SAAB News: The uncertainties in Sweden

Update: 15: 12 clock

The situation in Sweden remains unclear, although working behind the scenes hard on a solution. An inventory of recent events. Several issues seem difficult to solve and the development of the last 24 hours reinforces the problem. First, there is a political problem that could become more and more of a time bomb.

The National Debt Administration wants for the Saab Parts AB 2.2 billion crowns from the new owner. The government's motto that no taxpayer is being charged is developing into a boomerang. Because except Youngman, no investor seems willing, sources say, to pay that price. Lotus Youngman had yesterday submitted a new, binding bid including a liquidity proof. The commandment of the Chinese including the Saab Parts AB should be more than 4 billion crowns.

With that, Youngman is at the forefront and puts NEVS in distress. There, the last bid should have been well below 2 billion.  According to recent information, NEVS should have ordered 1.5 billions of crowns for Saab parts, much less than Lotus Youngman. Another renegotiation with the goal of pushing the price a little bit upset the schedule and could cost the E-car consortium victory.

But remain the doubts about the solvency and reliability of Lotus Youngman. But also the financing model of NEVS is considered in Saab circles as not beyond any doubt.

Victor Muller and Spyker are involved in the negotiations as several permits from the previous owner are necessary. The rights to production of the Saab 9-5 II on the factory premises in Trollhättan lie with Spyker and Muller is said to have already certified the first contracts. Saab short-term designer Castriota is also to get a generous settlement contract to him royalties on each new Saab 9-3 III assures. Some Saab insiders who know the Castriota design for the series will now be sharing their thoughts.

It is difficult to say to what extent the administrators' schedule is already wasted. Skepticism is growing, but surprises are always possible. Sometimes things happen very quickly if there is only the necessary pressure. We stay tuned.


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    Very exciting! I did not think anyone would develop such a strong interest in this brand. Those who win the contract depend on using what is currently developed. A SAAB9-3 seems to be there for now. Also, the Spyker 9-5 variant does not seem to me to be fetched too far. If this works with a new owner, then I open a very expensive bottle! I have always been optimistic and still remain; There will be great and modern Saabs again.

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    No matter who takes over Saab, the main thing is to continue and they produce again. But it is still a long way!

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    We should not generalize there. There is not the Chinese and not the Indian we should put in a drawer.

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    I would also rather have preferred a solid European bidder, but if an Indian of the
    Would be a savior? Indian or Chinese, both are to be treated with caution. Have with both
    Had business for decades and prefer to go Chinese ......

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      Unfortunately, we can not change it anyway.
      But to copy copying human rights contempting Chinese with mostly democratically minded industrious Indians, I do not know.
      You just have to look at Tata / Jaguar to see what's going on: New XF as a station wagon and with all-wheel drive, planned SUV ... and what Mahindra is currently doing out of SSangyong, even I could be weak with the current Rexton.
      SAAB would just fit well into the picture, synergies with Ssangyong, all-wheel drive detached from GM ... imagine a 9-4x on this basis: I'll buy!
      Various dealers already sell SAAB and Ssangyong under one roof ...

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    Please dear admins, if you are reading here, save me and us SAABists a mother from the People's Republic! Let a miracle happen and please announce the sale to Mahindra.

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    Rumors cause glory and honor or undermine someone's trust.
    NEVS, Mahindra and Youngman all made their mistakes with these purchase offers, but - because they are all rumors - there will not be too much truth about them.

    But it is a pity that you do not give a good hair to the Chinese because they have so far given the greatest will and effort to SAAB. So yes Youngman has also made the highest bid and has apparently provided the evidence of financing.

    So far, they have not proved the other bidders as reliable as they had hoped.

    I will buy a SAAB again - regardless of who becomes the owner - if they continue to make beautiful, great and extraordinary cars as before. We want that!

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      Since it is quite specifically passed on to the press. First there is a lot of peace for weeks and then there is a real media avalanche. I believe the lawyers play in their despair the media card.

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    Swedish clocks work differently ...

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    It is really surprising that NEVS was even allowed to enter the bidding race with such a ridiculous offer. Quite apart from the fact that this consortium is said to have entered when the actual bidding process was long over. If the NEVS bid had been clearly above the other bidders, then it would have been understandable ... But so ...

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    It looks as if the NEVS consortium would already have the greatest problems trying to grab the prey - they are simply not (financially) strong enough.

    Some observers had already suspected this days ago - the longed-for prey will probably not be there for this somewhat hastily thrown together crew.

    I'm getting used to Youngman Lotus. Actually, the lawyers can no longer decide otherwise - Mahindra also wanted to put the information on the table of the house much less.

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    A finding from my laboratory: The toughest liquid can be forced through a pipe with enough pressure - until the pipe bursts.

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