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Do we still remember the fear and hope of last year? The Saab Museum, home of the unique historical Saab collection, was in serious danger. The Kronofogden confiscated the collection, which was probably the absolute low point, and left his deposit seal on the vehicles. The collection has now been saved.

Ur Saab Saab Museum
Ur Saab Saab Museum

On the one hand through the tireless commitment of some fans, but also through the commitment of the Wallenberg family, which was very active in the background. To put the museum on a stable footing for the future is our challenge!

Although the Saab collection is certainly under the sponsorship of the municipality and the Västragötland region. But there is a lack of financial resources. Much of the museum work is done by volunteers who work in the magazine and workshop. Care and maintenance of the Saab Oldtimer is dependent on voluntary commitment, every restoration is a balancing act.

It is without question the best hands that take care of the cars. Because Saab veterans now often look after the car they have helped to develop. For example, the Saab 9000 from the Prometheus project, steered with a joystick, is maintained by its software developer.

Our commitment is needed to put the future on a sustainable footing. For historical vehicles should not only be in the museum. They have to go out on the street and show presence for the brand. All this costs a lot of money for maintenance and care. Tonight, the supporters association for the museum is founded in Trollhättan. That's why this morning we take the plane from Frankfurt to Gothenburg, where friend Mark picks me up with his family.

Then off to Trollhättan, where Götz from Hamburg is already on site. So a small delegation from our country is present, and we also show the Swedes how important the brand is for us in Germany!

Information, how to go on and of course to the membership in the Friends, follow with my return. While Mark and I are in Sweden, the blog goes on.

For the first time, the readers have the floor. Max tells in an article about an E85 conversion carried out on his Saab 9-5. And Matthias Meise from 1. German Saab Club reports on the annual general meeting.


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  • I am glad that we Germans also do our part!

    Ever wanted to visit the SAAB Museum ever, unfortunately never worked so far.

    Kudos to this site at this point!

    Greetings from Celle / Lower Saxony


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    Chapeau Tom,

    come back, see you soon ...


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