SAAB Talk: National Saab Website Online!

For a short time only the international website of Saab Parts AB was available at and The pages have been heavily revised in Sweden and adapted to the current situation. The national version has been online since Friday, the dealer search works and on current campaigns such as the “Hot prices”Action is advised.

Saab action Hot prices

On Monday, the site moved to Austria. The markets in Germany and the Alpine republic are the first pages in the national language after Sweden and England. This again shows the esteem enjoyed by the German market in Sweden. We are once again at the forefront! All other states are gradually getting adapted Internet presences.

The conversion of has inadvertently made an archive page. The former Saab product range of Saab Automobile AB, consisting of Saab 9-3 Griffin, Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-4x can no longer be found on the manufacturer's website. This was not how we imagined it when the pages were built 18 months ago! The end of an era ... we will keep the pages online until further notice!

No crisis or change is so bad that there is nothing good about it either. In the past, updating the website was only possible via Sweden. As usual in the automotive industry, the proposals took a time-consuming route via Trollhättan and intermediary agencies to eventually receive an update.

Now the structures are leaner and competences have been brought back to Germany. Changes can be made directly in the future by the branch in Eschborn. National promotions, Saab news and information of interest to the German market will be available on in the future. More flexibility that will pay off, especially if the brand is restarted.

Saab Parts AB's “hot prices” campaign for Germany and Austria is going well, as reported by a Saab partner. The price reduction of up to 70% is drastic, some parts are already sold out due to the high demand or are becoming scarce. I have already ordered some accessories for the family, such as smart slot inserts and other nice little things, and so has Mark - for his new Saab project. But Mark should tell more details when the time comes.

If you are looking for original accessories for your Saab 9-3 from the fan community, you should not wait too long to order.





9 thoughts on "SAAB Talk: National Saab Website Online!"

  • The forwarding to the respective home page of the dealer does not work for any dealer.

    Unfortunately, this internet presence has completely failed!

  • I am extremely pleased with the great passion in Germany for this car brand from southern Sweden, which has been used by Mr. Tom Knecht for over 2 years. This is exceptional at this time and deserves great respect.
    Mainly because other good car companies in Germany are also fighting for the automotive market worldwide ...
    Many greetings from Switzerland.

  • @@ Joachim
    Have you ever written a friendly mail to the operator and informed him?
    A website is not just a simple “Word document” ... minor mistakes can happen. 😉

    I just looked at the site (in the hope of finding accessory lists for older 9-5).
    Unfortunately, the site is yes (still?) Quite clear.
    Maybe / hopefully at least some time accessory PDFs will be offered for download.

  • The forwarding to the homepage (Fa. SAAB service Zielke, Lübeck) does not work by the way.

    Which “experts” have put this new SAAB website online - that can't be true!

    • Traders were asked to review and update their data before revising.

    • That's still the Segeberger number. Zielke has not been around for ages.

  • A “test” of the so-called dealer search has just shown that a wrong phone number is given on the new current website at SAAB-Zielke in Lübeck (hopefully this does not occur frequently) - at Zielke there is “no connection under this number ”????

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