SAAB sale: the day after…

It wasn't what we wanted it to be! No redemption after the long time of waiting, little and only restrained joy! After the noise of yesterday has subsided, we are left perplexed. Because the change of ownership raised a lot of questions. The sale appears hastily brought forward to end the process before mid-summer.

Not really clarified are the trademark rights. The financing and the purchase price are open questions. Many things seem illogical, so yesterday I phoned friends from the automotive industry. Why does the production of the first electric car based on Saab 9-3 start only in 18 months? The Saab e-Power fleet was in the field trial and was approved. Recording production could be possible in 6 months. If you start 2013 / 14 first, the 9-3 is already 11 years old in its fundamentals.

NEVS bought the rights to the Saab 9-3. That was the statement of yesterday, and it is also in the press release. Why aren't we given what we want? Starts the belts in the stable backa and produces convertibles, limousines and sports suits with turbo engines when the rights have been clarified? Questions after questions ...

Whoever expects me to make a plea for each NEVS today, I have to disappoint.

Because this blog is also about honesty and straightforwardness. If I have been writing for Saab daily for the last 18 months, then with passion. With all the small weaknesses, I was always convinced of the cult cars from Trollhättan. The best turbocharged engines in the world, excellent ergonomics and Swedish design.

At NEVS I can hardly see what it is worth writing for. The facts are too vague and the corporate objectives too undefined. But let's be fair….

The industry is facing a major change. Just as the change from horse to steam engine, in the next few years a shift from fossil energy to other propulsion technologies will take place. This will be very fast, especially in megacities.

For many of us, including myself, it is hard to imagine that a battery car could arouse automobile emotions. A collection of serially connected batteries and four wheel hub motors does not cause enthusiasm or desire. I love combustion engines and turbos in particular. But this era is coming to an end, and the next generation may shake their heads about the way we travel.

Without the consortium with the less attractive abbreviation “NEVS”, the Saab story would be over. So Trollhättan, currently the only winner in the game, has the chance that something completely new will develop in the Stallbacka.

We should give all new concerns a chance for the new leaders! We keep an eye on them and see what they do over the next few weeks. Maybe they are doing everything right.

At some point I wrote that every new owner who saves Saab would get the support of the community and the blog. I hereby take it back. Because it's not like that. We are many, we are strong. We drive our cars with pride and we can enjoy our turbo-charged dream cars for a long time. Because our Saabs are durable and robust. We have a very good supply of spare parts - regardless of NEVS - we have good dealers and Saab specialists. The flag with the royal griffin will fly proudly at our meetings. Even in many years.

We do not need NEVS, but NEVS needs us. Because we are the ambassadors of the brand, each of us. We are communicators.

NEVS can earn our trust and affection. Then they also get our support. Maybe it will become a love affair over the months. We will see.


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  • Happy are all the many SAAB owners around the globe. And with an average usage age of 20 years, we can go for a long time with our Orginalsaabs and enjoy it. Once again much praise for your blog.

  • I have always hated the discussion “Only until 1993 is this a real SAAB”!
    It goes so far that some militant advocates of this opinion do not talk to drivers of younger SAABs at the regulars' table! And there is not only the 900 as a real SAAB - the other models are also part of it!

    People: We all have the same passion, the same addiction has affected us! SAAB!
    It does not matter, whether 2 Takter, Diesel, Gasoline, with or without Turbo, 3, 4 or 6 cylinder and so on. We have fun with SAAB and variations have to be tolerated!
    I'm also happy to be electric - why not have the courage to step out of your snail shell and open up new perspectives! Nothing is as constant as change!

    In a few years there will probably be SAAB meetings where electric SAABs are not desired ...

    SAAB has certainly built an image for itself with its turbo engines. Meanwhile, however, (almost) all brands out there drive around with turbo. So - on to new paths!
    Oh man, first wait, what will happen! There is a chance to become a pioneer again!

    And finally: SAAB = SAAB - no matter which model from which year!

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      Thank you Ziehmy, because that's the way it is. You speak to me fully from the heart. This discussion also reminds me of the split between Saab-Scania and Saab drivers many years ago. Unfortunately, you still experience this at many meetings.

      A Saab is a Saab is a Saab. No matter which year of construction and which engine - or which type of drive. Please consider that.

