SAAB News: Now it's getting serious for the e-power project

Today it's about the Saab Parts AB, the e-power project and the almost 1000 Saabs in American ports. Let's start with the e-power project.

“Now it is getting serious”… at least that is the opinion of Tore Helmersson, CEO of the Innovatums in Trollhättan. It is no coincidence that NEVS chose Saab City as its location. Hybrid development began 10 years ago with “Gröna Bilen” in Trollhättan. The first project, a hybrid combined with a diesel engine, was developed during GM times and funded by the government. The Saab e-Power project, based on the Saab 9-3, is one of the results from that time.

Tore Helmersson is an avowed e-car fan. The Innovatum and Engineering Cluster in Trollhättan are not yet working with NEVS, but have advised and assisted the administrators in their choice of investors. The key technology of battery development takes place in Asia. Helmersson is ready for cooperation and sees a lot of exciting input on Innovatum.

Meanwhile, National Electric Vehicle Sweden starts looking for employees. There are still no specific vacancies, but you can already apply for a job in Trollhättan.

NEVS will work with Saab Parts AB. No really new news, the sparrows already whistled it from the Swedish roofs. The investor will buy services of specialists from Nyköping.

Lennart Stahl, CEO of Parts AB, spoke again to the press. Owned by Parts AB and its administrators, 10-15.000 tools are needed to rebuild spare parts. These include tools for the Saab 9-5 sportswear that never went into production. Few of these tools have passed into the hands of NEVS. At the moment, Parts AB has leased the press shop for reproduction, and 50 After Sales specialists work in rented offices at the north gate. A move from the factory premises to more modern offices in the city is about to take place soon.

The logistics and spare parts specialist from Nyköping should quickly become state-owned. This process is expected very soon as it is assumed that the administrators want to end the process in a timely manner.

Finally, a look in the US, which interests some readers.

The uncertainty will soon end for the almost 1.000 new Saab in American ports. Ally Financial, known here as GMAC Bank, begins auctioning the vehicles. reports. The pictures on do not tell the whole truth, which is good. A large number of vehicles are not on the outside site, but were and are housed in halls. So we were not exposed to wind and weather and salty sea air in the harsh winter, as was to be feared and as is assumed on the basis of third-party information on other sites. Exclusive pictures from the halls are in our possession, but may not be published.

Saab 9-4x and Saab 9-5 fans may now have the very last chance to buy a new Sweden. We stay tuned !


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  • Hallo,

    As I read, I always notice how many have the same ideas or thoughts to saab.
    That's why I just like to say I do not like Button.
    I've already dropped out a few times while blogging because the comment is “double”.


  • There are opportunities in e-mobile development, which is better than continuing with 9-5 and others.
    Developing a diesel hybrid and real electric vehicles based on 9-3 has a future.

  • The current lists are not out yet. But as far as I know, there are also new 9-3 convertibles stored in the halls.

  • E-Power is certainly a good way and also the future. I'm looking forward to a cool high-tech SAAB from Sweden. On our car port comes in the summer a solar system and my next SAAB then drives into the future with green energy.

  • In Sweden, one speaks of economic clusters, such as the Automotive Cluster. Innovatum supports and accompanies start-ups and start-ups into self-employment. An engineering cluster, on the other hand, does not exist. The automotive cluster certainly has a concentration in Trollhättan and Gothenburg, but is also represented in other places.

  • Is there then 9-3 convertibles for D? Does any dealer import US SAABs?

  • There is no word from Saab on the NEVS homepage? Can’t, can I? What will become of the forced cooperation with Mahindra in diesel, turbo, hybrid areas that have already been announced? So many questions to which a satisfactory answer would be gladly received. Many have already written that pure e-power would never be enough to fully utilize the plant. NEVS could have built a booth somewhere with the reindeer. What do they need the production lines and all the technological equipment for? Selling back to China like the old 9-5I?

  • Hello Claudius, I see your dream is not yet filed. Can I understand, because the 9-4x is a great car. I try to find an answer to your questions in the next few days.

    Tom Office Series

  • Hello Tom, Once again exciting to read and there comes my old desire for a 9-4er again. If only there would not ask the always open question about the spare parts! Is that somehow explorable?


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