SAAB Weekend: Saab 9-3 coupe, Simon Padian, politics

On Friday I was with friend Marco in Mainz to pick up his new Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe at the Saab center. The handover was, as might be expected, professional and cordial. The 9-3 was ready for us in the showroom. A bouquet of flowers for the new owner, Saab talks and Mainz has (again) left a very good impression.

Saab Zentrum Mainz is bustling with activity, the yard is full of Saabs and business is going well. A nice 9-5 Griffin in very good equipment, which was still for sale a few days ago, seems to have found a fan and the demand for used Saabs is high. In the showroom there is a new Saab 9-3 Cabriolet from the rare 2011 vintage. Black with light leather - beautiful - and waiting for a buyer. It is probably one of the last 2011 convertibles in Germany.

A detailed report with many pictures of the Saab 9-3 Aero Coupe will follow in the next few days.

Saab designers among themselves ...

Einar Hareide shaped Saab Design like only Sixten Sason before him. The Saab 900 II is one of the cars he designed. He has been running his own company in Gothenburg and Oslo for over 10 years. Hareide Design is a fixture, the work has received many awards. After Saab designer Anders Gustafsson, Saab design director Simon Padian came to Gothenburg. Simon Padian designed the Saab 9-5 II, the 9-3 II and many studies. He developed the direction of Saab Design until 2020 and his team came up with the much-noticed alternative design to Castriota's Saab 9-3 successor.

Not only in Saab circles was the proposal from the studio in Trollhättan as the better. However, the administrators seem to prefer the disappointing Castriota design. So there is now a contract which Castriota license money suits for every car from 2014 / 15 roll off the line. Whether the design of Castriota like or not but could not be up to this point my problem. For even bloggers will be re-sorting, depending on how the sales negotiations go out.

The situation in Sweden remains confused ...

The situation in Sweden is complicated and the commentators of the newspapers are like the blogger. The articles of the press are getting shorter and the helplessness rises. Because what goes on in the details behind the scenes does not fit into what is targeted to the public. It has been established that the file Saab can become a political time bomb.

The statement by Bo Lundgren not to sell Saab Parts AB and to want to earn the taxpayer's money in the next seven years is scornfully commented on. How would you like to draw water from “a well that is getting emptier” asks Svenska Dagbladet. A friend from Stockholm also doubts the professionalism of Lotus-Youngman. Instead of constantly writing new letters to the administrators, one should get in direct contact with the National Debt Administration, he says. "Call Bo Lundgren, put 2.2 billion crowns on the table, buy Saab Tools AB and Parts AB". Facts produce instead of announcements and hot air.

There would be something there. However, the question arises whether the fronts are really as hard as it seems now or whether we are experiencing great theater. However, one thing is clear. The Saab Parts AB, you hear from Nyköping, will not assume a victim role. The management at the historic Saab headquarters is professional and sales-oriented. You will hardly wait until the 1.200 global partners have oriented themselves to other manufacturers. Spare parts sales for other brands and - speculatively - the distribution of another car brand over the network are possible. Plan B is already in the drawer there.

There are many new car brands. In addition to countless unknown manufacturers from China there are Tesla, Fisker and Qoros working on a network.


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  • @ The situation in Sweden remains confused ...
    Loide, Loide, Loide, that smells more and more like a deja-vu!
    Many pull on SAAB and in the end they are all gone again .......

  • Will you be allowed to see the 93-III drawings of the two counterparts public?

  • At our Saab, we bought 2011, the control system for the ABS was broken, we were simply built from another without a major issue a new system. Actually, we wanted to take the organ donor into our family, but then someone else was faster. Too bad for us, good for Saab. A sold car more.
    We did not get a bunch of flowers, but otherwise the Saab service with heart makes up for everything. Who needs bouquets if he can drive with the Saabrio into the green.

  • Something without politics and economy.

    I bought my SAAB in March 2009 at the SAAB Center Saarbrücken. During the test drive, the ACC (air conditioning control) was defective - the display did not work. I pointed out the error and when I picked up the car (without a bouquet of flowers, unfortunately) there was a working ACC. So far so good. The saleswoman at the SAAB center called me in November, apologizing several times, they found the repaired original ACC from my vehicle and would like to install it for me free of charge - the one in the vehicle is from a different 9-5 and does not match the interior of my vehicle.

    I did not experience such a service before and after. Unfortunately, 17 was the first thing off for SAAB days later. Since then, the SAAB Zentrum Saarbrücken has been a showroom for Audi, Mini and Chevrolet, with only two SAAB standing shy in the corner. The saleswoman now manages the repair process, and another salesman comes only on request when customers enter the store, from the adjacent Chevrolet house.

    • Hello PhiBo.

      Also, I have experienced such a great car delivery. Bought a new Saab 9-5 Tid Vector at one
      Saab dealer in Graz (Austria). The great at the beginning. I had to pay 5000 Euro !!!!! Where
      you find that in the present time noch.Wie the car was there, everything went in about 10 min.
      Hectic pure overshadowed this actually solemn moment. No bouquet for my wife,
      or a bottle of wine for me - this is what I know about Volvo dealers in my area.
      In the end, I even had to beg for a Saab keychain.

      Three times I needed a warranty work (engine stuttered), three times I was sent away.
      Mudflaps that were mounted there (original accessories) fell off. Before 2 weeks, I told the workshop boss that my Agr valve buzzes, he looks into the engine compartment and me and says you have to play yourself at home. Super something !!!! !!!
      There were other things, but I do not want to write that now.

      I will really only visit this workshop in an emergency.

      The one who is not a fan of our brand, buys due to such incidents certainly no more Saab.

      Let's share our frustration, dear PhiBo.

      I wish you a pleasant working week and good luck with your 9-5er.Ist a great car, I know from personal experience.

      Kind regards - Klaus

      • Hello Klaus,

        You seem to have misunderstood that…. I was extremely satisfied with the notification - as with the service of the SAAB center in general. Where else do you get warned about such errors ... you could have just left it at that, after all I had a working ACC. I found it extremely attentive that they had carried the right thing after me - especially so long after the purchase date.

        Since the whole thing is directed by an Opel dealer, however, the worm is in it.

  • Tesla makes no profit, the owner lives from personal loans of his friends. Fisker is young and has to prove himself and will probably follow Tesla. It's like NSU, ahead of its time.
    And Qoros is known from radio and television. Like a new Apple product, fans camp outside the shop to get a product.
    Seriously. The Saab dealers are a colorful mix (almost broke or well-off, one of which had exclusive Saab and Sndere have several legs) and have in case of doubt already reoriented.
    The typical Saab dealer usually has to sell bread and butter products to get himself back into position. There is no room for persuasion and time-consuming acquisition.
    The dealers with working accounting and a transparent cost situation know that they are barely above 1,5% margin in sales and make the profit with after sales and workshop.

  • On the SAAB blog "SAAB-Reisen" by Dirk in Berlin there is the information that Youngman-Lotus is in constant contact with the administrators - direct contact with Bo Lundgren is probably not the right way if SAAB is to be acquired as a whole (as it actually looks now). There is already talk of intensive contract negotiations between the Youngman-Lotus lawyers and the administration crew.

    One should not doubt the professionalism of Youngman-Lotus - here doubts are more appropriate at NEVS or now also at Mahindra!

  • But not by direct line you could defuse the situation and secure the tools and parts department. The benevolence of politics would then be guaranteed. That would be Youngman in it and no one would get past the Chinese.

  • Just a stupid question about it.
    Would that even go, just without the insolvency administrator Saab buy ???
    In DE, no insolvency administrator or judge would run anything.

    Best regards

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