SAAB Tag: on the AMI

After the confused news of the last days it was a bit quieter throughout the day in Sweden. After all, there were no new rumors about the sale of SAAB. Today the visit of the AMI in Leipzig was on the program.

Press card AMI

A trade fair visit to the press days is always something special. The number of visitors is manageable. You have plenty of time and space to take your time to study the exhibited studies and series-ready new developments. In the last few years I was in 2009 in Frankfurt at the presentation of the sedan of the new 9-5 II and in March 2010 in Geneva for the presentation of the 9-5 II sport-combo and the 9-4X. In addition, I was able to experience the unveiling of the Phoenix Concept live. But although Saab was not represented as an exhibitor at this year's AMI, today should be a special one.

At noon I had an appointment with Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher. I also wanted to visit a friend who works at the Nissan stand during the show and, finally, take a quick trip to the Jaguar / Landrover stand to get an idea of ​​the new XF sports suit. But one after anonther.

Thanks to the pre-accreditation and the professional team of Messe Leipzig, the registration procedure went very quickly and after only a few minutes I was in the exhibition halls. My first way led me directly to Sonnet II from the Mobile Forum Dresden, A beautiful testimony to the skills of Saab. The sonnet stands right next to a Willys Jeep and is so not only by their bright red color to advantage. The location in the glass hall is excellent. Lots of space and a lot of light. Many of the passing journalists and trade visitors stop and read the brief information about the car. Photos are taken. Obviously also from a gentleman of the Star, Thank you Alexandros for the link.

Saab classics with Saab (Parts) class!

The team of Saab Parts Germany is in a good mood. There is a present on site. This is important, even if Saab does not have its own booth at the fair. It is seen leads talks with other exhibitors. Networking ... We share the latest information and opinions on the (hopefully soon to be) upcoming sale of Saab Automobile. I am asked how the state of affairs is with the repair of my wife's 9-3 and I can proudly announce that everything is fine and done. Since Tuesday, the car rolls again. The farewell is warm. We wish all of us that the thriller about the sale as soon as possible, a good deal. Have fun on the AMI and a good trip home to Eschborn.

So now fast to Jaguar. The stand is beautiful and generously designed. The vehicles are presented neatly. Not nearly as overbearing and pretentious as other manufacturers (at this point I do not name any). The XF sports car is the centerpiece of the exhibition space and is shown on a raised round pedestal. Without jealousy you have to tell the people of Jaguar: "In this car you have done a lot of things right." For many details, I immediately remember the 9-5 sports car. Too bad we will (probably) never see this car on the road again.

well done: the Jaguar XF sports car

The visit of the AMI, from today to the 10. June is definitely worth it. Many exhibitors are represented again after years of abstinence. Especially since with the Sonett II also a vehicle of "our" brand with the griffin lives in the exhibition halls. So on to the AMI to Leipzig.