SAAB 9-3 e-Power on TV & Lotus-Youngman (again) outside!

Yesterday was a national holiday in Sweden and we almost missed a message. Luck who has good friends in the north who provide us with messages. Lotus Youngman had placed a high offer for Saab automobiles at the last minute and then - nothing happened. Four billion crowns as a bid and no response?

So it seems to be. Johan Nylèn, lawyer and spokesman for Lotus-Youngman in Sweden, confirmed this to SVT-Västnytt yesterday. No contact with the administrators after the bid was placed - and Lotus-Youngman finally doesn't seem to be there anymore. With this, Youngman would have lost his chances by eternal tactics and delayed money transfer.

If this is the case, and now I see everything in this thriller with a certain distrust, then there are only two options. The electric car consortium - or a big surprise.

Something more about the company which relies only on e-mobility has become known. Not only cars are to be built on the Saab site. The production of batteries is on the agenda as well as the production of alternative fuels. The companies in the orbit of Kai Johan Jiang are already producing both at other locations.

With these additional legs could stand a stable concept, which brings jobs and investment to Trollhättan. For the administrators a possible reason to give the contract to NEVS. We will see. EU subsidies are certainly safe in this approach. Anyone who wants to see Saab e-power on the street should take a look at the current contribution of Swedish television. This is again about NEVS, Youngman and there is a look at Saab 9-3 from the e-Power fleet. After all. At least that's what an electric car looks like.

The business section has gained the upper hand again in the last days and it is time that the story comes to an end.

Either way, because no clarity is still worse than the knowledge of a reality that we may not like in the end. Tomorrow is finally about cars again. With my friend Marco I'm on my way to the Saab center Mainz to pick up his 9-3 Aero.


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  • At a former Saab garage boss who has been working for bar years himself
    And knows the Saab scene Switzerland and Saab pretty much from the beginning and has to tuhen also with deer in the beginning times. I can gladly go to the address if you want

  • Which expert lets you do that?

  • We have an appointment tomorrow with an English manufacturer with Indian owner,
    For combined purchase agreement, it is now 100% clear to us that we will sign tomorrow
    Be after all that back and forth with Saab.
    But the best is still the better helfte the ok our 9 5 Aero
    To a complete overhaul. There is also an appointment. And then I'll do the aero
    Only cherish and care like a diamond.
    So I wish you all good luck with Saab.

  • ……… and I was with my "HIRSCH"

  • @ Gallix

    There is nothing to add, 100% my opinion. That's why I have an 2. SAAB bought!



  • If Uncle Norbert doesn't jump out of the box after all, I see very black for OUR company.
    Everything cobbled together has nothing to do with our expectations and expectations.
    Dear SAAB friends, let's just enjoy what we already have - special and great cars from a time that is no longer -PUNKT-

  • I can not anymore (since 3 months)
    The constant calling from SU or the blog here leaves very slowly ...

  • I consider it alone from the marketing much too uncertain to build under the brand Saab only e-vehicles. The existing followers are largely scared off by this strict plan. Finding new buyers is difficult, Saab is still considered an individualist brand that does not serve the taste of the masses.
    The Saab buyer and fan base is just on this package of individual design, safety and especially TURBO engines. No one can deny that it is probably the Saab feature par excellence, when the whistle from the turbocharger begins and then pulls the power at the steering. If you only have e-drive, only this variant available, missing for most of the charm of these vehicles. No whistling, no turbo on. Maybe even my computer will soon have a better sound than the e-car.

  • “Schüttelhuber that burns up crude oil are obsolete models. I trust human innovation and the ability to develop, that electric cars will be efficient, fast and emotional in 50 years. "

    Maybe - but no venture capitalist will invest money for 50 years. With the strategy, SAAB and NEVS will no longer be there in 50 years, or SAAB will have another owner.

  • Only the coal comes from China ... not the car ... It's different with Apple products (-:

  • I am tuning in to SAAB's E cars. I do not know yet if I like that. But I think that if NEVS gets the contract and that seems to me to be safe, then a whole new chapter begins. But I'm optimistic about that. Petroleum-shaking Schüttelhuber are discontinued. I trust human innovation and viability E cars are efficient, fast and emotional in 50 years. What were the first Schüttelhuber ugly and lame. Well, I think the approach is extremely advanced. If it is already the right time, we may see later. But maybe someone else gets the nod and that's all saber rattle.

  • So the E 9-3 now vorzuholen is my opinion only eyewash. For the next 10 years, I think the e-mobile market will not grow in significant numbers, so NEVS really has a viable share left over. I currently see the electric cars because of the range rather than city vehicles, since the 9-3 would be too large. As the sole concept for vehicle production is that a minimum number of a few thousand vehicles in the year ????

    For me it all looks like a nice subsidy rip-off. You get into a company here and probably collect a few extra subsidies. Builds a production for batteries and natural fuels (ethanol), here are certainly also again strong subsidies to be collected. After that, the whole thing is sold quickly to anyone (after all, 49% of NEVS is part of an investment company) and then you can wait until the lights go out.

    This trend of the administrators is not understandable for me, should it really come to NEVS, I am looking forward to the “explanations”.

  • : ... only so much, I repeat myself - no Chinese washing machines with 4 wheels - POINT.

  • Swedish NDO (Risk Laws) to Saab at 13: 00 (CEST)

  • hie,
    The electricity for the electric drive will probably still be - and it will probably stay that way - generated in the power plant and not in the car. Worldwide, the noble German (... green ...) views on the exit from nuclear energy are far from shared. In this respect, the guardians of these compassionate technologies for the automotive industry should think about how the discussion about increasing electricity consumption should be conducted in the future. Alternative energies are not subsidized forever, not even in Sweden. I still hope that NEVS will be listed here as a price driver pledge. If it actually happens that way, when the “good” Chinese (... because Swedish ...) get the bid, they will drop SAAB when the subsidies run out. That much is certain.

