SAAB News: Lotus Youngman gives up!

For the Lotus-Youngman Chinese, Saab poker is over. This reports today Dagens Industri. The administrators made this decision with regard to existing uncertainties in financial terms. Transactions from China must always be approved by the politically motivated Super Authority NDRC in Beijing.

So the Saab administrators have made a good decision. For in the past, transactions had always failed at the NDRC. Delays are always programmed in the state bureaucracy and hinder the economic development and stability of the investment.

According to Dagens Industri, another consortium from China, specializing in electric cars, is said to have taken the lead in the race for Saab. It is not just about e-mobility but also about hybrid solutions. There is talk of 100.000 cars per year, which one wants to build in Trollhättan. The unnamed name: Qoros.

This information is inconsistent with what we hear from Sweden. But the administrators pursue a very clever information policy and ignite - once again - smoke candles.

Youngman outside, that's the message of the day. Everything else will be seen.



15 thoughts on "SAAB News: Lotus Youngman gives up!"

  • One out, one in. is that really better?
    How about the finances at Qoros?
    I am still for M & M's.

  • ... I can only agree with that ...

  • That seems to me that too.
    Soberly, SAAB would only have a chance with something completely new.
    The last models were definitely not - nice, but somehow nothing new / special.
    Even the styling was no longer so vastly differentiated from the pabulum, as it would have been necessary to an ALLEINSTELLUNG.
    Maybe there are (especially in this context) people with absolutely unprecedented ideas.
    Who knows what else will surprise us!

  • Whether the new solution is better than Youngman will be seen.

    According to the press, Mahindra is practically out there. The interested e-car consortium was only registered as a company in Sweden yesterday ...

    If all of this is correct, I fear that we can say goodbye to the vision that the SAAB brand will continue as before. If things go well, an E-SAAB might come onto the market one day.

  • It's great that the Chinese (Lotus-Youngman) are out of the race. Now it can go forward for my favorite (Mahindra) !!!!

  • Had a chance and not used it. My favorite => Mahindra 🙂

  • Nobody understands this statement correctly. But comes from Dagens Industri and not directly from the administrators.

  • In qoros (which is an art name) the Israelis are in it. Maybe therefore acceptable. But maybe it just wants to distract us and the real winner is Mahindra!

  • Who hopes ... .. about Qoros yesterday I referred to an article in last week's SZ.

  • Movement is good!
    Hopefully there will soon be an end (or rather a start)! 😉

  • Very good! One step closer to the final decision!

  • Then the waiting for the outcome of the process seems to come to an end?!?

  • That's almost a contradiction in terms ...

    The one Chinese are rejected because of NDRC, but other Chinese are now in the race to be? They do not have the NDRC then or how?

    I do not understand…

  • Is not a loss. China SAAB was my nightmare. It goes ahead.

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