SAAB Day: Supporters of the Saab Museum and evening reading

Something is happening in Trolhättan! The factory premises were purchased by NEVS from the Hemfosa consortium - as it was announced. This means that the new owners are in control of the site, and everything speaks for the seriousness of a long-term investment. Even if we are already on hold again, our situation has improved.

The location of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan will also improve. On Tuesday next week, the founding event of the supporters organization takes place in the museum. Reason enough to book a ticket and get on the plane to Gothenburg. For me two days in Sweden, for the readers two days without a blog!

Evening reading Part I:

Saab is in the press. Sometimes the foresight of the investors is praised, sometimes the business model is doubted. But the articles are only the momentary inventory, the new structure of the company is only just being formed. More details will be available in the course of the next week. "Auto-Motor-Sport" wrote a very special Saab story. After having only caustic comments for the brand from Trollhättan for years, they now accompanied the assembly of the last Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-3.

A good article for “auto-motor-sport” standards, and one wonders where the interest in Saab suddenly comes from. Do the editors notice that it would be boring without the small automakers? Always having to write test reports in the wasteland of large corporations can't be that fulfilling. Our evening reading, written by the Auto Motor Sport over the recent Saab.

Evening reading Part II:

Better written and much worth reading is the evening reading of blogger legend Steven Wade. I still miss his style that has been with us for years. He wrote an open letter to Kai Johan Jiang, the principal shareholder of NEVS. For Saab 2.0 it would be an asset to have him on board again in the future. But those are wishful thinking, and until then there will be a long way to go.

All readers and Saab drivers a nice weekend. Keep on saabing and take care!





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    A few days ago, it was clear from Bergqvist & Co.'s statements that VM was there to provide advice throughout the entire sales process.

    I think one can assume that from this direction, too, it was clearly advised to add another car company - nobody can really imagine VM and exclusively electric vehicles under NEVS.

    VM is also welcome to give a few hints - he knows that the SAAB community finally wants to know whether it will be possible to buy “real” SAAB automobiles in the future.

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    Hey Tom;

    we are on site. Weather is great !! Hotel room reserved !! Look forward to Tuesday !!

    LG Mark

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    Bring accession forms with 😉

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    Good trip, nice days in Sweden and only good news I wish you.
    And maybe a little more light will come into the future of Saab Automobile

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    Hi Tom,

    If you are still there on Wednesday at noon, we may see each other

    Greetings Martin

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    Nice Tom, I think that for 2 days in Sweden is the center of events, will be very very much neus first-hand experience. Why should we be tortured for 2 days?
    On the other hand, it could also be that in the face of very recent news, you can not wait 2 days to let us know. Good Trip

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    I find it amazing how much time you invest in this hobby. Especially after this article, I have again found out how valuable your work is, because I get the most important from you summarized and so interesting links can click. After all this nerve-wracking Marthaon of the past few months, with daily visits to your blog (and initially others), I just can not find time to read ALL of them (eg, friends of Saabsunited, etc.). Therefore, all the more: Thanks for your great work.
    I am excited which way it will continue. Also I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but as so often in other threads already written, are not really all the facts on the table, so that I can not yet form a final verdict. I keep on g ******. Greetings, Tobias (who lives back from the Alpine Republic close to his favorite Saab workshop)

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