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A few days ago I had a long talk with a good friend. It was also about bloggers' frustration. The business sector has dominated for 18 months, a state I have never wished for. Good friends are important because they usually have good advice. “I should leave the field of economic issues to others, preferring to write about cars and the Saab scene. Those would be the points that I enjoy. " He is right. Writing about cars from Trollhättan is a pleasure, there was enough economy. In the future there will only be a summary of the economy, with the exception of “breaking news”. The blog is written for the Saab brand vehicles that are our hobby.

In plain language it means that we will not comment on every report and announcement by NEVS, especially since the company has little prospect of using the brand name. But we don't bury our heads in the sand and deal with the past. We are looking beyond our own nose and into the future more intensively than ever. In the next few weeks we will deal very intensively with the topic of electromobility, which could be the future. Just in a slightly more interesting way.

Today, however, there is a summary of what the last days topic was in Sweden, and what we have not published for the reasons mentioned above.

Mysterious Trollhättan

Trollhättan is full of secrets. It is still unknown for which price individual Saab company parts changed hands. The Saab Powertrain Division, and also the Saab Tools AB, are said to have achieved a pretty good price. Saab Powertrain employees have been receiving pending payments such as holiday pay in recent days. The suppliers will also be happy about the money. Unlike the employees and creditors of Saab Automobile AB, they will not go out.

Strong development location

Saab expertise is valued worldwide and the order books of the relevant Saab spin-offs are well booked. The former Saab mother GM assigns development contracts to Sweden, what exactly runs there, we reveal on Monday. That Trollhättan will have a lot of work in the future, for sure seems. Because in Germany GM prepares the clear-cutting. A good source told us about the consequences that the PSA and GM connection will have for Opel. The logistics division of Rüsselsheimer will transfer hands into PSA. Sounds harmless, but it is not. Behind all this lies the entire after-sales area, which is also highly profitable at Opel.

Is NEVS an opportunity?

Fredrik Sidahl, CEO of the national suppliers of the automotive industry, sees it that way. If the contracts are final, NEVS could help boost the Swedish auto industry. Although he sees only small numbers if the year 2013 / 14 the first battery-powered 9-3 from the tape to run. Innovations that rub off on the entire industry could come from Trollhättan.

NEVS wants to maintain good contact with traditional suppliers, according to the website. First contacts have already been made, said Sidahl in the TTELA interview. But no more concrete, deeper discussions.

But NEVS is just NEVS. And NEVS has just bought the remnants of Saab Automobile AB with a preliminary contract. What we experienced last week on site was confirmed again this week. In the known constellation, there is no chance to use the trademark rights. To prove his seriousness, Kai Johan Jiang wants to break off his tents in China and move to Sweden. The mistrust that comes to him hurt him deeply, he said in an interview with Dagens Industri.

He is aware that Saab is a “high-risk project”. But he had been working on this project for two years and he was sure that the capacity of the Saab factory of 190.000 cars a year would be used. So far, he has given the administrators a security deposit of 150 million crowns on the purchase price, which according to Dagens Industri could amount to 1.8 billion crowns. And if you can't use the name “Saab” for the new products, then you will build cars under a different name.

NEVS assessment on site

These are statements that make sense, considering the local assessment in Trollhättan. The new products are based on Japanese components and technology. In addition, you would like to allocate production capacity, which is no problem in the ultra-modern and flexible plant. NEVS does not want to be a producer in the focus. The focus is more on R & D in green mobility. With Saab DNA and Saab technology, the NEVS plans should have nothing to do.

Give us information!

The newspapers in Sweden were one of the few winners of the Saab crisis. The local TTELA and Dagens Industri, to name just a few, were able to increase their circulation and the websites were heavily frequented. Advertising revenue rose to plummet now. A conversation partner in Sweden commented on the situation, not without a glee, so: ... now they (the newspapers) have to write about birds that fall out of nests. And nobody cares. ”

In order to obtain information, the TTELA has placed the telephone extension of the respective editor at the end of each Saab share in the last few days. No crisis, no requirement. Bad News sells…

But a little speculation ...

And then we have them, our little speculation. SPIEGEL reports in the current issue about the increasingly close cooperation between BMW and Toyota. The gentlemen from Japan visited Trollhättan some time ago, the same from Munich. After BMW has lost the PSA Group as a partner and GM in one fell swoop, there could still be intentions. So some readers who have informed us by mail. Apparently, the SPIEGEL is very popular among Saab drivers as reading.

A guess, because it is not more that could have sprung from our wishful thinking. No, I assure you, we do not know about it. And if we knew something, we would deny it.


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  • So far I had a 205 (although more out of technical interest, I didn't have a driver's license then) and a 405 (predecessor of the SAAB). Incidentally, instead of the 9-5, I almost bought a 406 Coupé ... but that was much more awesome than the SAAB, hence the brand change.

    Across from my apartment is the carpentry worker who occasionally puts the piece of my desire in front of my nose. a Citroen XM V6 in Bordeau red ... just looks incredibly chic. The prototype of a wedge-shaped body… and the sound….

