Saab 9-6x the opportunity given?

While we wait for news from Sweden, we use the time to talk about cars. Saab 9-6x and the Saab 9-4x study are juxtaposed at the Saab Museum Trollhättan. The one never went into production, the other was only built for a short time. Opportunity to take a closer look at the Saab 9-6x. The 9-6x was created in collaboration with Subaru, ready for the series, but then came from Detroit the big red stop light.

For Saab, an SUV was mandatory to make the brand more attractive. For the strategists in the US had simply overslept the trend and tried to find a solution in typical GM way now.

Saab 9-6x and Saab 9-4x study in the Saab Museum
Saab 9-6x and Saab 9-4x study in the Saab Museum

This is rarely good, as everyone knows. Just the Americans at the Potomac not. This time the project failed for other reasons. General Motors sold its Subaru shares to 2005, and instead of the 9-6x came the Saab 9-7x. A hastily transposed Chevrolet Trail Blazer, a reliable and very American car built to 2008. Most on heap, so that the sale continued long after the end of production. So the flop after the flop. But back to the Saab 9-6x.

On the basis of the Subaru Tribeca, with 6 cylinder boxer engine, the Japanese could have given a good basis for a Saab. Would have ! The exterior design is only slowly approaching the Aero X study, after the model of the facelift on Saab 9-5 took place. At least the front could pass as Saab. It looks bad at the rear, here comes the Subaru and we search Saab Gene with the magnifying glass.

Saab Design 2005: On the way to chrome glasses
Saab Design 2005: On the way to chrome glasses

We search and find - none. A similar picture in the interior. A steering wheel with the Saab logo, that was all. Completely 1: 1 taken over by Subaru. Not out of date but not a Saab. Even the 9-7x has put more effort into Detroit. The Chevy clone carries its ignition lock where it should be at Saab.

Saab 9-6x Heck: Subaru or Saab?
Saab 9-6x Heck: Subaru or Saab?

The Subaru-Saab would not have been a success. No small piece of Saab, except for the grille. Too little. From an interesting technical base you could have done more. Also, the Tribeca was no hit for the Japanese. A missing diesel, with 245 PS way too weak gasoline to speed up the heavy SUV befitting. No turbo, which would have fixed the power deficit. No friendly Saab tuner from Switzerland, who could have eliminated the state of emergency.

Saab 9-6x cockpit: I am a Japanese
Saab 9-6x cockpit: I am a Japanese

After the Subaru Flop - nothing had happened, and after the 9-7x disaster they had finally learned in Detroit. Or you had listened briefly to Carl-Peter Forster, who at the time had influence and prestige at GM Europe. The Saab 9-4x, largely developed like its Cadillac brother in Sweden, would have been a hit. For Saab the lifeline and the number-of-pieces in the Asian markets. But this is another story.

Saab 9-6x interior
Saab 9-6x interior

Actually disappointing, I expected more from the Saab 9-6x. More Saab, more Swedes and at least some independence. But complete nil. Two pieces of this never-in-series model exist worldwide. Both are owned by the Saab Museum in Trollhättan. But only one has been shown to the public so far. In the magazine of the museum stands the brother, whom the press has not yet seen.

Saabaru 9-6x
Saabaru 9-6x

Another body variant. So far under lock and key. At some point, when you see the time, you will bring it out and roll it into the exhibition. Until then, the unknown 9-6x remains one of the many secrets guarded in Trollhättan.



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  • Volvo had and is very successful with the XC90 here in USA. The car sells better than V70 and XC70. Saab wanted to tie that in now. But unfortunately not with own models. That the 9-7x was just an Oldsmobile Bravada with slightly changed front and other dashboard, was also clear to the American buyers. So you do not build an image of a luxury SUV.
    And the 9-2x (Saabaru) was also not successful. A little body modifications are not enough. The 9-4x then went rather in the right direction than a stand-alone SUV, but came too late. He could no longer save Saab in the USA.
    The better had to develop much earlier independent SUVs than as a Bloedsinn like the Cadillac BLS.

  • For Saab, it would certainly make sense today to enter into such a partnership, just to keep the distribution channel open. Whether an SUV fits Saab is another thing.
    But the design language has to be preserved and has already made too much concessions with the 95-2 cockpit (speedometer).

  • So glad the 9-6x didn't go into production - the Subaru Tribeca was one of the ugliest vehicles ever!
    Saab, instead of just trying to repackage Opel / Vauxhall and Subaru platforms in a Saab skin.
    At least Saab in Sweden smiled at GM then did things the way they wanted, but the US was flooded with rebadged Subarus and other GM products.

  • Please do not stone: But I don't think the 9²x is bad at all - I especially like it as an aero!

  • The second, not shown variant of the 9-6X was more interesting from the idea, but whether the version would have come ever? Nevertheless, from my point of view, good that this thing did not come on the road. However again wasted money unnecessarily.

  • Just read in the Financial Times Germany that Sweden keeps SAAB Parts AB for the next 7 years.

    Since no bidder since last Friday, this mission is considered failed. Bo Lundgren, head of the authority, gave a meek at a press conference, so far none of the former Saab bidders is willing to pay 2,2 billion crowns for the division. Therefore, the debt authority has decided to take over the parts trade for the next few years. With fenders and windscreen wipers you could earn more money than now with a quick sale below value, so Lundgren.

    What is this supposed to do?
    Now that we all believed and hoped with the new addition of 400 Mio Euro from Youngman, for SAAB Automobile AB and SAAB Parts AB, the deal had to be perfect ???

  • Yes, it is also in the museum ... In September right next to the 97x

  • Hi,

    But I have to say the design of the Subaru is especially great inside. The consistent design from the cockpit to the side panels - all due respect.
    But do not stop Saab which is the real reason for the coverage

  • Does anyone actually know the 9-2X? As far as I know, it was sold in the USA and is occasionally to be found under the name “Saabaru”. Was a relabeled Subaru station wagon ... and never a box office hit.

  • The second 96x was on the inventory list when it came to the sale of the museum ... With picture in the familiar PDF! 😉 But it looked even worse to me than the one in the exhibition ... Fortunately, these vehicles never went on sale.

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