Driving pleasure of the other kind: HAZ buggy

Torsten Klippel is an avowed Saab fan. He has a wonderful black Saab 900 Turbo and more than a Saab 006. He and his family have a big heart for the needs of other people. One year ago, he brought a HAZ buggy, which was originally registered in Sweden, into his fleet. Was built and sold the open fun motorhome, the first German buggy with TÜV inspection, during the 60er years in Hamburg at the car dealership R. Kühn KG.

Torsten would like to share the driving pleasure that the open-top HAZ built in 1967 conveys with other car enthusiasts and thus also do something good. His project "Buggy for Africa" ​​raised € 3000,00 for the last year Christian Blind Mission.

And this is how the action works:

Buggy enthusiasts can borrow the joker for 60,00 € per day. The full amount goes directly to the blind mission benefit. For example, people in Africa can be saved from their eyesight. From January to April 2012 alone 200.000 operations could be carried out.

A donation of 60 € can give us a lot of driving fun. For patients, two operations are possible. A great commitment, which we like to support.

The HAZ Buggy is available for hire at Nikolai Optik in Kriftel. Saab drivers are particularly welcome, as Kriftel also lives our brand daily. In addition to driving pleasure in the open buggy are also good Saab talks among fans guaranteed!

Contact Person:

Torsten Klippel

Nikolai optics
Taunusstraße 52
65830 Kriftel

Telephone: 06192 - 444 00

Mail: info@nikolai-optik.de

Mehr Informationen: Flyer "Buggy for Africa"

Text: tom@saabblog.net

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  • Hello Tom !
    Thank you for your report.
    Maybe we can this year the donation result of last year yet
    The weather is already getting better.
    Have fun in Sweden and keep your ears stiff.

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