    Sorry, did not want to rave too much.

  • Hello Phibo,

    then use the time now. For me, it was the other way around, I've gone through everything in the 90er and early 2000er years and owned what I wanted in the 80ern. I have 90 with 18 my driver's license. I've been driving Alfa, Lancia and Citroen and have landed at Saab for 2 years. I'm glad to have driven and owned real Alfas, Lancias and Citroen, that's not everything anymore. An XM is cheap, but the repair costs were already immense in young used, put in the 10.000 DM, but over years. Also, the Alfa 75 has devoured a lot, even the Lancia Y10, but they always have fun when they drove well. But is not different with Saab


  • Hi Troll,

    What is it about the acoustic expansion? Do you want a speaker on wheels so that the neighbor five blocks away can hear you or do you just want a decent sound? What do you have at the moment

    I would like to see a “moderate” expansion. Compared to the AS3 in my old 93, the Info 150 in the new one really poops. I just want a better sound. Especially when you turn up the volume, Info 150 is completely overwhelmed and awful.

    If you are still completely haphazard, maybe I can help you. Have also searched in various forums. What I found is for me beyond good and evil: interior paneling out, all cables new, thick power cable under the car relocated because inside no space, doors isolated, bass box in the trunk, etc. Such a thing is out of the question for me, that has to go cheaper and easier.

  • Tom will probably always deliver together. I think it's good because it takes the wind out of the sails around the rumors around SAAB. In the past too much damage was caused by false reports in the press.

  • There will probably be a need for one or the other well-founded economic news in the future (why do you buy a beautiful factory and then don't want to build anything there ...), but I think the SAAB car is actually more important to us than the one that is unfortunately currently associated with it Business crime.

  • Hello from Switzerland
    I would be very sad if the economic information from a good source would be missing.
    So all are informed about the further course with Saab, which ultimately also helps Saab if
    Saab talks in conversation.

  • Hello Frank Christ, thanks for the info, but regardless of that, I had already searched for Motortalk beforehand and found hardly anything useful. I just found Saab Cars through the dates and started browsing. Perhaps there will also be personal contact on these topics via “our” blog, because a forum next to the blog ... this work; / I can understand Tom's rejection!

  • Hi Tom,

    On the other hand, the business news on this blog are also of SAAB-worthy quality, while other blogs, without naming names, have leaned out of the window for my liking in overbearing manner for one or the other wrong bidder, and indulged in speculation , Here everything was always very serious, discreet, and with a realistic view of things. Really good work, for that was not the concern of the blog.

    Incidentally, the GM cooperation is now spreading at PSA and Opel…. The first few days I read in the teletext that PSA was firing a board member (Philippe Varin) again - at the instigation of the Peugeot family, which is anything but happy with the cooperation. And at Opel, according to the restructuring plan (yesterday's report), savings should be made on suppliers and materials. Too bad that the cheap segment in this country is already being served successfully by Dacia and “Chevrolet” (which I only mention in quotation marks, because a Chevrolet is something else for me).

    It's a shame ... on the list of models I would like to drive again there are a number of Peugeot and Citroen models. I have always liked French cars very much…. but in the past few years both have lost a lot of my sympathies.

  • Hello Troll9-3SC. In the past you were in good hands with Motortalk regarding the exchange of experiences. Whereby the Saab group has dismantled there strongly. At you write more about the older series, but there you can try it. Unfortunately, our authors steadfastly refuse to run a forum parallel to the blog.

  • A typical Tom article and delicious to read despite the background. You make my day!

  • Hello Tom and everyone who cares about this blog so intensely! Like so many others, I am impressed by the passion with which you run this blog! Even though I've only been a “real” Saabian for a few weeks, I've been interested in this brand for a long time. Strictly speaking, since the time of the 99th, only that at the time it didn't look like I could ever drive such a car, which fortunately has changed due to political changes.

    I visit this blog almost every day to find out the latest information, because what has happened to the brand, what is currently happening and what will be in the future is more exciting than any crime thriller. Therefore, this information should continue to appear here, because I think that the Swedes will definitely surprise us in terms of the brand. What I especially hope for the “Saab-friendly”, because they seem to be very unsure of how things will continue for them at the moment. (Here a friendly greeting and thanks to the Mobilforum Dresden for the super-fast and friendly order process! ).

    What I also noticed is that fans and their cars seem to have been orphaned for some time now. That's why I think Tom's announcement that he wants to focus more on these topics is very good. For example, I would like to exchange information with the more experienced about technical details and the acoustic development. Or are there other forums?

    greetings from Dresden

    PS: A small fragment of thought from the area of ​​speculation: What happened to the delivery contract for the engines from BMW to Saab ?! Or will there be more of it? 😉 ... or

  • “A guess, because there is nothing more that could have sprung from our wishful thinking. No, I assure you we don't know about it. And if we knew something, we would deny it. "

    Written nicely

  • Honi soit qui times y pense!

  • "And if we knew something, we would deny it."

    Then deny it again.

    In any case, even though it is just wishful thinking, it looks like a tailored suit, it fits perfectly.

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