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Reader Julie desperately wants business news. Please Julie, today for you, the economic sector.

The companies should not belong to Muller. Tenaci had stepped in as a financing solution for Saab Automobile AB in the past, and the proximity to Muller seemed obvious. Why is Muller reducing his stake? As the majority shareholder, he could be asked to take over the shares of the remaining shareholders. He wants to avoid that. Because Spyker is currently a shell of no value. Not quite. Spyker is more of a hope value and perhaps new income could be generated.

“Victor Muller on the way back to Trollhättan” was the headline in Svenska Dagbladet yesterday evening. If the article hadn't been written by my favorite journalist Jonas Froberg, I would have pressed the Ignore button. But Fröberg is an insider and his automotive heart beats for the cult brand. Ignoring is not possible.

The story is as follows. The production rights for the Saab 9-5 II have been found to be held by Spyker. If GM agrees, then the new owner of the large Saab could be built in Trollhättan by 2017 on “Saab site”, also part of the contract.

Spyker would then receive license fees like GM from Saab. Muller has already commissioned a law firm in Sweden with the exercise of his interests. Why does Fröberg write that? Ostensibly, the article is meaningless. Because GM will not agree. But what if the new owner wants to build the 9-5 freed from GM licenses in Trollhättan? Interesting question and not completely unrealistic.

Muller himself today describes the message as “complete nonsense”. We will see.

A new bidder for Saab showed up at the last minute. This reports Dagens Industri and suspected behind the manufacturer Qoros from the People's Republic. A story that makes sense. Because at Qoros so many Saab people have slipped that the manufacturer Saab 2.0 could be. For the premium strategy one looks for a European basis and Scandinavia would be suitable. Qoros is not the only last minute bidder.

A consortium from Germany also contacted Hans Berqvist at the very last minute. This is not in the newspaper, but is direct information from a reliable source. Lars Holmqvist from supplier association CLEPA confirmed to Dagens Industri that there are four interested parties since 2 weeks. What options remain for the last minute actors, is questionable. Presumably, they are late or alliances are forming.

Because from Sweden we hear the following from several sources: The race for Saab should be decided and the administrators have decided. The contracts will be formulated and in the next few days, one speaks of the end of May - beginning of June everything should be done.

The difficulties are, as we know, in detail. Delays can occur suddenly. Although the sources are good and always reliable, the business is safe only when the ink on the contracts is dry. It is left to the administrators at what time they go public. Until then we have to stay cool and wait.


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  • Objection! Dear Flor. Economic comment yes, but please not only. It should be balanced and Tom is on his way there. In the past there was too much economy and too little SAAB and now you write something like that. I think it's good that in contrast to another blog, which brings only economy, here is also talked about cars.

  • Tom's “economic commentary” in response to Julie's request (thank you very much for that) has been a post of interest for a long time. I would like more of this variety, even if I would have to forego gossips about leather handles or visits to museums.

  • hello!
    I say, the fate of 94 + 95 II (sedan + kombi)
    has long been decided !!!!
    both models will be reborn as opel !!!
    Opel is the water up to the nostrils, if the mouth open could with little effort a suv
    (Eg as opel frontera) and finally a big limousine / kombi
    The insignia flops on the whole line. Stufenheck goes like that, but the hatchback looks like a kackendes baby from behind (does not work !!), the kombi they have also completely messed up. Since the 95 II would fit well .In the insignia, Opel forgot that they have always built brave cars for brave people (farm cars) .lifestyle buy the people where different (beautiful combis are called avant or touring). Now you have the opportunity to complement the dusty program favorably. for america as
    buick or as (smaller) caddillac it could klappen.dann also the trial runs with the 94 with gg-mark sinn.
    furthermore, the gentleman Strauss expressed full-bodied rüsselsheim to load. But you want to take away nothing bochum.Something but everything.
    greeting greger

  • As always Schwedenkrimi without end. Why does Julie get her own article? 🙂

  • Well, dear Julie, there are no simple answers (as always). If this story is true, Muller wants to protect Spyker interests by lawyer. It would be interesting to know why this article was written right now. The author is serious and there is an intention behind it that does not currently open up to me so completely. The time has been deliberately chosen. Maybe we will be smarter in a few days.

  • Julie,

    I could imagine that, due to this situation, the company Spyker will only be a contract manufacturer of the 9-5 II (+ Combi of course) - thus practically delivering this model series to the new owners of SAAB-Automobile, so to speak.

    The accountants and lawyers at GM don't seem to be quite as infallible after all - should this turn out so brilliantly, I would be there with a new 9-5 II Combi!

  • Hi Tom,

    Thank you for the detailed information for Saab conditions.

    The comment that the new owner may want to build the Saab 9-5 II without GM licenses in Trollhättan is a bit unclear to me. Is this even possible if any GM approvals were required (according to the contract between Spyker and GM)? But this is probably the reason for calling in the lawyer on behalf of Spyker / VM - or did I not understand this correctly?


  • In the meantime, I have become so patient of drinking permanent tea. I'm glad if it goes any further and just wait.

  • that would be nice, but I agree with saab900. If VM says that it is complete nonsense you have to actually believe that there is nothing to it. VM is actually not known that he would not use such opportunities and this would not be synonymous Pressewirksam announced. However, it was to be read, he leaves the matter well examined by his lawyer. Maybe he has become a little more cautious and now only opens his mouth when everything is cut and stabbed

  • The story would be too good to be true and VM denied it. Nevertheless, you can always experience surprises at SAAB. Everything is possible.

  • The Swedes are probably closer than the SZ?

  • “Alliances are formed” - A few days ago you could read on the blog that M&M could also have partners. The European prospect was described as part of a consortium months ago.

    Could not there be surprises?

  • The SZ had dealt extensively with Qoros in the past week (Monday edition?). No syllable was mentioned in the multi-columned article, enriched with photos, considerations about a production in Europe - rather the opposite or even Saab.

  • Although this seemingly endless time of uncertainty is really uncomfortable, I find it very positive:
    In the past, under VM, we were used to being quickly published in public, which ultimately didn't work. Contracts were also signed surprisingly quickly with, as it turns out today, unexpected consequences ...

    Apparently it has now learned that all decisions should be well thought out and sometimes grow long-term consequences of such contracts!

    Therefore: Good! Do not hesitate to spend a little more time so that a sensible, viable solution comes out of it!
    Because if it does not work this time again and SAAB after 2 years ailing appears again in the headlines, should be another opportunity to worlds smaller!

    It is also important for the (future) employees of SAAB to be able to look forward to a solid future!

  • Regarding the 9-5 station wagon, I agree 100%. I would order immediately ...

  • One should never give up the hope of being able to buy another SAAB

  • Hello.

    No matter how it comes about and how weird it may be - I would be happy about the station wagon (and order it as soon as possible). 😉
    It is really too bad that such a beautiful car has never reached the streets.

    The 9-5 SC is (in my opinion) one of the most appealing and “inside” cars that are “up to date”.
    (the same is true for the 9-4x, by the way)

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