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        Good morning Saabgemeinde! Absolutely agree with Tom. But I think that we are not necessarily worried about the prospect that there will be electro SAABS at some point. If this perspective would show us M&M or Youngmann, things would look very different, I think. The problem lies with the buyer. How can we have confidence in a company that only starts looking for a partner after the purchase in order to develop these cars at all? What worries us is not the perspective, but its absence !!!

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          Exactly we have no problem with E-Saabs and hybrids coming in the near future. No, we probably think that's good.
          But as I said:
          The way this works, that's where many rightly consider!

          In my opinion, it would have been important and correct to start production again immediately. And with the well-known models 9-3 and 9-5, then the 3800 people of Saab would have their job again!
          And we our beloved Saab's.

          And since all of NEVS 'revolutionary news on Saab was in the pipeline or even testing, like the E-9-3 anyway, it would have been better for the admins to make better decisions on another horse.

          And to what Ziehmy says with “real Saab's only until 1993” he is absolutely right. Not everything that GM did was bad and common parts policy is now standard for the others too.

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    So the whole thing sounds like one hand washes the other.
    To name a company based in the Virgin Islands as reputable is a complete illusion. Probably the office is in a yacht in Monaco.
    The whole theater serves to make losses, to save taxes, to advertise with "alternative" energies, whose energy sources are obtained from rare earths in China, whose resources are apparently running out faster than any oil field. To call electric drive environmentally friendly is complete nonsense what concerns production and disposal.
    I'm not a Saab driver, but I always liked the brand and wanted to become it before 2 years ago.
    Still have my French. Now you will be properly exploited. That did not deserve Saab and her loyalty.
    Too bad, an automotive bright spot has thus become a plaything of politics, personal interests and organized economic crime.
    I will definitely look around for the next one at the islanders whose “colony” has made a difference to make the best tea.

    Greetings Lars

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      ... one hand washes the other and in the end they are both dirty ...

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    The Saab 95 II is just right for today. I also feel that almost no day goes by when I am not addressed how chic and great the new Saab 95 looks. I drive one of the last 95 II with biopower as XWD with a deer tuning. The 95II is absolutely competitive with the BMW 5 Series and the E-Class. And if I then tank E85 for 1,09 (corresponds to 106 octane), then driving on the motorway at high speeds is fun, even if the consumption is of course higher. It is my 7th Saab and here the Saab lifestyle absolutely comes through. GM is not recognizable except for the bio power technology that can also be found at the GMC. I drive my Saab with pride and now is drtdt because it is unique and will stay. I continue to live the Saab Spirit and I don't give away my old Saab Cabrio from 1999 either. Saab lives on in us. Thanks to Tom and please report us further. The hope that VM will still be asked if he uses rented rooms in Trollhatten to produce the 95 dies last.

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    I do not know who but someone has recently written in the commentary: that's life, nothing is for eternity and old goes and new comes. If the new is to be electromobility (at least in Sweden) then that does not have to scratch me, which I still have the choice to decide differently. For example, in Bavaria, there are still really old-fashioned turbocharged carriages advertise the joy of driving and I'm driven with it and it's also great. Sorry but for the time being Bye good Saabgemeinde

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    Before we ditch our hopes here, we should at least wait for the further information. In fact, we only know headlines. On that basis, I will not yet make a final judgment. Why? Saab as a company was dead. Mausetot. I have much more hope today than on the opening day of the bankruptcy proceedings.


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    The mayor of Saab's home town, Trollhattan, Sweden, said the company “has risen again,” but the initial plans for the business require only 200 staff, well below the 3,500 Saab used to employ

    What do you want to produce with 200 man ???

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      Intentions !!!

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      In our local newspaper there was also a rather optimistic article “Saab will be an electric car company” with the comment “Second life”. Well, the not so Saab-related “public” is finally presented with positive news instead of almost bankruptcy, bankruptcy, etc.
      My mood is not right at the moment, it is more like in the semifinals on penalties, the previous supports of the team go and a new coach is coming ...
      Well, e-championship is back in two years, but there is a new opportunity to qualify.

      Otherwise, I can not explain a lot, but understand some evidence, there is indeed behind the scenes already more than a few days was fixed? Instead of patience now watch what is developing?

      The fact that the Japanese are involved (and even let more than a symbolic crown flow) gives me a little hope, otherwise they are (mostly) known for rather well-considered deals. Saab AB may also watch first and see if they can use the name for cars again. At the moment it seems to be “parked” at Saab Parts, at least on the Internet

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    Another question is why Youngman Lotus remains so calm after this decision of the tricky administrators?