    Greetings from Koblenz.


  • Not understandable when it comes to that…. The same game will start all over again and in a few months we will read again “Saab finally finished”. I would have preferred financially strong Indians or Chinese. Volvo and Jaguar / LR are the best example that it can work.

  • Oh yes - and what has become of the Indians? Where did they go and why? I do not get it…

  • I don't know what this is about ... On the one hand, you don't need to buy a “big” car shop to make a couple of electric cars. The rest of what they are up to (fuel, batteries) can be done somewhere, you don't have to make this investment !?

    It is completely wrong to appear to be breaking with the old company - and its following. Where is this going to lead? The only ones who hold up the flags do you piss off now? Isn't there something wrong?

  • Because the state secures the thickest package.

  • In this case, the state would keep Saab Parts AB and continue it, Bo Lundgren confirmed that again today. Stay cool ... More details when I get back.

  • If this info, NEVS gets the contract, is the last word, the “misery” of SAAB will continue. I dare to doubt whether this is a blessing for the region around Trollhättan and the fans of the brand. EVERYONE has been through enough uncertainty. I do not believe that it is possible to convey competence in automobile construction only with electric vehicles. In my opinion, a mixture of turbo, hybrid AND e-mobility would have been a better way into a new form of mobility. And this "alternative" segment is also being worked on: and tesla are on the move in this niche ...
    So my loyal 9-3 troll will have to last a long time ...
    Nevertheless, nice WE!

  • If NEVS wins the bid and in the future only E cars from Sweden come SAAB (for me) with certainty Died.

    I make no secret of the fact that I talk all the talk about the E cars would be our car future for Absolute BULL SHIT and I only think about E cars collar size 180 !!
    This type of drive has no future !!!!!

    Hopefully SAAB and us as fans will be spared the fate.

  • Unfortunately I have to agree, the old customers and dealers will then probably be left out in the rain ...
    Or does the state of Sweden keep the Saab Parts AB, which should be very lucrative ???
    Then the fans are probably only the choice to buy one of the last Saab new car or used, if it continues with the spare parts.
    And what about the depreciation then probably, if no normal new cars (but only an e-mobile) more comply?
    Well, I'm not completely averse to new technologies, but unfortunately I never see a single electric car on the road ...

    So if the administrators did not choose the highest bid, but NEVS, then Saab will be dead as we know it and appreciate.
    Confirmation will probably also be that Saab Aeroplan has also taken 200 engineers.

    The only e-car that I give better chances is that from GM (Chevy Volt / Opel Ampera) with their range extender. But you don't see any of these actually good cars driving? But that's what the 4th largest automaker brought onto the market, with a portfolio of dozens of normal cars ...

    So what's going on here? A repeat of the recent story of Saab ???

  • I look similar. Probably most of the others here in the blog too. However, one knows too little details at the moment. If that is the last result after the miserably long waiting and secrecy, I'm frankly disappointed.
    Certainly I have no specialist knowledge, but the decision of the admin comes to me…. strange and questionable. Who knows what was really negotiated behind the closed doors ????

  • I cannot understand the negative attitude towards Youngman Lotus. This company is an established company - in contrast to NEVS. In addition, a much higher bid was submitted than when NEVS was founded.

    It would be a shame if NEVS should get the contract - SAAB would get involved in another experiment here. The risk would be much greater than, for example, with Youngman-Lotus.

    The fact that Bergqvist & Co. would not have responded to the higher bid is not only arrogant but also completely unacceptable from a technical point of view! For example, you can't make new SAAB vehicles palatable to our family - it smells like chatting and dubious working methods!

    One more word about Youngman-Lotus: It was completely legitimate that a large bid for a completely ruined company did not come from there - even better than a mini bid from a completely unknown bidder. Youngman-Lotus would also have come up with the idea at the appropriate time to offer electric vehicles as well as hybrid vehicles - it is a joke that this is supposedly only given to NEVS.

    Should NEVS get the contract, if I bought another vehicle, SAAB made in Sweden would have been done for me - this thing is and remains simply too risky!

    The final decision remains to be seen.

  • That's true. I think of e-car I always see Mitsubishi Miev or something like that in front of me.

  • The 9-3 does not look like abandonment and that's a good thing. However, I do not understand how you want to survive on such a small market. If Youngman is out again then it would be interesting to know if there is at least one hope for Mahindra.

  • For more than a few chunks, unfortunately, my Swedish was not enough. Nevertheless, the report is interesting.

    I would trust SAAB to be at the forefront in the field of electric drives - the E-Power 9-3 fleet (which, if I remember correctly, was planned in 2009) looks pretty chic, and definitely better than the aberrations of taste from Renault or Mitsubishi (Twizy sends his regards ... and who buys a car whose name suggests that the driver emits unpleasant smells (I Miev)). Nevertheless, I doubt that one can stay afloat long enough with the supplementary operations, the production of fuels and batteries, until one can make a profit with electric vehicles. And I doubt whether a venture capitalist is injecting that much money for so long.

    Saabsunited had an interesting article these days that drummed for NEVS. The main argument was: Better this buyer than a break-up, also because of securing jobs. That may be true ... but if NEVS should run out of money, neither Trollhättan, nor the employees or the fans of the brand will be helped.

    But what kind of surprise should come now? If you keep all the reports side by side, then all bidders are probably known by now ... it is difficult to imagine that someone would make an offer at the last minute that is so necessarily better that it convinces the administrators to completely change direction again .

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