SAAB press conference: NEVS buys Saab Automobile AB

The conference is currently taking place in front of the factory gates in Stallbacka. Kai Johan Jiang, the new major shareholder, speaks to the press. He tells how he came from China to Sweden before 23 years ago. His mission is in Sweden electric cars. powered by green electricity. He thanks his supporter Karl Erling-Trogen, who supported him at Volvo.

Now Matthias Bergman presents the business plan of NEVS. He speaks of the vision of forming a world leader in electromobility. Saab should become a leader in electrical engineering. The current solutions are not sustainable, but together with Saab one will develop a sustainable solution.

NEVS has no interest in Saab 9-5 or 9-4x. The reason is GM. There are no new licenses for NEVS to build these cars. The current interest is focused on the Saab 9-3. The Saab factory in Trollhättan is a top class and representatives of Toyota, which the factory was shown were impressed.

NEVS has not acquired the rights to the Saab 9-5 and 9-4x, but the rights to the Saab 9-3 have been acquired by NEVS. Saab Parts AB was not bought, but there is an agreement between the two companies that makes all parties happy. Today, no statement will be made about the purchase price.

The first product of the new company will be a Saab 9-3 with enhanced e-Power technology. The Saab Phoenix platform will be further developed. Now he starts through the National Modern Energy Holdings Ltd. to report, which was founded by Kai Johan Jian 2004. The company has 7000 employees and a turnover of 13 billion crowns (?) A year.

Also on board is Sun Invest LLC with a share of 49%. For investments, he emphasizes, you do not need permits from China. The production of the first cars will start at the end of the year 2013 or at the beginning of the year 2014. Now it's about recruiting qualified staff.

Now the former Volvo man Karl-Erling Trogen speaks. He looks forward to the challenge of building electromobility in Trollhättan and will start recruiting and creating structures. Chinese and Japanese consulting teams will work with local engineers. It will be hard work, but we are going to a future without fossil energy.

Now speaks Paul Akerlund, the mayor of the municipality. He fumbles and says it's a good day for Trollhättan. Saab is resurrected and it was a hard journey with hard work. But now it is a day of joy and we are back.

Now, reporters ask:

Waldemar Lönroth from TTELA asks about the use of trademark rights. The answer is still not really clear, but negotiations are underway. Oops, I really understood that ...

The news agency TT asks for new hires. It will probably be a couple of 100 employees at the beginning. Engineers, technicians and administrators.

How many employees will 2014 / 15 work here? There is no prognosis for this.

Is the focus on electric cars or more on hybrid? Clearly on electric cars ...

What about funding? Financing and cash flow are secured in the long term ...

Now an important question, the Saab real estate.

Will Hemfosa (the real estate consortium) own the property? No, we will buy the complete property.

Valdemar Lönroth of the TTELA again asks about the trademark rights, rightly so, but receives only an evasive answer from Trogen. Negotiations with SAAB AB and SCANIA continue.

Victor Muller and the entire management supported the administrators and the buyers during the process.

When will we see staff on the tapes? Recruitment of employees has already begun. We are now filling the key positions and adjusting the process so that the tapes will run in 18 months.

The press conference is over now and I think we should let what was said work for now ...

In addition a personal word: Thanks to all readers and Saab fans who have accompanied us, the brand and the blog, the last months through the crisis you are fantastic!



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  • That's exactly what I mean! Talk down everything new, just continue as before,
    no matter whether 10L / 100km or more, the main thing is your own ego will be satisfied.
    As much as I like my 9.3 Limo, the fuel consumption robs for the gasoline engine
    the driving fun, plus the fuel prices. So he stays more and more often and leaves
    the Diesel Golf V (particle filter with 5 liter DV) the priority, in the hope that
    this is also more reasonable.

  • As already written, the naming rights seem to be unimportant to NEVS.

    Saab Automobile will not exist, unless Mr. Pietsch, who now owns Scania and who could ;-))

    But what BMW did with Rolls Royce will probably remain unique 🙁

  • @ Stefan: That's exactly how I see it. The administrators are probably politically charged.
    Keeping a viable industry in the country is probably far from this nationality. Here Saab was deliberately destroyed and all of Sweden is watching. Well then, congratulations ... The fact that you don't find approval outside of Sweden is deliberately ignored by these gentlemen. The Virgin Islands are definitely warmer than Sweden.

  • First of all, as a silent contributor, many thanks for the many information here, which I have followed in the past months regularly curious.

