Rearview mirror: Quieter is better ...

The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror
The look back: Bloggers rearview mirror

No breaking news around our carmaker today. Saab is not in the news. Good thing, because calmer is better. After raging the emotions in the last few days, it's time to sit back and look at the situation. Saab Automobile has a new owner. Saab is no longer an insolvent carmaker. An investor group looks after the company and starts hiring employees.

The factory in Trollhättan is bought back, and Saab is again the master on the factory premises. Of course, many questions remained open. The answers will come. Sometime. The schedule can not be estimated. The constellation around Saab is just beginning to emerge, and what we hear from Sweden is positive.

Saab is on the way to the future. The sale to NEVS has, with good reason, caused no cheers. NEVS is only half the story, the rest is still waiting for us. The administrators had to complete the sale before the summer. On the one hand there were leaks in the firewall, so that the confidentiality of some negotiations was no longer possible. In parallel, public pressure grew, built by the media.

In addition came the running costs of the procedure, the costs for the maintenance of the production plants, personnel and much more. The money was scarce. Now, once a phase of rest is announced. In a few days, the Swedes will be celebrating Midsommar, one of the most important festivals of the year. Then the season starts, you leave the country to the south or retire to his house on the lake or on the archipelago. Life slows down in the next few weeks, the press then struggles with the summer hole.

Now is the time for us to go down a gear and write more about cars. Saab is saved for the public. If you do not visit the relevant blogs and forums every day, Saab is out of the headlines. Maybe these people know something about electric cars coming from Sweden soon. But not more.

Saab Turbo X in the car wash
Saab Turbo X in the car wash

Today at the car wash were a Jaguar, an Opel and a Saab. The new Jaguar was of no interest, the Opel anyway. The Opel driver came first, crept around the Turbo X, and then started a conversation. Then the Jaguar owner. "Saab builds great cars ... I've always liked ... and it continues in Sweden ..." Those were the topics at the car wash.

Saab enjoys great sympathy all over the world. Saab is the little one fighting for his survival. Saab is out of bankruptcy. We do not have to hear any more sayings on this subject. Our spare parts supply is safe, in Eschborn a great team works for us. Saab is back on the path towards normalcy. That's the message we should also communicate. And it goes on in Trollhättan. Surprises (almost) guaranteed.

Time to enjoy the peace. Time for our Swedish cars. Quieter is sometimes better ...


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  • I can not accept that, even if I have not been there so long!

  • I avoid them since the right side mirror has become somewhat fragile (twice glued cap), and I had to open the window in a Mitfahrwaschanlage to fold back the unfolded by the brushes mirror again. Since then, I bring him once a year to the vehicle cleaner for a comprehensive care, and in between, I wash myself.

  • Dear Julie,

    The name of the city Trollhättan comes from this - from the conical stones (like pointed hats) in the Göta River, under which, according to legend, trolls live.

    Fortunately, there are no trolls here in the comments section.


  • Dear Saab Companions,

    for me it is (and was) not about ams & co, which I don't read and even less appreciate. I still form my own opinion of or about an automobile and do not allow myself to be influenced by any kind of “reporting”. I by no means deny that there are people in every society who are easily influenced. I was concerned with the language chosen by Joachim, which implies something else. And I can't leave it like that.

    Best Regards
    Studer (who almost bought a 9-5 AeroKombi)

  • So my Saab's were all black, the main thing was black.
    I also believe that min. 80% of the Saab's that are produced are black.
    Therefore, I can hardly imagine that no Saab was available in black at the time.
    With red it gets really difficult, I think I haven't seen 10 red Saab's in the last 15 years.

    But I don't think that the color was decisive, it was the lack of an SUV.

    Too bad that the 9-4X which also developed as Cadillac SRX mainly in Trollhättan, unfortunately never or too late came.

    With this car, Saab would certainly have been able to retrieve hundreds of ex-Saab drivers, who are now driving another SUV.

  • Did you mean huts or are they actually sitting under the hats of the participants ??

  • NEVS dreams and plans electric cars, but does not approach the loyal Saab community. Electric drive well and good, but today hardly a full Ersatr for conventional drives. That's why I do not have the Saab Spirit with the investor. I'm not optimistic at the moment.

  • If everyone who liked my car and who then said, “Actually, I've always wanted a SAAB,” had really bought one, then SAAB would be much better off now.

    But well - you don't buy a car like you buy new underwear or a computer. In this respect, I am not blaming anyone.

    Have a good flight, Tom ... and watch out for the trolls when they crawl out from under the hats.

