SAAB Location: The Trollhättan network

The administrators have been working for months on a network of former, high-level, Saab employees. Kjell ac Bergström, former head of Saab Powertrain, is one of them who contacts the lawyers. In a well-known social network, the veterans meet in a closed group, they are well networked and organized. Compared to the TTELA, the veterans outed today.

Stig-Göran Larsson, former technical development chief at Saab, gave an interview. The group includes around the 60 Saab veterans and they offer their services to the future Saab owner. With the concentrated Saab expertise of this core force, you could shorten the restart phase by 2 or 3 months so Larsson to the TTELA.

The administrators welcome this offer, but point out that it is up to the new owner to take advantage of the offer or not. The network consists of technicians, marketing staff and former Human Resources staff. Depending on which plans the buyer has with Saab 2.0, they can take action.

The Saab PhoeniX platform will also change if GM remains negative, says Larsson. Then the powertrain has to be replaced. Should Mahindra or Youngman acquire Saab, he is confident that a restart will be made on the basis of Saab technology.

Should NEVS be awarded the contract and produce only vehicles with electric drive, then it is questionable how the veterans can contribute.

As far as the interview to the TTELA.

In Sweden, they are still fighting for a solution. A Swedish friend reports on the reservations to buyers from the People's Republic. As a negative example you could see the development at Volvo. Jonas Fröberg from Svenska Dagbladet dealt appropriately with the topic today. Although, he writes, Volvo seems to have done everything right at first sight. But only if you do not consider the year 2012. In the EU, Volvo is losing more market share than the market is declining. And in the US, it hit the carmaker from Gothenburg particularly hard. As the market grew, sales fell against the 6% trend.

Volvo is under great pressure at the wrong time. In Shanghai, a new development center is being opened, expanding the distribution network and developing a new engine family. Everything is very capital intensive and can only be financed through a held or growing market share.

For the two new plants in China, the operating licenses are still missing. A sign of the whims of Chinese authorities. A negative example and no recommendation.


3 thoughts on "SAAB Location: The Trollhättan network"

  • SAAB, a pioneer in the auto industry, had the courage to dare, even against the directives of GM. This pioneering spirit must also be able to live the new owner. I definitely see that is possible with Youngman. Youngman has shown the most enthusiasm of all previous bidders and dares more than the others. The Chinese are not as saturated as many other nations. They are therefore still eager to learn and also to dare something else.
    It is hoped Youngman recognizes the value of the SAAB brand and takes full advantage of it. The previous signs speak for it.
    SAAB and Youngman have both made mistakes in their history. Both are still there, both want to get ahead!

  • That with Volvo does not necessarily have to be repeated at SAAB.

    At Volvo, the new owner relies primarily on "uniformity" -
    I could well imagine that Rachel Pang sees the model policy for SAAB a little differently. After the long "getting to know each other" phase, it should be clear to the Chinese that SAAB automobiles are primarily associated with an individual appearance.

    This is the only way to market this brand to relevant customers worldwide - GM has shown in recent years how it doesn't work. There, too, they wanted to penetrate the domains of the large mass manufacturers with the famous “uniformity” - as is well known, the shot backfired!

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