SAAB News: Invest in Sweden or forget about buying Saab ...

Saab AB signs Letter of Intent with Mahindra Satyam
Saab AB signs Letter of Intent with Mahindra Satyam

So far he had been silent. Now he breaks his silence. Hakan Buskhe, CEO of Saab AB, spoke to Jonas Fröberg about the sale of Saab Automobile AB for the first time. Saab AB, together with Scania, decides on the use of the trademark rights. Buskhe has, in my view, a very healthy attitude to the possible new owner.

Saab AB CEO is welcome to any buyer willing to invest in Sweden. Jobs, research, design in Sweden. So securing the site Trollhättan. No buyer who only wants the brand and who then invests abroad. He would block this buyer. In his eyes, Saab stands for Sweden, for quality and for Swedish engineering.

In recent years, the Saab CEO has become increasingly angry about what is happening in Trollhättan. Saab AB exports 80% of its products abroad and has been associated with the negative development of the automotive division. No condition you want to experience again. Saab AB has good contacts to India. Mahindra has several strategic relationships. Since last year one operates a common development laboratory.

The Swedes would like to sell the JAS Gripen to the Indian Air Force. However, the Indians tend more towards Eurofighter or the French Rafale since the spring. The direct line is. So what about Mahindra Mr. Buskhe?

There is no indication from the Saab CEO to Jonas Fröberg about the negotiations. But the announcement is clear. Saab is Swedish, Saab is Swedish engineering, Saab is Trollhättan. A refusal to any abuse of the mark with the griffin.

At the Saab AB one has understood. Thank you Mr. Buskhe.


Image: Saab AB