5 thoughts on "SAAB News Release: NEVS Acquires Saab Assets"

  • Then you are now the owner of the few Saab 9-5 II station wagons? According to the Swedish registration database of the Transportstyrelsen, the two Komis are currently driving through Germany last autumn (Fordonsstatus: i traffik) and that on the Saab Automobile AB

  • Dear Klaus, with your last paragraph you bring it exactly to the point. I totally agree with you. Greetings from Spain!

  • When I got into my 9-5 II Aero this morning, the first song on the radio was: “Say goodbye” by Xavier Naidoo.
    Unfortunately, we also have to say goodbye to the carmaker, who was dear and important to us. The manufacturer, who embodied the SAAB spirit and somehow managed again and again to transmit this goosebump spirit in the new models.
    The SAAB spirit lives now only in the past.
    In the above press release it's black and white: Focus on the Chinese market. And we certainly do not need a car geared to the Chinese market in Central Europe.
    Too bad.
    ... take a quiet farewell ...

    To Anne-Marie Pouteaux, Hans Bergqvist, Kent Hagglund, you have forgotten something and overlooked:
    Us, the people who made SAAB so far. What I think of you and what feelings I have towards you, I prefer to keep for myself.

  • Hmm the news of yesterday, I have only once on me need to work, and I still do not know what to think of it, a lot and yet nothing, it seems a little spongy and not really what makes Saab, a little like her webpage, too bad. Who knows, maybe we'll see exciting hybrids, but please let me have the turbo inside

  • All right, the fossil fuels are not infinite. But the question remains in the room: Where should all the electricity come from? Without gas-fired power plants and nuclear power this will not be possible. Since I would have preferred a bioethanol solution.

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