    Not only did they want to hire a lot more staff, they also wanted to start production faster than NEVS.
    In addition, the bid was much higher and the SAAB parts had been taken over.

    Only the announcement of NEVS that someday electric cars
    (for China !!) should be built in Trollhättan, of all places, this trio of lawyers has already moved to sign it - you really shouldn't think about it any further.

    There is a huge stink in the state of Sweden - hopefully these unskilled lawyers will be held accountable very quickly by at least a few SAAB creditors with guts.

    It's just outrageous what's going on here!

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      You said it!

      We are many, we are SAAB !!

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      This incredible Chinese coup in Sweden bears much resemblance to Nokia in Germany.
      Collect all available subsidies and then close the store. Only Dortmund now shortly in Ulm and away is Nokia, where it is cheaper and the next EU funds wave.

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    I now drive the third SAAB and would have liked to buy a successor. That is probably no longer possible, the ability to suffer has its limits. First, with the new 9-5, GM serves us a chubby American barrel based on Buick without any contemporary innovation at a price that is 1/3 higher than the price of an equivalent Opel Insignia, then comes a windy investor with visions and many dubious ones Relationships and now we have a Chinese Sweden, a Japanese investment firm and a windy headquarters in the Cayman Islands and Singapore. All a bit much although ... technically the future direction would be right. Unfortunately nothing concrete is to be seen apart from keywords. The Swedish state or the EU will probably fix it.

    However, why one should develop and produce in Sweden for the Chinese market is beyond me. It smells more like cashing in on EU subsidies. As soon as these no longer flow or you master the technology, the whole thing goes to China. Have we not already seen this in the solar industry in Germany, where currently thousands of jobs are lost and the technology is now firmly in Chinese hands? Clever how the Chinese are pulling the politicians out of the way.

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      The 9-5 is simply too fat, in terms of dimensions and weight. Saab's history is full of fatal mistakes in the direction of larger vehicle dimensions. If the steps from 92 to 93 to 96 and even to 99 were comprehensible (and even verifiable by rally successes), a chain of extremely unfortunate decisions followed on the situation of Saab as it presented itself in April 2011. The 900 is “the Saab” because its dimensions saved the compactness of the 99 in the car world of the eighties and nineties. The 9000 led Saab into a vehicle category in which a niche volume manufacturer is practically unable to offer products competitively today. The requirements for such a vehicle segment are simply too complex and too expensive to develop. Unfortunately, the 5-9 could never achieve the dynamics, lightness, ecology, turbo technology, all Saab core values, of a current BMW 5 Series. The downfall of Saab was not conjured up by GM, the lack of foresight of the 80s made Saab small.

      In this respect, a fresh start with the return to more compact vehicle categories is the only viable step. I do not even want to name the absurd ideas of the era VM / Youngman Saab 9-6 and 9-7.

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        Oh please. The 9-5 II is a kid of its time and absolutely right in size. The competition is also not daintier and as a SAAB flagship he is absolutely correct. To look always into the past brings nothing, and I say that as a traditionalist.

        He is one of the most beautiful sedans you can / could buy. BMW is not a rating. Anyone who wants an 5er will not have SAAB on the list either way.

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        And yet BMW will never embody what a SAAB does!

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        Sorry, beside it.
        The only thing missing in the 9-5 II sedan was the details: no 6-cylinder diesel, no automatic which could be combined with heavy diesel ...
        Take a look at Munich: How many BMW 5 Series are sold and how many of them with the "big" diesels up to over 300 hp. No customer buys below 200 HP and if so, it's a company car. Likewise E-Class. Both are almost as big and just as heavy.
        Many SAAB first-time buyers are well-to-do, looking for understatement far away from the pomp of the automobile, which one has to look for in the parking lot.
        And with the big cars the money is earned, not with the little ones.
        The 9-5 II SC station wagon would have been a complete success, despite or precisely because of its dimensions. There were already various pre-orders, including mine: Aero, with XWD and all available extras ... On the dealer tour I also immediately had the 9 -4X Aero thought for my wife that only a fat diesel would have been enough to succeed ...
        Unfortunately, the dream is over.