    Unfortunately, I can no longer believe in a future for Saab. The electric car is a mistake in my eyes. When I look at what my 3 Saabs and my parents got together in terms of mileage, then I'm already loose in the seven-digit range. My current 9-3er Convertible is now around 135000km, so would electrically head for the fourth set of batteries. Around 200km daily mileage would mean that the car would need to be charged every night. After all, I have an underground parking space. My landlord could of course install power connections for the 100 squares and then own power plant. Or I'll just stop in the evening and spend eight hours of power to RWE like Ingo in advertising.

    Quite apart from the fact that an energy storage for everyday electric cars is currently not possible at all and the power supply is apparently only feasible for homeowners, the development of a car is not a story of 18 months. NEVS will never launch its own car at the end of 2013. If anything at all will be purchasable, then maybe a kind of facelift for a Toyota Prius.

    I foresee with the next bankruptcy at the end of next year, when it becomes clear that all these were just pipe dreams and hot air. No automotive expert can seriously expect this store to become a competitive automaker. With 100 people you do not develop a car.

  • I have also been a “quiet” connoisseur here for the last 15 months. My heartfelt thanks to Tom from me too. This material here calls for processing into a crime thriller. Only the happy ending would have to be reinvented.

    Also, I can not believe in a continuation of the SAAB tradition. Begins with the doubts about the suitability of the E-technology in general (also and particularly with regard to the environment) and does not stop at the thought, how, after then approximately three years break again a production wants to start, with new Personnel, old equipment and above all old models with, yes what (?), For new technology.

    Personally, I'm fortunate to be able to look reasonably confident about the future, having one of the few 98 9 3 17 Xerox 9 XRDs in January (were they 3 or so in the first quarter), originally dumped for Greece get new 15-XNUMX, so that the next XNUMX years should be secured.

    I am still sad.


  • Especially since these cars could be quite expensive for China, after all, the manufacturing costs and wages in Sweden are many times higher than in China, where the cars are indeed mainly sold.

    There are still a lot of unanswered questions ... but in the end there were probably two: the Swedish government (may continue to keep the cash cow SAAB Parts) and the Chinese investor (may possibly tap into the know-how supported with subsidies). And the profits flow through the Caribbean.

  • That is exactly what must have been a rigged game from the beginning.
    I always believed Sweden was a constitutional state, an exemplary country ...

    On the one hand, a mysterious buyer from the nothing risen (re-founding), strangely from the Volvo camp, receives from the admins and the government a specially laced package for him. And dust the grand prize, although he has nothing to do with the past and the workforce of Saab to build e-mobile for China in Sweden ???

    So if not all alarm bells ring with the constellation, you have to get very good advantages for yourself, that stinks to heaven ...

    When all Saab drivers and fans of this world get together and protest,
    maybe you could still move something !!

    We are many - we are SAAB !!

  • In how far is the deal already valid, or finally signed? There must be any competent experts in Sweden who consider the project unsustainable ?!

  • Bullerbü just burned down - for a long time!
    The correctness and straightforward perfection of the Swedes existed for some time only in the minds of the somewhat naive Swedes fans. (one like me)

  • The longer you look at Bergqvist & Co.'s approach, the greater the assumption that by preventing Youngman-Lotus you will also prevent SAAB.

    It could be a large-scale hoax by VOLVO people (Trogen and Jiang come from there) who want to prevent SAAB from becoming successful in the China market with Youngman Lotus. There and elsewhere, as is well known, things are getting worse and worse for VOLVO - this would also explain why there is no great interest in SAAB's naming rights.

    So the cardinal question remains: Why was Youngman-Lotus rejected with the better bid? There is an enormous need for clarification here - possibly including the cancellation of the preliminary contracts with NEVS!

  • We can kick around in pedal cars until our tongues hang out by the meter - we won't be able to save anything with it.
    Our future will be messed up somewhere else - namely where we are not allowed to play.

  • I also noticed after unlocking ;-). Content, however, I remain here.

    greetings from Vienna


  • Spent turbo engines should not be the future. One has to start.
    Hopefully, the new owner will succeed in future-proof, innovative technology with
    mating ranges to mate. 10 liters / 100 km and more may not be the future
    be. Hopefully, enormous pressure will be put on all car manufacturers in the long run.
    10 liter and more and funny on it is not more. Self-restriction instead
    Egoism. After all, you have given life to future generations as well.
    Instead of H-speed, torque, all-wheel claw, etc. would be synonymous yes too interesting
    know to advance as quickly and as fun as possible with little energy destruction
    get. Admittedly, pure electric vehicles really do not seem promising
    Being and the seriousness of the project seem to be really big unknowns
    But if Ex-Saab is the mother of innovative, real environmentally friendly mass production technology
    could be?! - What a legacy! A dream, I know!

