25 thoughts too "SAAB Update: National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB website"

  • Does not give much, somehow!

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

  • Is Swedish humor - or what. Do they have the Zuschalg or not?

  • When I close this website to the company, and I have a lot of work to do, I wonder why the administrators are even talking to this company. Amigo affair in Swedish?

  • If this is to be the gateway to future mobility then the lights do not even turn back on but better stay off completely. NEVS should put the page offline very quickly.

  • The website of NEVS is ridiculous !!! More should not say anything ......

  • Well, the SWAN website was just a collection of PDF files ...

  • Hmmmmm .... Somehow reminiscent of SWAN, the composition is reminiscent of VM ... Hopefully they will not win the contract!

  • "National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd is located in Hong Kong and is focusing on alternative energy sources for China, using high-efficiency biomass power plant designs."

    So is the next 9-3 going to use kitchen waste now?

    The website is apparently still in the shell - very little serious, however, is only the indication of a PO box address. So is there a company, or is it just a mailbox number?

    By the way, where is the supposedly involved car manufacturer whose Japanese small car is to be built in Trollhättan?

  • I do not know why the administrators leave there at all time and the contract does not finally give to the higher offer. So to Youngman. Are there any better Chinese now and less good ones? For Saab, Youngman are certainly the better Chinese, if they are Chinese. But it is quite brazen of NEVS even before the contract to use the name Saab on their side.

  • This performance is very pathetic, poor and almost unreasonable. With SAAB should in my opinion have nothing to do - otherwise good night friends !!

    Thanks Tom for the info :-)

    We will not lose heart !!

    It greetings

  • Hi Tom,

    According to these new findings, you, as the highest authority of the SAAB community in Germany, come to the already proposed
    Write to Bergqvist & Co. not around - maybe with SAAB Germany together (if there is some guts there)!

    The whole thing actually smells of a Swedish Amigo affair (see also comment by Dieter).

    A little bit of backing should really come to the people of the Trollhättan network (and the German SAAB fans, of course): "Yes" to Youngman-Lotus or Mahindra, but "No" to the newly founded NEVS with the great internet presence!

  • Fremdschämen. I can not really think of more.
    The site is just as oldschool as the only person depicted on it.
    I may be biased, but Saab should be brought back into action by boy Dynamic People without a walker (without a rolator).

  • If they do not have the money for a representative website, how are they going to save SAAB?

    Please strike representative !!!!!!!!

  • Fake - I'm sure it's a fake site! This page was put together in 2 hours and it can only be a joke.

    • ... for the site do not even need 5min., And I know what I'm talking about

  • If they (NEVS) actually got the nod with the existing ridiculous offer of 150 millions of euros, then the creditors who are not paid out will surely sue the ladies and gentlemen insolvency administrators. And in my eyes rightly so!

  • Interesting the domain check. No apparent owner, no admin. Simply against any rule what the registrar does and actually illegal. At least in D and certainly also in S. What should be hushed up here is the question.

  • Oh yes, here are the dates:

    domain: national-ev.se
    holder: different5683-01027
    admin-c: different5683-01027
    tech-c: different5683-01027

  • Would say failed. Anyone who dares to go to such a site online has either courage or the Internet just discovered for themselves. It will not be a fake because even the press has discovered it now.

  • Much secrecy ... That's the style of VM!?!?!?

  • ... well, if they got the contract, it's over with clever cars ... I can get four wheels on my washing machine ...

  • and why not nevs.se? Is not yet online but has been assigned since the 23.05.2012. Still do not believe that even a halfway reputable company like a site http://www.national-ev.se/en/ aufschaltet.

    • That is correct and - nevs.se lies with a different Provider than the known side. Interesting. Addendum: Of course, some people could have nevs.se hijacked to earn money with it. Because currently nevs.de and nevs.dk are for sale. 😉

  • Youngman, on the other hand, is an icon of professionalism ...
    The only professional appearance with a consulting firm like KPMG has Mahindra. Let's hope they are ready to pay the asking price.

    Youngman - who by their own admission can not construct complete cars - will probably not be able to tear Saab any more because of the loss of know-how (and let's not do anything about buying from external sources).

    I'm curious, actually see no chance of survival except with Mahindra ...

    • As a buyer, Youngman would have various other options in addition to the almost completed PHOENIX project - eg. B. by setting appropriate professionals (sometimes still waiting).

      At the moment, I definitely see Youngman Lotus ahead in power for the SAAB brand!

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