State takes over Saab Parts AB

The Swedish state takes over Saab Parts AB in Nyköping. The Saab Automobile AB former subsidiary responsible for spare parts will be taken over by the state until the end of the summer.

This has just been announced by the National Debt Administration in a press release. Thus, the ownership is clear, the supply of spare parts is secured in the long term. More details will follow.


8 thoughts on "State takes over Saab Parts AB"

  • Joachim is absolutely right. One might think the liquidators are adjutants to this certain American company from Detroit. There have certainly been better solutions in the past 6 months than just this nerve. The trademark rights are as good as they are. I do not want a moving washing machine on the Saab. That would be just like when a VW Golf would suddenly be called Panasonic Viera. Anyway, they have now made the Saab Automobile past. For some days now in my garage is an 5er BMW station wagon, which admittedly gives me a lot of fun and enjoyment. I will keep my Saab in honor, but only for Sunday and nice weather. The BMW is now responsible for everyday life.

  • Better the state than a grasshopper!

  • Just got back from Sweden. It's a tragedy. Even most of the dealers in Sweden don't really know what's going on! In the meantime, the former SAAB dealers in southern Sweden have already invested again (many in KIA Chevi!) And only shrug their shoulders and make SAAB a subsidiary brand. If a new car is really supposed to come around 2014, not much is possible. The SAAB fan is close, but the world keeps turning. I have a whole fleet standing by - spare parts no matter where they are from - then it goes on with other cars. This sale is now just a tragedy and even in the Swedish newspaper the sale was half a page for a day! important. That says it all! Nice WOE from the north - let's take care of our good old and still young SAABs!

  • Bergqvist & Co. now have 6 months !!! Had time. According to their statements, there were at times over 10 bidders in the running. As a result, as it seems more and more, there was a dubious consortium in which the issue of trademark rights has not even been clarified!

    Why are these lawyers actually paid and not finally shot to the moon?

    Why is Youngman Lotus so quiet after this fiasco?

    Question after question - but no answers.

    Dear Swede, when are you finally waking up?

  • I can only agree with you that the state is a reliable partner in this case.

  • I look more positive now. State ownership is also a stable spare parts supply and stable finances. Besides, the state will probably only do this for the time being.

  • Exactly, it could hardly have been much worse.

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