SAAB Day: Saab Zentrum Mainz and LeanNova Trollhättan

Today there is some economic theory and something about real cars. This is called balanced reporting. Here we go. Today I was in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate with my friend Marco. in the Saab center Mainz we drove a Saab 9-3 Aero to the test. Currently Marco has only one Saab in his fleet and this condition is untenable. Saab number two has to come. The Saab Zentrum Mainz is one of the Saab partners proudly holding up the flag with the royal griffin.

So much loyalty to the brand, especially in the last difficult years, is not self-evident. The Mainz customers reward this. The workshop is fully booked and with much commitment Saab new cars or almost new cars are procured for the customers. This week again a Saab 9-3x came to our streets. So much heart and soul for Saab, exemplified every day by the customer, is admirable. Marco was very excited about the 9-3 Aero, a coupe of the first series, and I like it too. Whether a second Saab arrives with him decides on the Pentecost weekend of the Family Council.

For me it was nice once again to be a guest in the car dealership Scholl. Thank you for the hospitality and the good talks!

A look to Trollhättan. More often we have written about LeanNova. A Saab spin-off with government support. During our visit to Trollhättan a few weeks ago, we were able to follow a meeting at the Saab Museum and were amazed to see many well-known Saab faces. What LeanNova does today in the local newspaper. Meanwhile, 70 former Saab engineers are continuing to develop the PhoeniX platform. In cooperation with the bankruptcy administrators LeanNova presents the platform to potential buyers. The team is to be increased by more 10 engineers.

In two to three years, a new product could run on the PhoeniX platform, depending on what the buyer wants. A fantastic opportunity for newcomers to the automotive segment said Martin Öman, formerly head of vehicle development at Saab. LeanNova is not working alone for Saab and the administrators. Jaguar / Landrover, Scania and Volvo Cars are also on the customer list.

Over the next week, the administrators could break their silence and finally bring us some clarity. Several informed circles report that. It really is hard to say, but it is time.

I wish you all a nice Whitsun weekend.

Keep on Saabing and take care!

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  • Dedicated dealers are no longer in every area. Nice to read that in Mainz the SAAB flags are still blowing. Nice WE to all Saab driver!

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    Hi Tom,
    Thank you for your nice report, but one thing is very important and needs to be changed. The Saab Zentrum Mainz is located in RHEINLAND- PFALZ and not in Hesse.
    A nice Pentecost

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      This is of course correct and particularly embarrassing because we were specifically pointed out yesterday ...

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    long talk short, SAAB Nr.2 may come. I'm happy for that

    Ciao and a nice Pentecost!


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      Then congratulations! Good decision - otherwise I would have taken it 😉

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    Dear Tom

    Also you and all SAAB drivers, SAAB fans and dealers a nice Pentecost.
    Greetings from the southern neighbor state.

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    Saabing in Wendland is hot! The cultural country party attracts many Saabians every year. Very heartfelt to see the familiar Swedes in action in a pleasant "density"!
    Sunny Pentecost of
    Aero 9-3

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