SAAB sale: Read between the lines

The press rolls over with comments on the sale of Saab Automobile AB. Some see bright prospects, especially in the Asian region, other commentators see the suffering go on. Few realize that the purchase seems preferable and hasty. Because construction sites are still open.

There is the question of the purchase price, which is unclear. Also, only a partial amount has been paid so far, the rest waits until a certain date. There are the questions of trademark rights that are still in negotiations. And there are the administrators who are very monosyllabic. Anne-Marie Pouteaux was in the interview very evasive and buttoned yesterday, in many things deliberately dare. Hans Bergqvist does not even go to the press.

We feel that the sale should be completed quickly and before the summer break. Important contracts expire on June 30th and the issue of the new owner's repurchase of the factory property was one of the topics. A name that we all know is appearing more and more often. Mahindra & Mahindra.

Yesterday there was a report on Dagens Industri, then an article on Saabsunited. The indices are tightening, that the participation of the Indians is imminent. Which would be logical. Because what does NEVS want with the Saab Complex in the Stallbacka? The anticipated low unit sales of electric cars will not be able to work at full capacity within a reasonable amount of time. There are the rights to the Saab 9-3, which the consortium has acquired, but only make sense if you build the turbo gasoline, diesel and BioPower range.

Sources say Scania's and Saab AB's use of branding with their new owners will depend on the entry of the Indian group. There may be something in it and the financial power and size of Mahindra would make the sale a round, meaningful package.

However. There are still only indications that have been confirmed by several sources, and unfortunately we need the "G ......" word again. Before we start writing about conspiracy theories and questioning the rule of law in some cases in Sweden, we should wait until we know the whole package. Because at best there is a package on our table - not a package.


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  • To write about circumstantial evidence here is probably a bit exaggerated - just because SU and DI publish something (wishful thinking?), The Indians are not yet at the door.

    On the other hand, it would make great sense for Mahindra to join in (or, as before, for another carmaker).

    The purchase of the entire plant is then a small indication that NEVS is planning something bigger here. But why doesn't Mahindra finally come out of cover? They would be welcomed with open arms by the entire SAAB community - so come on Mahindra, I would like to be able to buy a new convertible with conventional SAAB technology - in the color of your choice with a matching top (and the top can also have electric helpers again - Engine but please turbo)!

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    Since the big earthquake in Japan and the subsequent difficult supply of fuel (hours of waiting for twenty liters of gasoline at the gas stations), I am completely on hybrid tuned. Dear two energies under the hood. At that time I wished I had a hybrid Honda. The hybrids sell very well here.they are pretty fast too. but the longer saab waits with the production, the harder it will be to sell cars.BMW TOYOTA HONDA have long been represented on the market. Personally I like the Honda CRZ, but I still do mourn of a Convertible Aero.

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    That one needed help for the benzin7Diesel vehicles is comprehensible, too
    The plant with the production of electric cars would never be fully utilized so it would have to be for many years
    even gasoline / diesel vehicles are produced. But you are not back from GM licenses
    depending on if you produce the current vehicles 9 3 and 9 5 …… .and which engines? +

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    Mahindra & Mahindra on board would be 🙂 and blood pressure lowering!

    Thanks again to Blogger Tom for the always up-to-date coverage !!!


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    After the rollercoaster ride is before the rollercoaster ride ... If there is something in it, then the participants would be well advised in my view to communicate this as soon as possible. The now triggered echo leads to increased annoyance and avoidance.

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    Principle hope

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    We know that the sale was rushed! But are we really further now? I think there are more question marks than before!

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    Hi Tom,
    If you see the current result (including Saab Parts), you can only shake your head. If you look back at the entire work of the Swedish government and administrators since 2009 (Moud Olofsson, EIB, Antonov, Lofalk and the current insolvency administrators) then I come to the conclusion that this story could only happen in Sweden without outcry.

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    If we already read between the lines: It was the language that Toyota employees had visited the Saab plant with NEVS and were very surprised by the work. I interpreted it as a positive surprise. Do we see a Yaris hybrid racing off the line?
    But back to M&M. That would be a partner who wants something (long-term goals) and is certainly willing to invest and then benefit from it. At the moment, NEVS is more of a skirmish with its announced strategy. In 5-7 years it will certainly look different.

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      So if I want Toyota technology from eg A Yaris, then I buy a Toyota and not a Saab.
      When M&M joins as a partner and starts production again,
      Then that would certainly be advantageous.

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    Hommmm Hommm I continue to exercise patience ... I hope that it will help

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