SAAB Talk: Saab in Austria and AMI in Leipzig

Brand fans are waiting for news from the Saab administrators. But they are silent and we have to get the word “patience” out of the water again. The law firms are busy checking Youngman's last minute bid. Not doing this would be negligent towards creditors, but it will cost valuable time. The original schedule is probably waste. A press conference or a statement of the state of affairs would be useful, but apparently does not take place.

Let's talk about Saab and daily business. In Leipzig, the Sonett II is on the AMI, and a friend who visited the Saxon metropolis at the weekend, registered great interest in the sports car from Sweden. Due to the red color, the sonnet is not assigned to Scandinavia, but to other manufacturers.

The visitors look not once but twice, and recognize “… a Saab”! This is how the initiators had thought when choosing!

In Austria, the mood among the fans is not rosy. After the departure of Country Director Stefan Mladek, the market was orphaned for a short period. Then Mikael Kaellqvist came to take care of the region for a short time. He now leaves Saab at his own request for 18 years and turns to new things.

Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher is now the new Country Director of Saab Parts AB in the Alpine Republic - temporarily until the end of August - who is responsible for two markets. This is not a surprise since the German market has a good reputation in Sweden and in the past many actions have been coordinated for both countries.

Saab dealer tour and a number of marketing campaigns were born in Frankfurt, to be then implemented in friendly cooperation in both markets. In many situations there was already a good cooperation in the supply of spare parts. Some stranded in Austria Saabs with German homeland were made so fast again.

Discussions with the dealers will take place on-site in a timely manner. A win for both sides, I mean. Both markets have more weight together in Sweden. Saab partners and Saab drivers in Austria can benefit from the German network and contacts in Eschborn.


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  • hie,
    ... ..that is all probably because VW is restructuring the group and the Scania people are moving up to the group board ... :) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Greetings from Koblenz


  • I would like to join in this context and thank Mr. Mag. Stefan Mladek for his excellent work. In the memory remains a great personality, which has glided with excellent commitment, the brand Saab in Austria. It would be desirable for Mag. Mladek to be on board again in the comeback of our beloved individualist brand. From my side, all the best for the future and much success in all activities and projects.

    Greetings from Upper Austria,

    Roland Six

  • Now, so slowly but surely even the most patient contemporaries burst the collar!

    As P4väst reports in Sweden, the decision is postponed again (probably to mid-June) - the background is probably the insufficient sum of the NEVS bid ???

    Are the administrators still ticking correctly? As mentioned several times by other blog participants (also on other blogs), there is a bid from Youngman-Lotus that is more than twice as high! What is this theater doing with NEVS 'mini bid - why do you continue to bother with it and block another investor who has now almost 100% fulfilled all requirements? At Youngman-Lotus there are no discussions about the co-acquisition of SAAB parts and there is more power for the brand than at NEVS - what is all this about?

  • i heard the sale of Saab is now postponed again and again to mid-June, can anyone confirm this on this ??????????

  • Little rosy is still nicely expressed. A deep depression has spread over the country.
    Our dealer in Tyrol has lost the griffin. His CI is now dominated by Italians. I'm sorry for Stefan Mladek. He was very involved in the West. We will remember him well in Saab - we have taken 2010 his Saabrio.

    Loyal Saabgrüsse from Tyrol

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