  • Excitement now even after the purchase of SAAB - if the naming rights did not work, the future would have already been over in my eyes anyway.

    We still have our 2 real Trollhatteners in the garage - whether we can order a real SAAB as a successor at some point in the next few years remains to be seen.

    Since we would have expected more from the Swedes overall, a Volvo might also be ruled out as an alternative - but after the first impressions you shouldn't jump to conclusions and see whether a SAAB with hybrid technology 2013 or 14 may still be offered (Pure E. technology is ruled out for us).

    Just wait and see - our convertible and also the combi will certainly drive extremely satisfactorily for the next few years as usual!

  • I have read this blog regularly and have never posted a post here.
    I am a silent but loyal Saab fan.

    In many hours, this blog was a refreshment for me. Thank you Tom.

    Today I would like to inform the Saab community that I am infinitely unhappy and sad about this sale to Nevs. Anyone who drives a Saab 9-3 convertible and a Saab 9-3 station wagon, like me, can roughly assess why these feelings have now reached their climax after a long tremor.

    It is incomprehensible that our old Europe is not in a position to keep a great automobile factory alive and to intervene to help overcome a “weakness” and help a “sensitive” automobile factory to achieve resounding success.

    We have enough bright people in Europe for this job.

    But Chinese, in every corner of the economy take over the supremacy of former crown jewels of the old European continent. Europe finds no suitable answers and is not willing to intervene to limit the outflow of knowledge.

    The first comments of car scientists on the Internet are already circulating, all saying that this chosen path can not be crowned with success. Many necessary details are therefore not pronounced by the persons concerned.

    Imagine, in Sweden, cars are produced, which are initially intended exclusively for the Chinese market and permanently screwed together at the tenfold production cost of Sweden for Chinese. A Perpetum mobile in its purest form.

    Anyone who has seen how the Chinese opened the skulls of monkeys living in Hong Kong and ate the still warm brain of a monkey as a specialty, can imagine the cruelty with which our politicians - sooner or later - all of the wrong decisions fall on our heads will.

    It is a shame with which servility we surrender to the Chinese and let our crown jewels look on and believe, all this happens for the benefit of all of us.

    My sympathy goes to the numerous Saab dealers, who, apart from all the problems of Saab automobiles, have still kept the pole. Nobody thought about them on the part of the liquidity managers. Also, the many former Saab factory workers deserve great compassion and our thoughts in these hours. You all built first-class vehicles.

    All we can do is keep Saab in good memory, drive our Saabs until the last hour and hope that this story - like some previous ones - is not the real end of the Saab flagpole.

    I continue to believe in Saab. Saab with turbo's gasoline and diesel engines. Built and constructed in Sweden, free from the Chinese kite.

  • Only you know what made the administrators trust this new company. You do not care that you step into the A …… for all Saab drivers worldwide. Another opaque Sweden - fairy tale with opaque politics, power, arrogance, coupled with ineptitude. Today there are no doubt thousands of fans of Sweden have decreased. Rightly so! Greece is really sympathetic and transparent! I am curious when the first electric cars will look for a socket in the Swedish wasteland ...

  • There are still many questions left, perhaps the simpler,
    What are the traders doing the Saab for the whole long time
    who have kept true, who are practically on the road,
    which is the floor away. What will they do until 2014?
    No successors no presentations, what should the
    then talk to the customers.
    Repairs of increasingly older Saabis, it is less and less.
    some enthusiasts will continue to work in the garages, look
    today for specialists for RO80, Lancia or Ponton.
    I'm troubled by the question of what to do with my beloved Saabs,
    I continue to drive, groom and caress until they like on the streets
    a Ford - Granada look.
    how will the market react, prices go up or down
    they are delivered in melancholy shock, however much.
    from today's perspective, for the new owners, glorious future in mind,
    it means for us, less and less active brats on the road, blogs, spare parts portals, forums, etc., will die out and make themselves quite rare.
    Future, sure it will be different, or better, as I said, when Edison steamed through the Dampflock, the Wells-Fargo laughed with hundreds of thousands of horses and coachmen dead, but it did not help.
    as somebody said, how old should we get to sit in an electro or hydrogen Saab again and enjoy the buzz.
    Let's see what the next few days bring. If it turns out in 20 years that the new owners were way ahead of their time (as always Saab) then excuse me now. My older one CSE from 1992 is like new, the other Benz, Bmw, Golf etc. from that time, meanwhile swing happily in Baghdad and Kabul, as someone said.
    Conclusion, we have currently no more work in the background, analogous no mum and Pappi, we land in the poorhouse.
    thanks Tom for the 18 months. If something at the 20-th in Frankfurt, give an update. greetings to all friends

  • Maybe the Volvo group is behind it - some of them come from Volvo.

