SAAB exit and general meeting 1. German Saab Club

On the 2. and 3. June, the members of the 1 meet. German Saab clubs at this year's Annual General Meeting. The event takes place in the middle of Germany, in the Hessian Bebra. Saab enthusiast Matthias Meise who runs a free workshop specialized in Saab at Bebra has organized the supporting program for it. On Saturday there will be a joint exit, not only for club members, to the border museum Schifflersgrund.

Saab Service Matthias Meise in Bebra-Breitenbach
Saab Service Matthias Meise in Bebra-Breitenbach

The tour to the Grenzlandmuseum and the subsequent meeting will also be advertised in the local media. At 13: 00 the participants meet in Bebra-Breitenbach on the workshop grounds. Also Saab fans and drivers who are not members of the Saab Club are cordially invited and Saabs of all years of construction are welcome. Because the passion for the cult brand from Trollhättan is what counts and connects.

Afterwards, there is at the exit Saab service titmouse Coffee and cake on the company premises. In addition discussions about the brand from Sweden. If you would like to take part in the Saab exit please contact Matthias Meise.

In the evening, club members and guests meet at the Hotel Hessischer Hof in Bebra for a buffet and a cozy get-together. The buffet costs € 25,00 per person and if you want to stay overnight on site, you can book your room in the hotel. If you want, you can only take part in the exit to the border museum.

On Sunday, after a joint breakfast, the annual general meeting will take place. Club members who have not yet registered can still do so. More information on the pages of the 1. German Saab clubs.