SAAB location: everything could have gone - finally?

In the past few days we have been living in an on / off story. Saab is sold - but then again not. The NEVS word came again that night and the battle for Saab is said to have been finally decided. The lower bid of the electric car consortium is said to have won for two reasons.

On the one hand, NEVS has the full support of the government in Stockholm and, on the other hand, it has independent sources of funding. Youngman with the 4 billion crown offer would be fully dependent on the NDRC. This in turn should have been contacted by NEVS to put pressure on Youngman. In plain text -Youngman should withdraw the offer. The story comes largely from Dagens Industri.

A press conference is to follow and before any confirmation comes from official sources we should look at the situation with a healthy skepticism. There have been too many sales messages in the last few days.


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  • Hope dies last, so we hope for the last straw called Lotus / Youngman.

    And that everything turns out well.

    But the way it looks, anyone who wants to can and must continue to drive the old conventional Saab's for the next 8 years, because as long as the spare parts supply seems to be secured.

    Dying in installments continues ...

  • that's it; nobody is interested in electric cars; these like z. At present they can still be viewed as politically correct, in fact their ecological balance is bad: the manufacture, operation and disposal of the highly toxic and highly dangerous batteries alone is a huge problem!

  • If so, then the headline is probably true. Final is the final end of SAAB. But as Tom says, we remain skeptical!

  • Now it is becoming obvious: a government that has been idly watching the demise of SAAB for months and claims that it cannot intervene in the free market and is now doing just this by "fully supporting" a bidder? Poor Sweden.

  • How should this strange NEVS force be able to influence the government agencies in China so that Youngman-Lotus can withdraw its offer? Something doesn't fit there - most likely a wish from certain people that this could work.

    If everything goes right, Youngman-Lotus should soon be on the podium!

    Greetings from Schleswig-Holstein

    • I am also surprised. NEVS should not be controlled NDRC and would like to move the authority to give up technology access?

      • Most likely a translation error - everything sounds very different on Dirk's blog (SAAB-Reisen) in Berlin:

        The man at the head of NEVS (with Chinese roots and Swedish citizenship) does not want permission from the NDRC but asks if it could contact Youngman-Lotus in the SAAB case.

        There could be a wide variety of reasons for this - possibly a later collaboration with Youngman-Lotus on the Chinese market was also included in the considerations.

        • Well, why are you looking for contacts to NDRC? Probably because without them even in NEVS in SAAB matters is not. Probably should be like Tom writes on Youngman pressure, the money comes directly from the state. Everything was very confusing and unpleasant.

  • If I really interpret the little news that has leaked out, our dream of continuing the brand seems to be slowly shattered. Somehow not the end hoped for ...

  • That explains the new appearance in Net.
    In the future, “only” spare parts will be offered.
    What will eventually emerge as SAAB on the market, is in the stars.
    I don't necessarily see this development as bad - didn't SAAB start something completely new after the war?
    We can always say about the old and previous; WE WERE THERE ... and it was great!

    Greetings GALLIX

    • …Oh oh…

      It says: "Hope dies last!" ... But if there is "only" one English-language website for Saab Parts AB (including Google translation into German, among other things), then you will probably be further in Sweden.
      Unfortunately, my hope always dies a little more when such information comes in that production with Saab turbo models will start again in a "short" time!
      Somehow all this sounds like dying on installments!


  • Before the signed signatures can not be seen on the Internet, healthy skepticism remains, as has long been the case. A few hours or days are no longer important now… .Let's remain hopeful!

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