SAAB Location: Saab Parts AB did not buy and the consequences

Back in the office. Let's talk economy again and let's talk about big boys' poker games. It's too much of a poker game for me too, but the Swedes seem to love it. After Bo Lundgren appeared yesterday and today in the Swedish media, we are no smarter either. Well ... but a little bit. Because the game is about a lot of money, and some players have not done a consequence analysis.

The statement of Bo Lundgren that he would not have had to give a press conference is as follows: We have Plan A and we have a Plan B. Either we sell the Saab Parts AB if the price is right or we do not sell it. Then we keep the logistics company, investing money and expanding the business. In seven or eight years we have the taxpayers money and then sell our logistics division with a nice extra profit. Lundgren is still on it. With investment and expansion, he means the sale of spare parts from other manufacturers. Because the Saab Parts AB with 1.200 trading partners worldwide is a specialist in this business.

The background. Politics are under pressure. Again and again one has assured that no taxpayer money will be used, everything is safe. However, the value of a spare parts dealer is not as high as hoped when the brand stops producing. At least that's how potential buyers see it. What you do not see and where there is no consistent thought at the end is - the sales network. Since the bankruptcy in December, Parts AB has secured, rebuilt, and hired global structures. Country companies founded, contracts closed, IT infrastructure improved.

The functioning of the network is also based on the many loyal and long-standing employees. These know the dealers and the dealers have a relationship of trust with the Saab employees, which has grown over the years. These employees are under contract with Saab Parts AB.

The worldwide network with 1.200 partners is the jewel in the group and that determines the price. Anyone who wants to build cars in Trollhättan, and even if it's just e-mobility in the beginning, needs a sales network. Building a new global infrastructure would consume more money than the Saab Parts AB would cost. Seen in Nyköping there is a special offer.

What do we learn from today? On the one hand, our spare parts supply is safe in the long term. None of us hopes for a split of the group. Should that happen, the state will be the owner of Saab Parts AB. There is no more stable owner.

Some buyers don't think consistently. It is not enough to let the car roll off the assembly line. You have to be able to sell it - surprise. With minimal investments you don't get a worldwide distribution network. What we see is a poker game. Politicians want money that a serious buyer will have to pay if he wants to be successful.

The NEVS plan has some weaknesses. For 1.8 billion crowns one would like to buy Saab parts, without the Saab Parts AB. Which sales network you want to sell your products is unclear. One would like to further develop the PhoeniX platform and present a new product in two to three years. The good news from reliable sources is that this product should not just be electric. The bad news that is uncertain where the resources for development should come from.

The week has brought more questions than answers, and the situation is open. Will be better next week and will we finally reach the final? I hope so. Keep up!


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  • At first it made a good impression that no information leaked out, that you could openly create facts behind the scenes!

    In the meantime, however, it seems rather that you are indecisive and do not really dare to go public - because then you have to commit yourself and there would be no turning back!

    But there is still plenty of room for at least as much speculation and you may still be able to decide differently.

    Then the hope remains that it will not be too stupid for a prospective customer because you gamble too high and he then throws it out on his own initiative ...

    Everything already experienced!

  • Something has to happen now ... And now does anyone know what's wrong with the Indians?

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    Also from me many thanks for the always understandable and factual contributions!
    Am now a bit calmer again :-))!

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    Can one of the administrators please explain to me what is more advantageous about the NEVS bid than the bid by Youngman-Lotus?

    Even the starting point with more than double the amount is clearly more advantageous at Youngman-Lotus - this would include exactly the 2,2 billion crowns required for SAAB parts. The remaining 1,8 billion is the same amount that NEVS is supposed to come in total.

    Unfortunately, at the moment I have to agree with the consistently negative votes for a possible selection of NEVS - unless a partner who is to be evaluated positively also appears here.

    However, my trust in the administrators is pretty shaken at the moment - why isn't there a statement from there?

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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    Somehow it all seems as if Bo Lundgren is supposed to prepare the public for the fact that SAAB will not be sold completely.

    NEVS has the proud words "National Swedish" in its name and the Swedish state makes a hefty profit with SAAB Parts ... Every Swede's heart must open ...

    Sorry, but the whole process harms the location Sweden. Strange is still the mildest attribute that I would give the procedure of the bidding process.

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      Thanks Tom for the article. Had already feared that the spare parts division is then no longer safe.
      @ Püssel: “National Swedish” reminds me of “Swedish Automobile…” by VM. Didn't go well either and it's a bad

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