SAAB Dates: Saab Midsommar Fest 2012 Frankfurt

Midsommar is the festival of the year in Sweden. In Trollhättan, the home of our favorite brand, there is a big celebration with Fallens Dagar. Reason for us to start a mid-summer festival in Frankfurt. Saab-Service-Frankfurt and the Saab Friends Rhein-Main invite you to Frankfurt on June 30.06th.

Saab Service Frankfurt
Saab Service Frankfurt

On Saturday from 12: 00 PM to 20: 00 PM meet the Saab friends on the site of the former Saab factory in Fechenheim. To facilitate the planning will be to log in to 25.06. asked. To participate, Saab fans please transfer 5,00 € to the following account:

Wolfgang Messer, Santander Bank, BLZ: ​​50010111 Account No: 2537527400. Note: Saab Mittsommar 2012. This entry is considered a voucher for the Midsommar Fest.

Saab-Service-Frankfurt also invites customers to make it the Saab Festival of the Year in Hesse. All fans and drivers of the brand are welcome!


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