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          Sorry, also applies to perret, not to saab900… 🙂

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        So I find the statement about the 9-5 II and the comparison to the 5er BMW also not so good.
        I myself drove the 1999 9-5 Combi for 11 years. A great car, without significant problems.
        I also think the new 9-5 absolutely great, would have bought me one too. It's not an Ami keg just because it's 5 meters long (most German premiums are 5 meters, and nobody talks about Ami kegs!).

        Only there was no station wagon, so I bought the 9-3 SC.
        And what was of course problematic, the pricing with the nice extras, was set too high. (My old 9-5 with all the extras except the sunroof came to around 45 euros, the new one unfortunately came to almost 000 euros.) In this price range, people tend to buy German premium products.

        But now I'm flirting with a demonstration car of the 9-5 II XWD with all the extras except the sunroof for 44 euros.

        Anyone who wants a German car buys a German, who wants Saab Saab.

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      for 9-5 II ...
      Tastes are different and that's a good thing.
      But he did not deserve the 9-5 II as such.
      It is probably the most beautiful limousine in the world and this is not just what I say, but it also shows the 100% positive response from people who approach you somewhere when you fill up or shop and say in amazement that they really like the car. And this happens every day without exaggeration. Which car owner does this happen to ...?
      The passion and driving pleasure in this absolutely magnificent car (my 9-5II is an 2,0 Turbo4 Aero Sentronic) is just as big as in my 900-1 or in the 9-3 Turbo Cabriolet.
      It's a SAAB, through and through, with the spirit of no end.

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        Who else is this happening to? Me - and that with a 9-5 I from 1998 🙂

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        Of course, the tastes are different and that's a good thing! I wish you a safe journey!

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    Does NEVS break with the SAAB traditions? Does SAAB 2.0 have a chance?

    Sure, there is nothing right now!

    Does NEVS get the “opportunity” to write the name SAAB on its cars (however powered), do these cars deserve it? Can NEVS survive economically with these products? Are the drivers of these cars PROUD to drive a SAAB 2.0? Then NEVS would have achieved a lot!

    So here's a little anecdote:

    I still remember the testimony of my father (Saab 900 driver) when the SAAB 9000 was introduced:

    “This is not a SAAB! Maybe an Italian! But not a real Swede! It has nothing to do with Saab, it doesn't even look like a real Saab ”

    Oh, what did I talk about and persuade my father (I was not allowed to drive my own)! He was looking for a new car after his second SAAB 900. Unfortunately no matching 900 there. But a SAAB 9000 Turbo 16 V with 175PS, in rose quartz! And after long strivings and detailed Porbefahrt: Better a Saab 9000 than 'n Golf or' n Opel!

    Oh. My old man has been converted!

    Of course I would have rather BMW or something as a buyer! But maybe NEVS is turning on the right bike?

    Otherwise, I am proud to drive a SAAB 9-3 SC!

    Maybe we should just carry on with the best calculation and a little hope for SAAB 2.0 in us!

    Your André

    PS .: SAAB only dies when there is no more SAAB on the streets and when nobody remembers this unique car manufacturer!

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      The last sentence can be underlined thick.

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        Is that possible in the blog;)?

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        and please bold + italic =)

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    Very good analysis Tom. After all, GM is guilty of the current situation. For this, cars are to be boycotted by this manufacturer.

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    Even with me, 24 hours after the day after no joy.
    I do not know any company that develops a year or two, tinkering, whatever, but selling nothing.
    I regard this as highly problematic even with high reserves.
    Whatever should happen until the e-mobiles are finished, you would have to earn money for the development and that would only be possible with the previous 9-3 models.
    Who knows if the electric boom will last. Electricity is still not in short supply, but cheaper he will not, the technical problems left out.
    How should the new buyer develop if the trend in 2 years suddenly turns to other fuel (algae etc.)
    That's why I'm not so happy about the sale. But I also like to be taught a better one ...

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    Saab is death,
    long live Saab? I do not think so.

    I was very scared when I read that yesterday. Could not believe it. I can not understand this decision either. Such a psyco-company as guarantor for a future of Saab. Nothing better than selling to Spyker. That sounds only after Fördermittelabschröpfen.

    For me, not so much the turbo was crucial in my Saabs, but the design outside and inside, the extraordinary, the uniqueness of the vehicles. I still dream of my red 9000er with wooden windowsills. In addition a good safety equipment and little things that made driving more beautiful, as well as the seats that are still looking for their equal.

