip abroad. Just leave 6 weeks and go by train? To have only one Saab is gross carelessness, you should think in breakdown scenarios, so have a second car per car, so in two cars four cars, or just change the brand.

        It has now happened to me with several parts at several dealers, so not an isolated case, and it was in Austria. But even a German vacationer can get lost here and then the Saab is in Austria ...

        • Why do not you order your spare parts in Germany? Ask your dealer what he needs and order privately in Germany. Dedicated dealers have been mentioned here. And the parts are built by your dealer. Or is the view too easy? Or do I not understand something?
          Nice greeting and sunny time
          Aero 9-3

          • The dealers here were and are still very committed, which I can not blame them for. We have made private calls, researched and invested a lot of time with the known parts suppliers, also from Germany. All dealers were right.

            Even in Germany, the parts were not available, we heard again and again Sorry, currently not. This went on for the period from September 2011 until now. Ultimately, the parts of the Ö dealers then but eventually found somewhere, but it took just a long time.

            You just have to rethink, it's just like oldtimers meanwhile and not like a current car brand, that's why I say like with Rover. With a changed mindset you can endure all of this much easier ...

  • Oh .. that would have been too nice on the 15. May hear the solution.
    I just think it's a shame ...

  • So slowly I'm worried. If the whole thing is still 5 weeks, why was any contact with the press canceled? There certainly would be a lot to report about the bankruptcy; eg what is now with Hemfosa and the Mietforderungen.

    I keep my fingers crossed that the renewed delays do not mean that something is going wrong ...

  • Waiting is an annoyance …… .., that means that before or after the sale there is the summer break and then nothing comes in advance. So will
    only from September at all on any schedules thought, now 220000 km are
    Fortunately not too much for a Saab and I still have a little patience ...

    • It's really too long. So now and then a message from the men bankruptcy trustee would be nice. Yes, ours is cracking the 200.000, too, and I hope it continues. Hopefully Tom will get through, so I get my Saab News every day ;-). Other blogs are already weakening.

    • So I would like to have a solution for the great brand Saab. But let's be honest: why did not you buy your new Saab before?
      If anyone who wanted to buy a new car this year, bought it last year, the whole mess might not be.
      Because the biggest problem of Saab has always been that they could not sell too many new cars. And now that GM was no longer behind them, the first was the problem.

  • You are so right. It probably comes down to a solution with a whole new product family. Time is getting too long now and if that does not work then that's it. 3 or 4 years wait will not work. The customers run away and a start at zero is useless. Already, many of us drive cars that have long been exchanged for a new SAAB. For how much longer?

  • Somehow, the suspicion slowly creeps up that Hans Bergqvist & Co. may pull a big deal, but are ultimately only after their own financial advantages. I can be mistaken - but unfortunately I cannot get rid of this suspicion completely, since no useful intermediate results are provided.

    A little more information would be mandatory in my opinion!

    • I agree, absolutely. It is an imposition and Verschaukelung of employees, customers and brand-dependent persons such as suppliers, dealers, etc. After half a year still no success stories and real results. What are they doing there?

      Let's be honest: Compared to German reunification, the pace presented here is unusual. The fall of the Berlin Wall came on November 9.11.1989th, 1990, and in March 3.10.1990 German reunification and October XNUMXrd, XNUMX as its day were announced. This is only about a company and not a whole country. The administrators in the Saab case are certainly better paid than the actors of German unity ever were ...

      • ... well, it can't be compared completely. the gdr was affiliated with the adoption of most of the laws without change and we taxpayers still pay the consequences today.

        certainly it is no harm to the administrator if it takes longer.

        we can not change it! Unfortunately!

  • It looks like it's going to be Rover. There are hardly any spare parts left, or you wait a very long time for them, 6 weeks for wearing parts are not uncommon. With the dealers themselves one has the impression that Saab no longer exists except for the logo ...

    How long should this go on? We need the cars for work, luckily there are change plates in Austria so that we can change cars if one of them is not ready to drive, but waiting times of weeks for parts? I think you should slowly get used to a brand change. All that remains is BMW anyway ...

    • Long delivery times can not be confirmed here by the German side!

    • Sorry, but I can't leave that with the spare parts. We got the following impression. Merchant A cannot deliver. "SAAB is insolvent, you already know. They don't have anything left in stock "
      Dealer B can deliver everything. Is only 50 kilometers away. So workshop changed and very satisfied.
      Some have a SAAB sign on the door and do nothing, the others do a good job. Pushing the buck to the Swedes is easy. But that's not true. Inform yourself and do not tell any stories!
      Sorry, but that had to come out now.

      • We have had similar experiences. Until a repairman tells you that you are being supplied by another dealer because you have stress with SAAB. But in customer service always only blame SAAB.
        Maybe Philmos has problems because he comes from Austria. Is there still a SAAB representation there? Anyway, here in D it's going well.
        Greetings and nice WE!

        • There is no longer any representation as far as I am informed. I speak for Austria, it may be that Germany is better. But dealers without brochures and cars in the showroom is sad, how can you believe in a future? The only thing that reminds of Saab is the logo ...

  • I feared it, hopefully you do not overstep the bow! Slowly but surely it becomes grueling even for the most loyal fan. Nevertheless, keep your fingers crossed !!!!

  • And wait a little longer ... !? 🙁

    • That's what it looks like 🙁

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