SAAB News: Saab sale completed this week (?)

The local newspaper in Trollhättan is one of the serious and Saab-friendly media. Usually they are always very well informed. Saab Automobile AB could have found a new owner this week, so they write today. You are waiting for a statement from the administrators that should come soon.

After 5 months, the wait phase would end. The tension increases and the question is not only who buys the group but also whether the promised complete sale will be carried out. What products does the new owner plan? Electric cars, hybrid - or is the Saab 9-3 Griffin rolling off the assembly lines again? The future is exciting.

I am on the road a lot this week and professionally involved in interesting projects. Because it's not just exciting at Saab. The articles are therefore a bit shorter - updates can be delayed. But we stay tuned.


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    The news that is currently ghosting through the web does not sound that great to me.

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      Sounds more like the Chinese / Japanese - and as if the Indians didn't offer enough.

      But I think waiting is best. In the past few months, many buyers haunted the media who were also supposedly in the most promising position ... and somehow I find it very difficult to believe that NEVS should have established better structures and developed concepts in the short time than Mahindra or Lotus / Youngman - who have also already retired. And last but not least, there is the hope that the administrators will choose carefully ... and it makes more sense to sell to an established company than to a newly formed consortium.

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        Apparently, even a not yet mentioned automotive group is involved in the consortium. Another blog is to read that NEVS in Trollhättan would like to build an electric version of a Japanese small car under license. It is to be expected that it still is not mentioned consortium member is a Japanese carmaker. Since then I can already imagine that the administrators decide for an established company like Mahindra

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        Do you really think that this huge effort would have been carried out with regard to the start-up of NEVS if the initiators had not also received the “green light” for it?

        This was guaranteed to have been arranged with the administrators beforehand - in my current view
        The whole thing is not even unfavorable for SAAB!

        Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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          I think that with the establishment of NEVS the thing was already sealed. Whether that is good or rather unfavorable for Saab remains to be seen. Is not that much known what NEVS has now with Saab before. For me, however, electric cars and hybrids are at most a supplement in the product range. But I can be wrong and in a few years, Saab is the absolute world's best top address for hybrid vehicles, so how Saab is known today for its turbo technology. However, the new owner should be synonymous with the previous Saab story and also Saab Parts with take over what does not seem to be the case with NEVS

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    It's about time, too. The tension, I believe, can not be greater anymore who it will be now. And it will also remain exciting what the new owner will do with Saab. 2 to 3 or even 4 years I would like to drive my 9-3 SC anyway. Let's see if it`s seamless with a new one.

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      ... then there would have to be a lot of buyers for a new Saab of any kind in the meantime. And, with all due respect, I have my not entirely unfounded doubts about that.

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    That would be my dream. Here in the morning to read the coffee that SAAB is saved. Then a few months later on my favorite blog reports on the latest SAABs. Hopefully it will become reality soon.

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