SAAB day: Saab on the AMI ??

Saab on the AMI !! How can an automaker that has been operating for over 5 months under the administration of the administrators, who has been producing cars for more than a year, be represented at the largest German auto show 2012. And especially with which cars. But slowly and everything from the beginning:

Saab Sonnet II, BJ 1968 with Tobias Kaboth BJ 19 **, Mobile Forum Dresden

The Association of International Motor Vehicle Manufacturers e. V. (VDIK) will be 60 this year. As part of this anniversary, he invites to the special show "Reason - Design - Innovation - Competence: 60 years of motor vehicles of international manufacturers" in the glass hall of the fair in Leipzig. Under the motto:

"A World and Time Travel Through Six Decades"

"Immerse yourself in a journey through time, let yourself be enchanted by car classics and long-forgotten brands that international manufacturers have brought to German roads for the past six decades."

Thanks to good relations between Country Director Jan-Philipp Schumacher and VDIK, Saab has the opportunity to present a classic at AMI. For a long time it was considered which car on the AMI should represent the brand with the griffin. When we were in Trollhättan in April, we talked with Peter Backström about this project. He gave us his ok. But the cost of the transfer and the organization of the transport meant that this variant was discarded again. The physical proximity of the mobile forum Dresden to the exhibition location in Leipzig proved to be ideal and the fund of the mobile forum contains many classics of our beloved brand. After a few phone calls between Mr. Schumacher and Mr. Kaboth it was clear: The guys from Dresden can help and contribute a Sonett II from the year 1968 for this event. More about this type and especially about this car in another article.

The loading of the car took place yesterday morning at eight o'clock. The Saab classic - the legend drove properly on the back of a transporter company LEGEND make Leipzig. Of course, our camera team was on site and accompanied the transport to Leipzig.

Legend with legend
the transport on the way on the A14
Saab Sonnet II on the road

The car arrived well in Leipzig. On Friday afternoon I meet with Jan-Philipp Schumacher at the fair on the vehicle. Then come to know more about the exhibition. Promised.

3 thoughts too "SAAB day: Saab on the AMI ??"

  • Absolutely cool a sonnet in the road. SAAB is alive, that's clear.

  • To portray Saab, a sonnet may not be the wrong choice. But if you think about presenting Saab in terms of which classics they have produced, then it should be anything but this little vehicle of small production: 99er, 900er - these are the Saabs, which coined even more the still-current line. Who brought the hatchback into the story. The Saab really made to Saab.
    Seeing the sonnet, it may be an eye-opener 'ah, that too is a saab!?!', But when it comes to design, innovation and classics, as I've described, I feel like a sonnet for the Saab brand rather inappropriate choice.

  • The Legend knows my 9-5er already, but looked by far not as great as with the sonnet.

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