    Whether I find that at Nevis. Focusing on the Chinese market reminds me of the refreshed models from BAIC. Much uniformity and plastic. And I see that coming to Nevis.

    Environmentally friendly drives would go very well with Saab, I can also imagine an electric speedster, but not like a Renault Twizy. But only electro? For long distances, purely electric vehicles are, in my opinion, not competitive in the long run. And with it my dream, for a Saab that accompanies me on these routes through the sale to Nevs ... it's a shame. Farewell SAAB; - ((

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      Oh, and again thanks for this great blog and the fast and good information about Saab

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    He's doing it again. Tom makes it exciting again.

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    Unfortunately I have to contradict Tom for the first time: NEVS doesn't need us, NEVS probably doesn't want us either. What for? No matter what products they will be offering there in the future, be careful, will we buy them if it doesn't say SAAB ?! At least I don't. Who has ever bought their car with only their head? - At least not me, I have always bought my cars with my heart, because I know and know what SAAB stood for and still stands for me. What does a consortium stand for or what, what does NEVS stand for. It is a community of convenience, nothing else. When the time comes when the ominous purchase option for SAAB Parts AB expires, we will know what NotEnoughVehiclesSold stands for. I don't know how YOU are doing, but for me I feel like I was chased from the farm. Sorry, that's it. Unfortunately.
    Greetings from Koblenz.

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      You are welcome to contradict me, the blog thrives on diversity of opinion. But it's not over yet and unfortunately I have to get this "word of patience" out of the box again. Wait…

      • blank

        Uhh ... not over yet? What should come now? The facilities go to NEVS, and the trademark rights to someone else?

      • blank

        I can do the G…. Word do not suffer 🙁

        • blank

          Tom will keep us up to date, our Saab Guru 😉 already knows what is good for us ...

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      This is also my view of things!

      Whereby I even go one step further and claim that SAAB automobiles with motives similar to those of GM should now be disposed of under the “lead” of NEVS - they were simply afraid (as with GM) that together with Youngman-Lotus in China competition (in this case for Volvo?) could arise.

      I like to be convinced of something else - but probably nothing but hot air will come!

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    Before we can really give a rating, many questions still need to be answered:

    Will it be SAAB at all, what will be created or will only the platform be used as in BAIC? The name and trademark rights are not yet transferred, right?

    Will you see yourself as SAAB's successor? So feel responsible for the previous models? The non-acquisition of Parts AB is skeptical.

    What about the warranty for the last sold SAAB? What about goodwill? The proverbial brand loyalty will hardly survive if we were let down there.

    Will you take over the SAAB dealer network?

    Will the new cars ever be sold in Europe?
    I read, it should first be sold only in China.

    If these key questions are answered positively, then - and only then - I will be happy and after the 6th SAAB (a 9-5 II - a fantastic car!) A 7th from N ... What was their name - buy


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    Actually, Sweden has always been a “model country” for me in relation to everything. This attitude has changed fundamentally since yesterday due to the facts ...

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    Would be for Nevs, a solution Mahindra builds the Beziner engines with the license where Vm is still to have, and Nevs can build on the e-vehicles so everyone would have something, but only my dream is dream

    • blank

      Yes that would be a great idea, everyone gets what he wants.
      But if so, why did this press conference yesterday with all the jabber about e-cars and batteries ??

      Let's see what else results ??

      But in the first place, the admins have failed and that's totally !!
      And at the expense of the workers and the taxpayers!

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    It does not necessarily have to be a turbo engine, but otherwise very well written. The questions raised also arise for me. After yesterday, too many question marks have stopped. Especially behind the future.

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    I'm convinced that Tom doesn't just refer to turbo engines as Perret wrote. Of course, the naturally aspirated engines and the few two-stroke engines are also included. But he's right, let's wait and see as far as everyone can with their Saab, and let's give the new owner a chance. However, this is in the “obligation to bring”! Because I too see the whole thing very skeptically. The battery technology is simply not ready yet, and probably will not be in the next few years! None of us want to stop after 150 km, for example if we want to go on vacation and then recharge for six hours. It can't be that. And if Nevs can't conjure a rabbit out of his hat, then the new owner would be well advised to offer transition technologies such as hybrid as soon as possible. Nevs cannot afford to be out of the picture for long, the brand has too few buyers, and losing them through missing products would be fatal.

