HOT RATES for SAAB 9-3 Accessories!

A Saab is a Saab, and only with original accessories from Nyköping it stays that way, or a Saab can get even better! At the German branch of Saab Parts AB in Eschborn, which has also been responsible for the Austrian market since June, things continue at full speed! Another attractive package has been put together for the summer months under the motto “HOT PRICES” - this time for the Saab 9-3.

Saab 9-3 Cabriolet Windbreaker
Saab 9-3 Cabriolet Windbreaker

The 9-3 is Trollhättan's most coveted representative of the iconic Trollhättan on our streets, and what could be more appropriate than making our Swedes even more attractive.

The sales prices for the entire range of 9-3 accessories have been reduced by up to 70% for the period of the promotion - there is no cheaper way to buy high-quality Saab original accessories. The highlights of the summer campaign range from alloy wheels up to 18 ″, sports suspension, sports rear mufflers, roof racks, bike racks or wind deflectors for the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet - everything your heart desires. Anyone who has always missed a cruise control, parking sensors or the usual Bluetooth connection for the cell phone in their Saab can now have various comfort details retrofitted at these "hot" conditions.

Saab 9-3 cruise control
Saab 9-3 cruise control

As I said, the list is extensive and includes everything from A - like the Aero sports steering wheel to Z - like the decorative edging for the fog lights in Turbo-X style, everything that can increase the attractiveness of a Saab. One thing is certain, I will drop by the Saab dealer I trust and buy one or two bargains for my 9-3.

Advice, sales and installation are available from all authorized Saab partners - of course only while stocks last. The campaign runs until August 31, and it runs not only in Germany but of course in Austria too. The Alpine republic is back in the Saab world. A visit to the Saab dealership is worth it - as always!


Pictures: Saab Parts AB


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  • The info because of Saab-Parts I have also been informed! Hirsch it is according to information, again and again actions. At present, the performance increase is tuned!


  • Hello proud Saab owners in Switzerland and Liechtenstein! Our Saab service partner network is still 'alive' as before and without restriction and every month there are 'strong' campaigns for Saab service partners in Switzerland, including accessories, but above all spare parts that are 'more often' needed. OT givers, ignition cartridges, turbo's etc. The website will soon be reactivated and actions will be communicated on it! In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the Saab service partners are very active and the ideal contact for Saab owners! Repair and service is fully guaranteed and of a high standard!
    Grifin Up Daniel Blaesi, Saab Parts Switzerland

  • There are!
    Super price for more power.

  • At Hirsch I'm at the 27.06.12 and I'll ask!

  • So, now deer should still ne action ^ ^

  • Have called at Saab Martin in Stockach! Goods were very friendly and have knowledge of the action! For Swiss: it is not far from the Swiss border!


  • Because of the list rumsenden: I do not know if that's legally clean, if you do that. I have my doubts about that.

    Therefore, I can only hope that Saab-DE reads here and takes appropriate steps. The action is once again an example, how not to do it! If the Saab clientele were not so designed, a shitstorm would have gone through the net, if you would like to use word of the current time! (

  • If you have a list, you can send it to Tom and he will download it. Good idea, right?

  • Hello, again me Many thanks to all who make themselves strong here for our car brand !!!!

  • Hello, drive since 4 weeks 93 convertible 2005. Would be interested in this list. Thanks for that. Here is my address:

  • hello together
    would be nice if someone could send me the list, my saab dealer is unfortunately 250km far away.

    Thank you

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