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It's been like that for months. Again and again we get emails from Saab drivers who would like to offer their used Saab here. So far, except for one case involving a complete collection, I have refused to make the blog a marketplace.

Used Saabs at Saab partner

Selling a used Saab can be difficult at times. A Saab sells best within the community, which is undisputed. The Swedes don't stand long with committed Saab partners, and in the Saab-strong areas in the north, a Saab sells better than here in the south.

For dealers with foreign brands, on the other hand, many good Saab wheels are the corners, and at or some attractive offers for unexplainable reasons seem unsellable. Saab classics and quite young Saabs with low mileage are wanted. In between, it looks less good, there is currently helplessness.

Our question for readers is the following: Should we set up a marketplace to offer Saab drivers an opportunity to sell? Should this service also be available for dealers? Or should the blog remain a blog? A news source and not more?

Our advertisers donate for one good cause. All income generated by the blog goes to the University Clinic Erlangen, where it supports the work of Ward 43. Mark and I blog for free. The budget for the server, the flight and fuel costs for the reports come from our pockets. We could possibly imagine that we publish advertisements for used Saab, but against a small donation that goes to our charity partner. How do our readers see it?

We ask for opinions! Advertisements on the blog or rather with the well-known online portals? Multiple answers are possible because it is also about the question of whether commercial providers are allowed to advertise.

Should used Saab be offered on

  • Yes, a good idea! (44% 224 Votes)
  • Traders and individuals should be able to advertise! (24% 122 Votes)
  • But only for private individuals! (17% 85 Votes)
  • No, there are other portals for that! (16% 82 Votes)

Total Voters: 394

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19 thoughts on "SAAB Survey: Used Saab on"

  • So with the two Saabforen there are in my opinion enough opportunities to advertise his cars and to sell parts or search.

  • Dear SeSi i think forum-auto or saabcars are more for the Antikfraktion among the SAABISTS the starting point. For the current vehicles rather not and if I would buy a car in the bay, that's probably more last exit.
    However, I now see more and more dealer listings with only for export to our brand. Any help also and especially through the blog can only be good. Because we are becoming less and less 🙁

  • PS
    In my opinion, there are already sufficient platforms for used Saabs and corresponding parts (eBucht, saabcars, - and only to mention the non-commercial ones).
    But the thought with the built-in donations is praiseworthy. It remains to be seen to what extent the advertisers would be prepared to be forced to make a donation. I suspect that this can only happen on a voluntary basis.
    But that would be good for the reputation of our favorite brand.

  • Moin all the Saabists out there!

    Since my father has been working on Saabs for over 30 years, I grew up with our favorite brand.
    When, a few years ago, after finishing my studies, I was faced with the question of which car should end the cool “I ride my bike everywhere” phase of my life in order to go to work that is far away - otherwise I would continue cycling come, Saab was clearly an option. Because I know them, appreciate all the well-known advantages and also know how to deal with the quirks and spare parts and even major repairs are only a visit to my “old” man.
    BUT I also toyed with cars of other quality manufacturers. WHY? Well, because I find the parking in the city extremely annoying. As would be a car in the Golf format (do not worry, VW is not in front of the house) a lot more practical.
    Besides all of you out there, I have also given a lot of thought to which car Saab could score again with and just like the support group on “Facetube” (quote from James May from TopGear), I would find it promising if Saab had the chance of the "new beginning" could use to create a small car.
    I am well aware that new developments devour a lot of money, but nowadays, much is bought.
    TopGear Australia once “introduced” a car that was built to meet the needs of the internet community.

    Hence my idea / wish:
    How about if a section would be opened on this fantastic site (@Tom: Hats off! Bravissimo!): “Saab, build such a car and we'll buy it” ?!
    With voting options regarding.
    - body shape
    - doors
    - seats
    - Motorization
    - fuel (petrol, diesel, i or turbo, LPG, bioethanol, electro, ...)
    - MUST-HAVE Saab properties (safety, draft, green instrument lighting, attention to detail, ...)
    - ...

    Basically what the group on Face ... has already tried, but in my opinion they get lost in design gimmicks and most of the Saabists probably don't even have a FaceXXX account.