    • blank

      NEVS probably has nothing to do with SAAB - they had completely different motives for the takeover (always remember that the main actors are coming from VOLVO)!

      You're all pretty naive - probably the administrators have been tricked as well.

      • blank

        The gentleman from China did not buy SAAB, but a car factory. I was more sympathetic to Mr. Müller ...

        • blank

          That's it, the Swedish Chinese just wants some around for his Chinese batteries and his biofuel, which he wants to sell power for his Chinese batteries, SAAB does not care.

          Since this is a startup, I do not believe in production start in 18 months, they have nothing - no know how, a factory that needs to be rebuilt (since it's designed for something else), and a lot of development work to do that whole then on a Japanese (take on Toyota platform) set up.

          ... and what about BAIC - did NEVs buy the rights of those too? Or is it anyway Mahindra behind it, the NEVs have been forward times and when those run out of coal, then slams to an adequate price - Who knows.

          • blank

            @ gustyx
            That would be an outright economic war, but according to SU, M&M is back in the race because NEVS needs a partner for the petrol / diesel series 😉

            Time wants to show what will happen with Saab

  • blank

    I can endorse that one hundred percent - and at this point many thanks to you, Tom, for the constant and reliable status reports over the past 12 months (or longer, I've only been reading the blog since then).

    At NEVS, many things are still very unclear, in order to gain the confidence of the SAAB drivers, one could have been more open and informative here. “The financing is secured in the long term” - yes, but how now in detail? For me, investment firms tend to count in the short to medium term, and the financing of a manufacturing car manufacturer with thousands of employees seems a size too big to me. Does anyone realize that development and production are more likely to cost billions of euros a year than millions of euros a year?

    The focus on the Chinese market bumps into me bitterly ... of course, big sales figures are to be expected, but the production at high prices in the high-wage country of Sweden, and then re-importing to China? That could be got cheaper ... or is that the long-term goal?

    And now Mahindra is being brought back on board as a cooperation partner. Wouldn't you have been able to sell to them right away? I have already expressed my suspicion regarding motivation several times in comments since yesterday and don't like to repeat myself…. but NEVS did not secure my trust, rather it made me more suspicious.

    SAAB has already seen people with great visions who then fail due to financial reality ...

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    Of course our situation is not so bad. We have an independent spare part supply and have not delivered any experiments of NEVS.
    In addition, we are finally rid of this unsympathetic US company called GM.

    • blank

      But she is bad! I have (still) no Saab and not then the used one to a priceless luxury good!
      So we can not all sit back.

  • blank

    Hi Tom,

    maybe they don't want our affection and our trust - maybe they have completely different plans (without SAAB fans). Maybe this whole theater is a large-scale fraud so that SAAB finally disappears from the scene!

    I'll fix it to the naming rights - if you continue here without a positive result (ie the Nmae SAAB-Automobile has disappeared), then I'm most likely correct with my assumption!

  • blank

    Well written and in a nutshell. Tom please keep up the good work and stay with the brand and the community!

  • blank

    I can not support these statements at all, especially as a driver of a pre-turbo Saab. Saab is much more than the turbo engine. All the brand values ​​that we value were also already present in the 2-Tactile and naturally aspirated Saabs. I am almost shocked by this naive fidelity to the turbo engine, Saab has no choice but to arouse enthusiasm with a complete restart in two, three years and innovative ideas. Stopping at a, in the seventies of the last century admittedly brilliant turbo engine idea, is not possible for a niche brand and would be madly backward-looking.

    • blank

      Absolutely d´accord - a new technology in a charismatic appearance also fits in my opinion with Saab. Just as Saab was once a pioneer in the turbo segment, Saab could now become a pioneer in the electrical sector. And against 4 wheel hub motors, even the most stunted aero looks old - in terms of propulsion, even if my 9-5 Aero doesn't like this statement diese
      Remains the range problem. Let's see what kind of solutions will be presented, then we'll see if it's really time to mope!

  • blank

    Thanks Tom!
    I will stick to the SAAB models with the Griff, as well as your!

    And I agree with your opinion! Whenever NEVS moves towards us, anyway, I'm open to their cause!

    After all, the final decision is not with NEVS, the Swedish government, but with us: SAAB driving and END USERS!

    Produces NEVS past us, then, yes, then we buy somewhere else and maintain until then our SAAB until it falls apart!

    Greetings to all veterans!


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