SAAB News: Who owns the rights to the Saab 9-3?

In Sweden nothing seems to be in the towel, and much is still open. This is our knowledge of the last days and with this we are not alone. Still not over the discussion seems, who may build the Saab 9-3. Although, according to the NEVS press release, the rights for the current 9-3 have been sold to the consortium.

Saab 9-3 sportswear
Saab 9-3 sportswear

But the contracts are only preliminary and we don't know the final version. BAIC is now in the press again. According to an article in the Shanghai Securities Daily, the Chinese manufacturer believes that it has the sole rights. According to board member Xu Heyi, the legal situation is as follows: According to the contract, BAIC has the sole rights to the Saab 9-5 of the first series and to the Saab 9-3 before the facelift 2006. The rights to the current Saab 9-3 are the same Share at Saab and BAIC. According to Xu Heyi, the contracts are.

The possibility of transferring these rights to a third party was only possible in a common agreement. No sale would be possible without a joint decision. The administrators could not sell rights. "Saab has nothing but its name and logo ..." Xu Heyi told the press. And as we know, not even that. The discussion about the allocation of trademark rights is still ongoing.

This brings some clarity in the contract design, about the little was known and provided the reason for speculation. The question then is who 2009 negotiated these contracts for Saab. At least, we get an idea of ​​the difficulties that administrators and potential buyers have to overcome, and we get a sense of why the process takes so long. That the rebuilding of the current 9-3 for the continuation of the brand, even if only as a bridge model, plays a role, confirmed.

The new BAIC C70, based on the Saab 9-5, and the BAIC C60, which is based on the 9-3, are approaching production maturity. For BAIC, the C70 is a prestigious project, with which the manufacturer from the capital wants to score points against European limousines in the upper market segment. An SUV on Saab basis is also in planning.

A Swedish friend with whom I spoke about the problem today sees the situation as relaxed. “Stay cool, he says…” A Saab buyer who starts production again in Trollhättan will not be impressed by BAIC. Because the reservations are only really relevant if you want to export vehicles to China. This cannot be assumed, because it would be more important to revitalize the traditional Saab markets in Europe and North America in the first step. If the homework is done, which will take some time, then the next Saab generation can venture into China, he estimates.

So much noise for nothing? In any case, another complication to continue the brand and even more work for the administrators.


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    Something is wrong there. To be honest, I am amazed that BMW is still pretty much alone. The alliance with PSA has just vanished into thin air as GM is now PSA's strong partner. BMW has repeatedly denied it, but has researched its engines, which are supposed to have disappeared. Camouflage? Do you want to gain time so that the competition doesn't screw everything up at the last minute? Or is it the Indians' turn with the same approach? I think BMW is smart, they don't burn any money or miss opportunities ...

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      BMW has burned money in the past in such an adventure (Rover).

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        SAAB has nothing to compare with Rover's company and product.
        Behind the scenes, BMW has certainly benefited from the RoverGaudi.
        Cream heaps such as MINI and four-wheel drive / SUV experience were quite a welcome dowry.
        As Philmos writes; BMW doesn't burn anything - and don't let them burn either.

        But - look!

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          Complementation: Did not a mysterious group in the SAAB plant creep around recently and is this so strangely interested company not the newest partner of our friends in the Riesenfeldstraße?
          Delivery of hybrid know-how and technology for electric vehicles included.

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            Well that's it. Tomorrow there should be more “news” from NEVS.

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      The Tesla Model S is also a beautiful car, but the development began even before 3 or 4 years. Tesla also has experience in electric vehicle construction, thanks to the Roadster.

      And now we compare Saab: An e-power concept that was presented to the press before 1 1 / 2 years ago and currently only in the 9-3 Combi was tested. A company with no licenses for 9-5 or 9-3 in China.

      And because of companies like Tesla, Saab needs a concept with gasoline, diesel, bioethanol and e-power. For the ailing brand man must now make everything possible!
      And for that Saab would only need one engine block: the “Ur-Saab 2.0 16V block”. You can ...
      ... offer without turbo (i.e. approx. 180PS)
      ... with soft turbo (approx. 200PS)
      ... with full turbo (approx. 220PS), this optionally with bio-ethanol
      and as bi-turbo (about 250PS)

      So you have “4” petrol and a bio-ethanol. Then you buy the diesels from someone (e.g. as with the 1.9 TiD or 2.0TTiD). And published the E-Power drive in January 2013.
      TADA! We have a product range of very few things. It is not the easiest way, as licenses, rights and lawyers are allowed to vote. But it would be something to survive for the next 2-3 years, until just the 9-3 III comes on the market.

      So much for pessimism!

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    I talked to my Saab dealer on Friday and he put together an interesting theory:

    The sale of Saab is still ongoing. NEVS is just a sham construct, which the administrators use as an instrument to adhere to schedules and to gain time. My dealer is expecting a total WOW moment at the end of August, when we will learn that NEVS has no plans, approvals, rights,…. has and now M&M will come to the train. There are also a few facts for this theory:
    1. Saab AB and Scania will never give the brand to a Chinese / Japanese construct that only wants to produce, not develop or design in Sweden.
    2. The brand name is also not given for pure e-cars
    3. No one from Saab Automobile or NEVS has yet asked even one car dealer if he wants to sell e-cars
    4. The NEVS concept is like a Swiss cheese: has big gaps and stinks to the sky!
    5. Saab Parts AB does not belong to NEVS, despite the overall sales campaign of the administrators
    6. What is this cooperation agreement between NEVS and M&M about?

    In the first two points, I had to agree with my dealer. And I also think that the Saab brand is not strong enough to produce cars by the end of 2013 and then only electric cars. to establish.
    At 3. I wonder how NEVS wants to sell cars, if not even the dealers know something. I also believe that very few dealers can only live on e-cars. How should this endure the Saab brand? First the petrol engines and then their dealers die!
    So NEVS will probably sell its cars, especially in China. But BIAC lurks there and makes their life difficult.
    Why produce a car in Sweden for China? Where are the wage, production and ancillary costs much lower in China are much lower?
    In Swedish production, the cars are then taxed there with 300% luxury tax and thus unpopular, especially since they are e-cars too. With spare parts from the expensive Saab Parts AB warehouse where every Chinese customer will be a regular.

    In summary: China is not working and it does not work in Europe!

    Well, there is something wrong. I can not help but the administrators could not have had such a mess of plan as the best one perceived ?!

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    NEVS will not be the final solution, but it is increasingly condensing. In addition, you should really save the sales network here in Europe, if there is something to save as slow as everything goes. Incidentally, the forecasts for electric cars in the last week here in D were publicly dismissed as too optimistic.

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    For NEVS the Chinese market was THE focus market. Europe and North America would be classic Saabs. But that does not fit with the presented NEVS concept. That would be more of a strategy from M&M or YM.

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