    With your contacts, Tom, such a “fan Saab” might find favor with new owners, so that I - as one of many (pars pro toto) - don't have to switch to another make at some point.
    Until then, I'll drive economically - thanks to LPG - and briskly - thanks to Turbo - my beautiful green 9000CS and at the same time I am pensive about why so many thoughts are being made about preserving one of many car brands, while people on our planet are still starving.

    In the sense: Let us enjoy our treasures - there are still partners from flesh and blood - and there are more important problems on earth to be solved.

  • why: …… or Opel (ugh)?

    * kopfschüttel

  • Where if not there would be a better platform to find out about current Saab offers. I think there should be private offers as well as dealer offers. In my opinion, it doesn't necessarily have to be a Saab dealer, but the car should of course be a Saab. On the other hand, a Saab dealer should not be allowed to offer it here if he has a VW or Opel (ugh) in the yard.

  • Hello Tom
    I think the idea is very good. Private persons as well as Saab dealers I would find very exciting. Gladly I read your articles and am always fascinated with what kind of use you write us such exciting articles. I found it great that Marc and you were in Sweden. I actually planned to visit the Saab Museum this summer. Based on your articles, I found that this has only two days a week open. Is that correct???? Should my job permit, I will come to your Saab meeting in the Rhein-Main area in autumn.
    Nice TurboX Greetings from Hamburg Andreas

  • First of all, I think the idea is very good, because it strengthens the cohesion and the exchange within the community, especially when it comes to spare parts that may eventually become unavailable.

    The SAAB dealers should definitely be admitted, their commitment to our brand should be rewarded here, especially because one or the other of us is looking for a vehicle with an accountable VAT, and that is what SAAB has Handlers just more.

    I find the organization of this platform important under one point, the donation idea is also a good thing.

    Thank you for the great blog and best regards

  • At dealers, I would only advertise official Saab dealers. There are many black sheep at the dealers!


  • Well, a dealer is a trader. You are probably right. I think the question would be if the dealers are interested at all. I thought it strengthens the SAAB friendly :-). However, sometimes I have doubts about their commitment.

  • But you cannot rule out the flag traders with gravel spots. Because a dealer is a dealer ... I am / would be for a platform of a purely private nature, for sales and search for cars, spare parts and accessories only via the SAAB brand.

  • Hello to all who read this mail,
    I have been receiving the SAABblog for only about 7 months. My heartfelt congratulations for your effort, your great reports and information, Tom. Since I drive continuously Saab since 1978 (currently my 13-ter a convertible 9-3 Aero Bj. 2 / 05 with currently 249.000 km without problems, he drives and drives) I had, as far as possible, followed by the press what happened with Saab. Your reports are irreplaceable. Please continue like this.
    I wish for all Saab drivers that it with the brand u. the vehicles continues. I would like to give any support if I knew when, where and how.
    Regarding the Saab ads here on the blog, my opinion would be that only private individuals should do that. Traders have their own portals and should stay there. I very much appreciate the financial support.

  • Why not let individuals and SAAB advertise dealers. No flag dealer with gravel place, that's clear. But would not we all benefit?

  • Please only for private individuals. It should remain a (private) platform of Saab friends for Saab friends.
    Tom does it!
    The best example of what happens when a platform originally intended for private purposes mutates into professional trade is eBay ...!
    And: Do we want 0815 or gravel pit dealers from all over the world who only sell goods for them here? There really are the relevant platforms that anyone can go to if they want to.

  • Very good idea. Should be implemented quickly!

  • In any case, it has its own menu item or a separate database. Because the focus remains on the usual blog content. Let's see…

  • In addition to my “VOTE” I would like to say that this would certainly not be bad, since WE are a relatively small, but particularly cohesive group of car enthusiasts.
    It would be good to have a central place where you can find cars, but also accompanying items such as accessories, rare spare parts, fan articles, etc.
    If this is possible without too much effort for the operator, I would welcome that.

  • I see it that way with my own point ... 🙂

  • But please under an extra menu item. Not that everything is spammed here. And the donation idea is good too. MfG Maik

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