SAAB Museum: Video trailer from the Saab Museum Trollhättan

The travel season has begun and many Saab fans, who also like the homeland of our cars, are heading north. To our Travel Guide Trollhattan We have received many suggestions and we will take over the suggestions in the next few days.
I myself will have to wait until August or September before I will go back to Sweden. The author of "The Saab Museum“, A fan site for the collection, used his stay there to shoot a little video as an appetizer.

After we have processed our business news today, at least for the time being, it is time again to take a look at the brand and its products. While the official website of the museum is still very clear, a situation that will change, you can find out at "The Saab Museum“A lot about the vehicles and the history.

For those who are already looking forward to their holiday in Sweden. Have lots of fun with it!



2 thoughts on "SAAB Museum: Video trailer from the Saab Museum Trollhättan"

  • Excuse my German (I am Dutch). I made this video and just chose the background music from an iMac menu. So I do not know who wrote the music. Can not you find out who the composer is with Shazam (iPhone app)?
    But I'm glad that you like my video. Thanks for the compliments!
    Robert Westerveld from Heemstede, The Netherlands (2004 SAAB 93 AERO 2004).

  • hi
    I think the video is great and I am totally taken with the background music can tell me what the song is called?

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