SAAB Location: An immature concept

The media response in Sweden for the possible takeover of Saab by NEVS was devastating. There was talk of “a great stupidity” and the government's wishful thinking. The project is not given a chance by various sides, which starts with the unconfirmed product availability - is the Saab e-Power project really ready for series production - and continues on the non-existent platform for a compact vehicle.

SAAB Aero XWD by 2012
SAAB Aero XWD by 2012

Because to achieve a good range, a midsize car like the 9-3 is not the optimal condition. There were no praiseworthy words. The comments readers made in the online media were no better either. If it goes by the audience, then NEVS has failed. Already yesterday it became public that the use of the trademark rights is not clarified. Whether the consortium with these unsustainable ideas gets the green light of Scania AB and Saab AB, that can be doubted. And more and more the image is solidifying that there is nothing ripe for a signature.

Because everything doesn't seem well thought out. Decisions on how to build and sell electric cars without, however, having the sales structures to do so, seem strange. The news of the last few days come from undefined sources, are located in China, and it appears that pressure is to be put on the administrators here. If it really is the case that Youngman enjoys the goodwill of the NDRC (none of us saw the letter), then NEVS will not have a chance with the authority on principle.

Let's talk about the lawyers again. So far, the administrators have shown a lot of responsibility and foresight in all decisions. Hans Bergqvist, who also plays an important role at Saab Parts AB, has managed the business with a steady hand, and the fact that the spare parts supply works is also thanks to the lawyers. Because they have to support all major decisions in this situation. Let's just think of the reproduction of the body parts. The establishment of national companies and the fact that the spare parts supply is starting up in the USA is also the responsibility of the administrators. After wire vor, friends interpret the internally set course as a signal for a big solution and against the break-up of the group.

These are only indications, but everything speaks for a better decision than the one currently portrayed in the media. Before we start handing out the buck, we should consider this.

Announced is a press conference, which also came over Dagens Industri to the public. Currently there is no time for that, and both the press spokesman of NEVS and the administrators were very covered today. Only an official statement could eliminate ambiguity. Let's wait !

In the meantime, we should stay cool and invest some confidence in the work of Hans Bergqvist and Anne-Marie Pouteaux.


4 thoughts on "SAAB Location: An immature concept"

  • Well ... or there is still an unknown third party who emerges as the shining winner in all this confusion!
    Dr then could negotiate far from all discussions and assumptions in peace and was not in advance in the criticism.

    Let's wait!

    • I would wish, but I am extremely skeptical. "The third" would probably do without the SAAB Parts AB, but meanwhile it is echoing "NEVS" from too many different sources.

  • It just does not understand why a newly founded consortium with unknown financial opportunities and a lot of Chinese influence, a Chinese group of money already on a European account ready to take off should receive preference. In addition, Youngman wants to pay the full amount demanded for Saab Parts and the Swedish government would not have to give the entrepreneur here, which they did not want. So who has screwed up with whom or the Swedes just love to always pick the people who do not have a lot of money in their pocket but have all the more visions in mind. Reminds more and more of VM.

  • With such a dubious structure (venture capitalists, steering companies in the Caribbean, focus on e-mobility and, alternatively, on biofuel / battery production) NEVS cannot expect a positive response. As another commenter has already said - it smells like (in positive terms) subsidy tapping to avoid the B-word. What did they say to the government to earn their trust - if that were even true.

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