SAAB News: Will Saab get a new owner today?

Victor Muller is in Sweden at the invitation of the administrators. Lotus-Youngman, actually already considered retired, submitted yesterday a new offer. It should be the highest offer for the Group and a liquidity certificate was included. The electric car consortium NEVS continues to be a favorite with the press, even though the offer is much lower.

The NEVS financing concept is also said to have weak points, sources that are close. Nothing is heard from Mahindra and the Indian company could possibly experience a “Deja Vu”. In the finals for Land Rover / Jaguar, local rivals Tata overtook them at the finish line. Are you losing to NEVS or Youngman now? The situation is clearer than yesterday.

Nevertheless, helplessness is in the air. Even friends from Sweden have difficulties with forecasts. Are the administrators who have done a clean job so far depending on the amount of the bid? Or according to political guidelines? Or wins the better concept that will lead Saab into a secure future.

The day promises to be exciting if there are no further delays. Maybe we can finally put the word “patience” to the file.


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  • Well who is already a Youngman fan. I would like to have a result now. We can not influence it one way or another, but the fear would finally come to an end. Whether we like it and whether we get electric cars or not we see when it is so far. I would like to have the whole range if you want, so Hybrid, EMobil and Turbo then everyone can decide what's right.

  • Actually, the highest bidder would have to win the bid. So Youngman would be back in there if there is no Indian miracle. But do we really want Youngman?

    • Not me.

      I (am 30 and only 5 years old Saab fan) would like NEVS together with M&M.
      Because I think the gasoline have no future.
      My generation wonders all the time why our whole world is built on something that is not infinite and is also bad for our earth.

      I want a hybrid in 3 years ...

      And aideu past. Great story ... great inventions ... and GM.

      It is time for a new chapter!

    • I'm not that Youngman fan either. But as stubborn as they are already have a lot of Saab. Let's see what else happens. Maybe VM still has a few license rights from GM in the bag and then builds beautiful new Saab's on behalf of Youngman (Spässle g macht)

  • Finally, I am to withdraw Victor Muller from the SAAB world.

    • Thanks to Victor Muller, we are still able to speculate about the sale of SAAB to (please insert any bidder or other company here) - otherwise the halls in Trollhättan would have been empty for three years.

      Admittedly, he was not particularly happy at SAAB and was probably blinded by his own optimism - but at least he saw a future for the brand.

      • I see it the same way.

        I show M&M + NEVS 🙂

  • Man, man, man…. slowly it gets really "annoying".

    As nice as it may be that apparently several bidders and the “oh-so-worthless Saab brand” are beating each other.
    But what are the deadlines, deadlines / deadlines?

    And if you did not submit your offer / concept appropriately at a certain point in time, you are finally out. You can't “improve something” afterwards (that's how it is with every small craftsman who takes part in a submission, for example).

    Let's hope that all the news of the last 1-2 days rather final political gimmicks (the possibly defeated) providers or only rumors are and the administrators continue to undeterred a (hopefully) good and serious work!

    I'm curious, I still hope for a good end (er, actually beginning) and of course I have the tenderers with my favorites, I press my thumb with my amateur knowledge!

  • Actually, when it comes to law and order, then the administrators must consider the highest bid. If the proof of financing is provided, you must accept this offer.
    There is only one order to the administrators, which is to give creditors the highest possible proceeds from the liquidation after rank. If a creditor is penalized, he may veto the sale. This right has apparently been taken by the Reichsverwaltungsverwaltung in relation to the offer of NEVS.
    Lotus Youngman seems to be very interested and does everything to buy SAAB. Mahindra wraps himself up in silence, but may also be good for a surprise, possibly even with NEVS together.
    It is like an auction, if you bid when you hit the hammer, you get the goods. Sometimes it's just a short nod…. We are excited!

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