SAAB News: Something is moving ...

It's a quick update, because not much has changed for the public in Sweden so far. The cacophony of the last few days has subsided and the situation has calmed down somewhat. The parties involved are putting their “Plan B” back in the drawer, at least for now. Participating lawyers relativize their public statements.

In short, one is back at the negotiating table. And apparently, according to a Stockholm vote, politics is also moving. Which could be a good sign, after all.

The facts are thin and we shouldn't expect too much and soon. But the parties understood that compromises have to be made. The word NEVS is heard less than before - which is good. The game is not over yet and it is still moving towards full sales. Saab's internal developments in recent weeks have never left it in doubt.

Helpful in this situation would be a press conference of the administrators. A small reference to the schedule would be enough to calm our nerves.


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    Well documented - how should the sales of e-vehicles get going?

    As already reported several times by other participants here in the blog, E. vehicles would be an enrichment as an option for a manufacturer of "normal" cars - but not as the main source of income. Hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius would be a far better way of achieving larger numbers.

    But this technology could certainly also contribute to Youngman-Lotus - pure E. vehicles for utilization in Trollhättan so please by no means!

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    Thanks Tom for your blog,
    It is nice to hear that after all, the direction is right. Namely to sell Saab as a whole.

    But the nerves are as well as probably all blank. Luckily, as a SAAB driver, we are a dedicated, loyal fanbase, even though we can not buy so many new cars. Such as a mainstream brand à la BMW or Audi.

    Having heard of e-cars before, and now and again, and was not averse to it, I tried the last week:

    The only car that could meet my criteria in this regard is the Opel Ampera / Chevrolet Volt with the range extender. So make it clear where such a Chevy Volt is, because in the largest city in Eastern Switzerland, nowhere is a Chevy garage.

    But there's a newer little Chevy dealer in a small village not far from the biggest metropolis (even with a volt). So made a test drive, the dealer wanted to ride in spite of me, which I did not like (I can not really remember whether in my last 10 cars ever one was in the test drive!).

    So test ride partially passed, drives really fast the thing. But there are some questions left, eg what about the batteries after the warranty period of 8 years / 160 000km? How much will they cost if you have to replace them? How does it look with the loss of value? Are there any e-cars in 8 years?

    Again to me and my driving profile: Daily trip to work 5km and back, after the prospectus, I would have to make the whole week loose and load once a night electricity, so ideal for my requirement.

    But why do I never see such a car on the road?
    Problem no. 1 the high purchase price (for almost 45 euros I get a great SAAB 000-9 5 XWD demonstration car with almost all extras).
    Although the Chevy dealer assured me that he does not make any money with it (his words: first take a course and buy tools for 6500 Euro, per 400 remain 150 Euro minus delivery fee XNUMX Euro and then he had to pick up the vehicle in Zurich).

    But now I'm a Saab driver and would swap my deer 2007 9-3 Aero Sportcombi with the grandiose 2.8V6 with only 100 km.
    And now comes the hammer, after the dealer of course has to rumtelefonieren first, how much my exchange vehicle is well worth it (although it has been Eurotax for decades), the all-clarifying call comes today: Not even half he wants to give me! Although my Saab must be worth almost twice (confirmation I found several times on Autoscout).

    Since I prefer to stay old-fashioned and buy me after the 900 Aero convertible; the 9-5 V6 Combi; The 9-3 V6 Combi now then the great and maybe last 9-5 XND XWD limousine and drive easily through Europe as before.
    Maybe I need 3-4 liters more for these vacation trips with the family than with the range extender of the Volt, but I can also take almost 500kg of cargo with me, with an electric car only 277kg. And at 150 km / h it doesn't stop, no, that's just where the fun begins ...

    So my Saab dealer would certainly make a decent offer for my trade.
    To make the difference, I'd first have to drive 2 years of Chevy Volt and save.

    As you can see, the future is unlikely to be the same with NEVS.

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      Dear Saab 9-3,

      I hope that was just a theoretical consideration to test a GM product.
      But of course one should already know the devil in order to master him.
      We live in the Tyrolean country and honestly with daily 100 km to work for me only the relaxed gliding in SAAB in question.
      But we already have a Chevrolet dealer in almost every Kaff. Unfortunately.

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    At some point my nerves don't take it anymore ...

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    I also think that we should just wait. These speculations really got on my nerves ... NEVS, Youngman, Mahindra ...; actually we know little or nothing ...
    By the way, I do not get any SAAB website anymore. Neither .de nor .com Only, then there on automobiles but also no link. Is there something wrong? Should the new owner be called immediately in the www ???? (Even more speculation

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      It's very strange that there is no longer an official SAAB website.
      Is there working on a brand new ???
      Hopefully not with the text: IT IS PAST

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        SAAB Germany can be called up - but the presentation is a bit dusty (or not?) - 9-5 II and 9-5 II Combi are shown here. Is there still something going on in this direction ??? Keyword: VM.

        I ask first for delivery of carbon 60 nerve fibers.

        Mr. Bergqvist, please arrange a press conference as soon as possible !!!!!

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          Not for me at the moment, just an error message. The server doesn't seem to be completely switched off, the iphone app loads the (very old) "news" from there. In contrast to colors and rims, this only works if there is a connection to the network. Speak for a major website redesign, which is necessary in any case ...

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    I think I'm training in-house on making nerve threads from carbon 60 nanotubes. They are extremely durable.

    Nice to see that politics is now also in motion….

    I think the cancellation of further press conferences four weeks ago (really only four weeks? Seems a lot longer to me) was probably premature ... maybe the administrators imagined it would be faster.

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    That should then result in Youngman Lotus.

    But it is really high time that the contracts were finally signed - or is there still an “invisible third party” after all?

    Tom, your comment that we shouldn't expect too much and not too soon calls for superhuman abilities - this is clearly no longer about normal patience!

    Greetings from the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

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