    This move would get rid of SAAB as a large-scale manufacturer - 130.000 vehicles per year (as in the best of times) are no longer around.

    As a reward, you grab a lot of tax money - the thing must be worth it somehow for Jiang.

    This would also explain why you're only half-heartedly behind the naming rights - they don't value it at all for good reason!

  • Well, at least Germany won at the European Championships at the end of the day, even looking forward to being Switzerland / Austrian! Whether we won fans as Saab? I dont know. Saab was and is known for many innovations and turbo, low-consumption engines were not included so far. As a child of the 70 years I am still dedicated to oil and avocado, the tesla and volts of this world have passed me without emotion.
    Well, now the future should be in the battery! Probably without me. Fortunately, I currently have 3 gasoline-powered Saabs in my garage and move them with my wife every day. I don't know yet where my future lies with gasoline-powered cars. Jaguar would like its style and shape, but I haven't test driven it yet, my 9-5 Aero 6 XWD will probably be driving for a while ...

  • If you take care of it, He keeps 20 years.

  • ... I could cry. Half a year ago I fulfilled my childhood dream - a 9-3 convertible and now it seems as if it was my first and last Saab. The only thing that helps is nurturing and caring. Unfortunately, I don't have the hope that the new owners will ever build cars that arouse the emotions.

    Good night dear SAAB congregation.

  • The main thing is to continue. Pity about the 9-5. The crooks at GM are probably afraid that someone can do better than themselves

  • Whistle for the future, enjoy the present.

  • great, ... that's comment 109! good luck for saab! Good companies build things that we don't know yet, that we really need and that we don't want to miss when we have them. bad ones go down the brook ... even if they get so much funding!

    let's hope for good ideas ...... before my first saab, saabe were only cars .....

  • Yes, for the future models it may be enough. A 9V block battery for tuning may be enough ... Maybe it will be available from Hirsch!

  • Make the most of it and treat your SAAB to something fine from “HIRSCH”.
    At the current prices you can not hesitate and we will have a lot of fun with our special cars for a long time.

  • Dear Tom,

    18 months SAABBLOG.NET, 18 months of tension, 18 months of despair, 18 months of hope ... and that's it. NEVS cannot be the answer to our patience!

    Thank you for your commitment and your passion for our little Swedish utopia. We all deserve a better solution !!!

  • What did a German comedian recently said aptly….

    Anyone who has visions should consult a doctor!

  • You must not forget that electric cars will be the future. It's also not environmentally friendly, but eventually the gasoline, diesel is empty.
    My parents will continue to drive the 9-5 Aero 2006 until a real Saab hits the market. I will buy a 900er (1) as a beginner car.
    Please drive your Saab until he has completely given up the ghost. It would be sad if real drivers sell their Saab and switch to another brand.
    I love this brand and will not drive anything else until my dead.
    Saab is alive!

  • Small big fix that does not just affect spelling:
    Saab is not death, Saab is life. Saab is at most dead, and in that respect I also doubt its liveliness ...: - €

  • Hook me on your opinion. We should not talk about everything in advance.
    Let's work the time.
    Without down-to-earth concepts and future plans Nevs would certainly not have won the contract.

    Saab lives again !!!!

  • Let's first let the new owners present their innovations and visions and then look further ...

  • Half a year of fear has brought nothing.There comes just before the deadline one who does not continue the Saabtradition and is the winner. Really no reason to pop the champagne corks.
    What is the use of a state-of-the-art factory today, it will not be in 18 months anymore.
    The Saabgemeinde has liked the 9.3, but it will no longer tear 2014 off the peg.
    I'm done for today, 2014 no one will remember Saab and the majority will have "migrated"
    Nevertheless, have a nice evening for all of you.

  • Thanks also from me Tom for the excellent supply of news about developments at Saab. I have called your blog in the last months felt 100 x and hoped for a positive turn. Today's sale to NEVS is not the result I was hoping for. I can make friends with this development and join in the opinion of those who now fear the demise of the brand. The beloved vehicles, cars with turbos and internal combustion engines will probably not be built anymore, which I absolutely need in my daily working life. I am thus forced to rethink and will probably reorient myself. The developments at Saab, however, I will watch closely and maybe I see everything too black. NEVS can not be Saab for me, at least not now and today!

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