  • Hello Studer,

    There is really something to the claim that most of our compatriots, let's say “are easy to steer” - and not just in the automotive sector. Perhaps there are also contemporaries who even like to have everything chewed in advance (for example through AMS) - it is really practical when you are told which vehicles are “objectively” the best and which brands are therefore actually only bought should.

    With good marketing, the new owners under Chinese leadership could already regain some of the lost ground. With this step, consumers would at least have the opportunity to get to know new SAAB products themselves via the press or TV - because, as is well known, not much has happened here under GM for at least 10 years.

    Can only get better - the prerequisite is of course that very good products continue to come from Trollhättan. The fog has not yet lifted completely!

  • Yes dear friends, calm has come, but I would very much like to know some essential facts
    - is now called Saab - "Saab" or is Saab - "Nevs"
    or are the trademark rights clarified,

    - Mahindra climbs into the This, Turbo, Gasoline, Hybrid

    -someone spoke of care and maintenance of
    Production lines, for what, for e-power in years
    2014? or soon something else is going on about the tapes

    - Does anyone have any information about it, I would be happy
    to learn something. I would like one too
    Drive hybrid Saab

    - there are many open questions, I know the answers
    come sometime, but maybe it is still
    a hole in the firewall, or several ...... ..

  • Dear Studer,
    even if you certainly shouldn't consider all non-Saab drivers to be petty the problem with ams & co. an important piece in the puzzle. The German brands sent specially prepared vehicles to the tests until the 90s and always maintained close ties with the editorial offices. From then on I can no longer judge: at that time I was practically urged to test drive a 900, contrary to what I had read. Well, and that's when I realized how little these tests have to do with what I expect from a car. Well, then I first looked for a real 901 and never bought ams & co. And for the last 2 weeks I've even felt comfortable in a 9-3 TTID Aero Combi - even if I never thought it was possible.
    Saab definitely had 2 huge problems - we cast-iron (please use Saab favorite models) drivers and communication with potential customers, which meant that far too few could be persuaded to take a test drive.

  • Unfortunately, I've almost always only had to look at the front page (AMS) to guess the ranking in a test report ...

  • Maybe we really need a little time to reflect that. Goodbye insolvency and it goes on. That's right with the not yet arrived. But for that we have Tom without whom it really does not work anymore!

  • my answer is to Frank Christ (3: 30) has landed in the wrong place.

  • One answer could be that the Saabs were sold too cheaply. The effects were not only apparent in the lack of sales, but also in profit, more correctly in loss.

  • Until about 10 years ago I drove 2 Volvo and 5 Saab. When I wanted to buy a new Saab in time for the holiday, which was about 4 weeks before the planned vacation beginning, Saab was not able to deliver a car in the color black or red. I then switched to TOYOTA (SUV) or now to SUZUKI, also SUV.
    Now I'm waiting for another SAAB, probably 93, but with no parts from GM to buy. An electric car is out of the question for me, this is technical nonsense and wg. to reject the too low capacity of the batteries.



  • Since a roof scraper in the predecessor of my 93 I have been avoiding such systems - and that was expensive and supposedly good back then ... Logically, they also rejected any responsibility for the several centimeters of scratches that went diagonally across the roof ...; (

  • If I am to draw the conclusion from the number of non-Saab registrations in Germany that everyone is not suitable or able to form their own opinion by buying another product and therefore cannot act accordingly, please excuse me, Arrogance comes before the case :-(. I only accept the attribute of the “small group”, which the Saab community quite aptly describes.

  • Caught! Otherwise always textile laundry - but when it has to be done quickly ...

  • Hello Frank,

    It is easy to impose something on most Germans - AMS, BMW advertising and very general subjective press reports (these are just a few examples) have contributed to this in the past.

    We belong to the small group that likes to form its own opinion and then act accordingly - unfortunately a “scarce commodity”, especially in Germany!

    Many greetings from the Hanseatic City of Hamburg with comparatively frequent “SAAB sightings”

  • You wash your car in a car wash? No, hand wash, nothing else!

  • I wish good flight in this case

  • As a SAAB driver, you almost always get a positive response. I only ask myself then how did it manage to sell so few cars?

  • The time in the north is yet to come. Fly in the direction of Gothenburg tomorrow ... 😉

  • Yes, many people do not know that, Saab builds great cars

    I hope you had a good time in the far north, could visit your contacts and get new insides, this hopefully, as always, when the time is right

    I hope so for a good solution for SAAB the name and the good engines, not just elecro 😉

    Greetings from hot Switzerland


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