SAAB News: Saab Parts AB establishes subsidiary in the US

Good news comes from Nyköping. In the US and Canada, new subsidiaries were founded to continue to supply the 500.000 Saabs on North America's roads with spare parts. This is just one of the many activities that are happening on all Saab key markets. More news will follow. To press release:


Source: Saab Parts AB

4 thoughts on "SAAB News: Saab Parts AB establishes subsidiary in the US"

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    In the US, I remember what has become of the almost 1000 new Saab rotting in the port of Newark ?? Does anyone know?

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    The Swedes should have taken advice from Mr. Schuhmacher for the “sales talks” ... then everything would probably have been wrapped up!

    Sunny greetings from Oldenburg


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    In any case, positive reports are beneficial. I would say Mr. Schuhmacher is doing something. 🙂 Greetings from Munich

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    Good news, nice that you get something to read. Hopefully, not everyone at Hr. Shoemaker on



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