SAAB News: Chance for the last 900 Saab from the USA

An ultimate opportunity for Saab fans is in the US. About 900 brand new Saabs are in ports, and this week the first auctions are starting. Some of the models come from the historic Saab collection, with a sonnet and a particularly rare one Quantum Saab should also be on the list. Mainly but new cars come to the call.

The auction is carried out by the GM subsidiary Ally Financial, known in Germany as GMAC Bank. The vehicles have been in the United States for a good year. The largest part was stored in closed halls and was therefore not exposed to the salt air and the weather.

Germans, who were on site and in the halls some time ago, consider the condition of the vehicles to be good. There will be Saab 9-4x, some Saab 9-3, including convertibles, in the majority but Saab 9-5 limousines with US specification for auction. Most models are very well equipped, as is common in the US market.

Presumably, we are experiencing the last chance to come to a new Saab again. At least in the foreseeable future.

A dealer in Germany will import vehicles, and anyone seriously considering buying one of the last Saabs in his garage should take action. We are happy to make contact. A Mail to the Blogteam, please with telephone number for inquiries, is sufficient! We are happy to forward the request to the dealer.


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  • Exactly, the Gro0 part are the company cars, but only a handful of 9-4x are left behind. Parts is not really such a big topic. All mechanical parts are available from 9-5II or SRX. Body parts are available through American GM dealers!

  • Thanks for the information! On the accessible list are indeed some 9-4 on it, but probably these are the used (company cars?). If the spare part problem would not be (-:

  • There is a not quite correct list on and then there are correct lists
    but they are not public.

  • Is there a list of vehicles? Or where did the info come from?

  • The stock are predominantly 9-3 2.0T notchback models. And there are no diesel in the USA.

  • There are only 5 new 9-4x in the entire package. The rest of the 9-4x are all company cars that have raced quite a few miles.

  • From me without Turbo as 2,1-16V. I buy immediately!

  • 900 Saab 900, that would be a surprise in a positive sense, whether convertible or coupe. Of course, only with turbo!
    Dreams are allowed!
    Nice week!

  • Dear Torsten, We would all like to have an 900, but that will probably not work out. On a Saab 9-3 Cabriolet the odds are better. Write an email to Tom or Mark, then they can contact you.

  • Hello, I would like to see 9-cabriolet aero
    Or was 900.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Torsten Fritz

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