Blogger back from Trollhättan

Mark and I are back from Saab City. Mark with family and Saab 9-3 from the Sweden vacation, I from a short trip via Landvetter - Frankfurt. Sometimes it is good to be on site and to collect impressions in personal conversations. Because in reality many things are not quite as written in the press. We have current information about the Saab Museum, where the situation has developed very positively since our last visit.

We gathered impressions all around the plant, where the Saab flags are flying again and the parking spaces are a bit fuller than during the last visit. Then there are the facts about the Saab brand, where everything seems open. And another surprise story - we reveal a secret in Trollhättan. However, these articles have to be written and before the time comes, real life calls. My desk bends under the load of the last 48 hours and so patience is required again.

Therefore we let Jonas Fröberg from Svenska Dagbladet have a say. Today he writes about Saab and the sale to NEVS. He has, as he says, a "bad feeling about it". The contracts are not yet final, the financing is shaky and NEVS has not yet received the trademark rights. Saab AB has already announced that it will clarify this question before the court if necessary. We now know Saab AB's attitude to the topic of automobile construction first hand and also assessments of the NEVS history. Everything Fröberg writes is correct, but needs an explanation that could be a little longer.

This comes as soon as the desk is finished ...


4 thoughts on "Blogger back from Trollhättan"

  • So it goes on.
    Let's hope that this, as it seems, bad deal is reversed, or that something better comes out of it.
    At least the 3700 SAAB workers and engineers deserve that.

  • As it was said in a blog shortly after the sale: “SAAB sale: read between the lines”!
    As a trained Ossi you are actually familiar with this, but in this case you could read just about everything between the end-time mood and a happy ending. Depending on how you interpret it. So on to the next round!

  • So it all goes into a next round and
    really in a bag and sack it is still not? ; (

  • Hi Tom

    Welcome back 😉 The G word well, let's just wait a while ...



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